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    Kathleen says

    Mercy Ink is certainly an amazing, inspiring site! I was overtaken by all the wonerful things she has there, so meaningful…..every one of them!!!!! The thing that struck me was…..they are in the process of adoption from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, just like my dear cousins are!!!!! Their’s has been a long road, but not as long as these dear people!!!!! I LOVE THE ADOPTION PRINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Here’s links to the story from my Cousin’s Journey….. & Hope you enjoy……Thanks for your blog!!!!! :-) ~ Kathleen

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    Kimberly Woerner says

    I’m so deeply moved by your recent blog posts and you are in my heart and prayers. I pray for this family an am blessed by the words on the page about taking chances and being brave!! Blessings, Kim.

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    Debbie says

    I love to use words to encourage, in conversations, notes, emails, and gifts. Thank you for sharing this website. I will definitely be purchasing some items to use as gifts.

    God bless you,

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    bonjour Olivie à votre service
    Je suis agée de trente-neuf années , je n’ai pas de retenue là dessus .
    Je suis technicienne de labo . Il est dit que je suis solitaire.

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