How to Host a Kid’s Day


Several years ago, between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, one of my kids asked, “When is Kid’s Day?”

We responded, “Everyday.”

Well, because it is.

Somewhere along the way, my husband and I decided to create a real Kid’s Day to shock and amaze our kids, especially after a challenging school year turned victorious. The idea was a hit.

So, every summer we surprise them with a special day, just for them. (This year was the first day after the last day of school). It gets trickier to surprise them every year. There is even lying (gasp) involved. We told them we were running errands all day (boring!) and then we pulled in the parking lot of Toys R Us.

I knew it was going to be a shocker when my 6 year old said, “What is this store?”

I was also quite proud of her question.

Then on the count of 1-2-3 we yelled, “Happy Kid’s Day” and pelted them with silly string.






In the car–because we are wild and crazy like that.

Kid’s Day can be anything you want to make it. We got two of our kids a new scooter and one a new bike. (We do 3 gifts at Christmas and so a “big” toy is always a treat). We stipulated their visit to the toy store with two rules: 1. It must be an outdoor item 2. You have this much _____ to spend. In the past, we’ve taken a family overnight, years ago we bought a Wii…It’s not really about the WHAT. It’s just a day to focus on your kids and let them know you celebrate them.

We had a fun lunch and spent the rest of our Kid’s Day outside riding and scooting (and cleaning up silly string out of the car. Oops).

How to Host a Kid’s Day:

  1. Pick a random day (the element of surprise makes it so much more fun)
  2. Plan something fun (ice cream, beach day, toy store)
  3. Make it easy or elaborate (silly string to overnight, it’s up to you)
  4. Repeat once a year


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    In South Korea, they celebrate Children’s Day on May 5. I always felt gyped because we grew up in Africa, and my parents never really did anything for Children’s Day. :~)

  2. 2

    michelle says

    We give our 3 boys a “FREE DAY” once a year. They get to do whatever they want, whenever they want. This usually means they’ll play video games all day (their screen time is quite limited so this is a big deal) and plan their whole day… they don’t have to shower or make their beds (they do have to brush their teeth… that’s the only rule for the day). They can eat what they want, wnenever they want. I make sure to stock up on all their favorite junk foods (we’re fairly food conscious so this is a big deal) and they concoct all kinds of delicious treats throughout the day.
    I usually let them stay up as late as they want the night prior to free day as a prelude. It is their favorite day of the year!

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    Robyn says

    We did something similar last summer – we packed the car with swimsuits, towels, etc after the kids went to bed, and started putting together a picnic lunch. In the morning, we finished packing lunch, told the kids we were going on a drive for a picnic and got in the car. We didn’t tell them where we were going, until 45 minutes later when we pulled into the parking lot of a large waterpark in our area. I couldn’t believe we actually managed to surprise them, but it was a wonderful day playing, watersliding, our picnic lunch and ice cream!

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    Here in Costa Rica, there is also a natl. Kids Day holiday. Schools have big parties and even McDonald’s gives good discounts that day. I love that they take the time to make a big deal about it.

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