Union 28: Father’s Day Giveaway

My kids are finally getting to the age where they understand the meaning behind Father’s Day.

When I asked them what they wanted to get him this year, one of them responded: a boat.

So, maybe it’s money they really don’t get.

One easy way to encourage the dad in your house, is by the letting the world know how much he means to you. Marriages and the family aren’t valued in our culture like they used to be and when you wear your declaration on a shirt, the world notices.

Every. Time. I wear a “My Husband Rocks” shirt, someone comments on it. It’s a great way to show love!

Bless the socks off the dad in your family, with these new awesome varsity-style family shirts:

Shirts for the kiddos


For Mom (It’s the gift for you that’s really for him):


For Dad:


I love these “My Parent’s Rock” shirts, too!


There’s a variety of sizes, styles and colors available in these fun shirts. Check them out here.

Today, I’m giving away TWO $25 gift certificates so two of you can show off your love this Father’s Day!

Now through Father’s Day (June 16, 2013) – use code U28family15 at checkout to receive 15% OFF any regular-priced TEES! You must order today using PRIORIY shipping in order to receive in time for Father’s Day

Leave a comment and tell me something special about your father or the husband of your kids.


  1. 1

    Brenda T says

    I love my husband because he gives 110% in providing for us, yet always comes home and chooses to give the best to me and the kids after a hard day at work. And he’s a farmer, so it’s exhausting work!

  2. 4

    Jen Robinson says

    I know everyone thinks their husband is the best, but I’m confident that my husband (aka the daddy to my 3 girls) blows every other man away. One small reason is that when we had a very complicated family issue come up, he agreed to take care of my niece…no questions asked! :) And in 12 days she will be ours FOREVER! :)

  3. 5


    My husband is a wonderful and tireless provider for our family. He is a full time high school teacher and a part time student in a Master’s program. He works so hard now to be able to let me stay at home with our young children. That is something which is important to both of us, but he shoulders the brunt of responsibility making that happen. Being a great dad helps me be a great mom.

  4. 6

    Kristen M says

    I admire that my husband is vulnerable. He is a romantic and not bashful about sharing his love privately or in public.

  5. 7


    My husband is extremely patient with me. We have gone through things I am sure he never imagined he would have to go through with his future wife (physically and mentally related). He has been much more supportive then I think many men would be.

  6. 9

    Carley says

    My husband is a great daddy (even though he’s only had 16 months of on-the-job experience). Even after long days at work, he can always think up some super creative game to play with our daughter and it’ll always get her laughing (belly laughing…so cute). He is always willing to spend time with her and invest in her.

  7. 10

    Tara says

    My husband is the best daddy to our little zoo. Using everyday teachable moments to help them learn about God is one of my favorite things about him (and there is a long, long list!!).

  8. 11

    Melissa says

    I have been blessed with both a wonderful father and an awesome husband/father to my kids. I think what I love best about them both is the way they delight in their children and genuinely enjoy being great dads.

  9. 12

    Shannon says

    I think my hubby is the best because he embodies the love is patient, love is kind… (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) verse. He is this way with me, his kids & our friends. What a blessing it is to be married to my best friend!

  10. 13


    After almost 11 years or marriage, my husband and I continue to grow together. He’s present in our daily lives in a way my own dad wasn’t. Watching him with our kids is a blessing I get to witness and be part of every day.

  11. 15

    Andrea Tully says

    Ive been with my hubby since we were 16 y/o and have now been married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years! We have 2 wonderful kids. The best thing about him is he works hard, the worst thing about him is he works too much! lol!! Started working at 12 on a dairy & hasn’t missed a day since.. Love him more than anything!! I adore my husband & best friend. God has truly blessed my family..

  12. 16

    kristen says

    those shirts are super cute! my husband is an amazing godly man and father. he provides spiritual leadership for our family. i love that he puts us first before other priorities and he shows us how much he loves us everyday!

  13. 17

    Sky says

    My husband works from home, and not only does his job let me be a stay at home mom, it means if I ever need his help, he’s right there! I am so blessed that I get to be with the man I love all day long.

  14. 19

    Kim says

    My husband definitely rocks! He is an amazing father to our three kids. He is extremely patient and a little softy sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  15. 20

    April says

    My husband is a very hard worker but also loves relaxing at home with his family. He is the apple of my daughter’s eye, she is 17 and loves her daddy very much. Also he is the best pawpaw to our 2 grand daughters! They light up when they see him. I love Union 28, thanks for the chance to win.

  16. 21

    Caral says

    Both my husband and dad are farmers. They work endless hours and sacrifice for us daily. I can’t imagine raising my 3 sons without their Godly influence.

  17. 22


    I recently went through the “For Her Only” study, and I have grown to appreciate both my dad and my husband more. Through the group discussions, I realized week after week how utterly blessed I am to have been given the husband I have. And I began to understand some things about my father that I don’t think I ever fully grasped before. I’m especially thankful for these men in my life this week!

  18. 24

    Amy says

    My husband is also a farmer and a great provider. He will wear his clothes to rags and work 20 hours a day without complaining and always seeks God’s will for our family. He was not raised in a christian home or by a father who showed love well, but the Lord has helped him to be a loving husband to me and a good father to our four kids! He is supportive of me and super intuitive as to what our kids need. I ask him for advice constantly. We are a team! ps. He’s also my best friend and playmate:)

  19. 26

    valerie says

    My husband and I both came from broken homes, growing up to some degree without our dads. So one of the things I love most about him is the way he is so intentional about pouring into the lives of our kids – spending one-on-one time with each of them, laying in bed and having long talks with them at night, just being PRESENT.

  20. 28

    Kelly says

    I love these shirts! My husband rocks b/c he seeks The Lord first & it shows in how he relates to me & our children.

    • 28.1

      Kelly says

      Ps here’s a fun example: one time he was leading a missions trip & he sent me an email that I was…the bubbles in his champagne, the whip cream on his hot fudge sundae, the grease on his Philly cheesesteak (lol, I know doesn’t sound romantic. BUT, if you know him- -and I do, you would know he is saying I am his “best” . He used to live outside Philadelphia & it’s the grease from your meat serving that makes the Philly sandwich best. Quirky I know, but it made me love him all the more.

  21. 29


    Wow, the husband of my little girl. He is amazing. Self-less, calm, he is truly my sanity! These last 3 months have been rough because I have been sooo pregnant sick. “Morning” sickness is such a joke. So he has been working hard all day at work as an engineer and then coming home to cooking, cleaning, and playing with our 15 month old. He tries to find things that I can keep down, he buys groceries, he makes me take the medicine/vitamins I need, he is doing so much more than he ever signed up to do. I am just amazed by him. In all this, too, he never complains.
    I know a t-shirt does very little to make up for all of this or to tell him how much it all really means to me, but I feel like it really cannot hurt to give him that extra boost. Thanks

  22. 30

    Larae says

    Love my hubby for his desire to work hard and provide for our family so I can stay home and be a full time mommy. He supports that dream 100%!

  23. 34


    We are in the finals days/weeks of finalizing our adoption and will be traveling to China to get our baby girl very soon! This is our first child, and my husband’s first Father’s Day obviously. He is awesome with our nieces and nephews and loves them like they are our kids (I do too!) so I can’t wait to see him with our daughter.

  24. 37

    Traci says

    My husband is a terrific father! I always say that our kids would have NO fun if it weren’t for him! He is the first to pop up a tent in the dining room or build a fort with them.

  25. 38

    Alison Dobbs says

    My husband and I are TEAM ALVIN (Ali & Kevin)!! We work together on everything…laundry, dinner, kid’s doc appts, grocery store, debt elimination…you name it!! He’s my best friend and is a true blessing to our family!!

  26. 39

    Hannah W says

    My husband is an amazing leader, rock, friend and provider for our family. He is everything I prayed for and more. Our 3 babies love him so dearly and I know he would do anything for us.

  27. 40


    My husband is also my pastor, AND he baptized all three of our children. What a gift, to hear my kids say, “My Daddy teaches me about Jesus.” LOVE!

  28. 41

    Melissa says

    I love that my husband is trying to be a better dad to our children (well, now all teenagers and older) than he had for himself. Despite what he grew up with, he’s trying to do better. Even when it is hard.

  29. 42

    Heather says

    He is a servant in so many ways & is teaching my littles to follow Jesus. He loves us like crazy!

    This has stuck me lately – that he can doubt some of my crazy ideas, but yet trusts me enough to try them with me.

  30. 43

    Emily Woodall says

    I have been so blessed by God with an awesome earthly dad who raised me to know and love God, respect others, be comfortable with who I am and who was an amazing example of what a husband should be. God blessed me again by redeeming my marriage to a precious man who was totally transformed 2 years ago when God saved him. I don’t know why God chose to bless me with these wonderful men, but I am profoundly grateful!

  31. 45


    My husband is an amazing father. He juggles a full time job, a full time children’s pastors position, house work and STILL finds time to coach their ball teams and go to all of their extra activities without complaint. He works hard to make sure I can stay home and homeschool our children, and give them the best education possible. I couldn’t do this without HIM!

  32. 46

    Staci says

    We have been married for almost 12 years, but in the last 2 years, my husband has really stepped forward to be the leader of our family in every way. He is the man I prayed for!!

  33. 47

    Tara says

    My husband is so humble and has a servant’s heart. The 4 kiddos and I always take top priority over everything else in his busy life. He is also a hottie! :)

  34. 48

    Christine says

    My husband works a ton to help provide for our family, and he’s going to college on top of that. But, he still makes time to focus on our kids and *bonus* he says thank you to me often for all I do to manage our family while he is so busy in this stage of life! <3

  35. 49

    Liz G says

    God used my hubby to get my attention. It was through my husband that I have a my own relationship with God, my Dad! My husband is an amazing man who balances out my crazy emotional side. He works very hard so I may stay with our three kids. He’s not perfect but neither am I so we’re imperfect together and that’s great for me.

  36. 50

    Bobbi Posey says

    My husband is amazing! He is a super hard worker, he has a big heart not only for his family but others too! I love that he loves the kids and I well! Marriage is a priority 2nd to our relationship with God! I feel totally loved and accepted by him no matter if I am glammed up or in pjs all day! I would love to win a certificate so I could get some of these shirts for me and my 4 kids to show him how we feel about him on Father’s Day and every day of the year!!

  37. 51

    Sena Spofford says

    I love my husband. We have two boys–2.5 and 7 months. He doesn’t mind one but if cereal is my idea of cooking dinner for the evening and he’s always ready to help with the boys media felt upon walking in the door. It’s me who needs a break from work (sahm) and he’s amazing.

  38. 52

    Charlotte Brewer says

    My guy is a great guy and since we’ve known each other since we were 15 and are coming up on our ten year anniversary there is a bunch I could say.I love him to the moon and back. But when it comes to the small people we have he is absolutely phenomenal. Great daddy for sure!

  39. 53

    Erin says

    My husband is an amazing daddy to our two boys – ages 3 and 5 months. They are both Daddy’s boys and love to play, wrestle and read stories together!

  40. 54


    My husband is special because he supports me in every single thing I do, unlike anyone else in my life ever has. He is also such a great father. I couldn’t imagine him changing one thing about his parenting. Seeing the way our 3 year old daughter looks at him makes me love him even more.

  41. 55

    Emily E says

    My husband is a great dad- always making time for the kids. He travels a lot for work but does everything he can to get home early just so he can have more time with family.

  42. 56

    Sheri N says

    My husband walks in the door at night, after working hard all day so that I can stay home with the kids, and immediately takes them outside or to the playroom to play so I can have a few minutes of downtime. You can tell what a great dad he is by the way the girls run to the door squealing “Daddy!” when he gets home!

  43. 57

    Jenny says

    My husband Rocks!! He is a wonderful daddy, provider, friend, and partner. In our 10 years of marriage we have found that it gets better with time and focusing on having the Lord at the center. I am so thankful to raise my family with him!

  44. 59

    marky says

    He has put up with me for 18 years :) I will add that I love Union 28. I purchased a My Husband Rocks and a My Wife rocks T-shirst several years ago, and they are both still in good condition.
    However My sweet man has recently lost a lot of weight and he is needing a new one :) Oh wait this post is for me to wear the shirt not him.. oh well I am proud of him for losing all that nasty weight!

  45. 62

    Janelle says

    My husband loves our family more than himself. He gives up his free time for the kids and for me. Love him!

  46. 63


    Those shirts are great! My dad is great because he is still my dad. My dad is actually my step-dad, but even though my parents divorced 5 years ago, he is still my dad, and I still see him all the time. I love knowing that my dad is always going to be around.

  47. 64

    Jamie says

    My husband is such a great man and father. He wrestles with our son and teaches him to love and respect me!

  48. 68


    My husband views us as equal partners – he knows how hard I work all day, and I know how hard he works all day, and when we are home together we split parenting duties 50/50. He’s an incredible guy.

  49. 69

    Ginger says

    My dad always brought the silliness to our family. Guess that’s why I married my husband. He brings the silliness for our boys!

  50. 70

    Susan says

    My husband works very hard to make our home fun and God-centered. He is patient with me and calms me down when I act crazy!

  51. 71

    Carlen says

    My husband, our kids’ Daddy or Dada is the most patient man! he absolutely makes up for my lack of it!

  52. 73

    Kerrie says

    I have an amazing hubby who would give me and my kiddos the world if he could! I also am blessed to have an amazing Dad! My dad has taught me what love means. He has stuck by my mother as she has battled cancer. He has shown me what loves means. He is a wonderful example of what a Christian husband and father is.

  53. 76


    My husband is so amazing. He takes care of me when I’m sick, (which is a lot), and does everything in the house plus plays with our kids. And all without a complaint ever and with more grace than me. He’s a true gift.

  54. 77


    My dad is amazing…a few years ago he started a Kids Against Hunger satellite in their hometown. He used hid own money to get it going and it has become huge. Last year they sent over a MILLION meals to places like Haiti and locally. It is so amazing to see how God has used this and he is an inspiration to so many!!

  55. 78

    EBR says

    My husband is uniquely made. We use his talents as a stay at home dad to our two boys. Not many men could be what he is, and I am so blessed. He is out of town this week and I realize just how EASY he makes my life!

  56. 80

    Christine says

    My husband is an awesome Dad to our two teenagers. He’s a great provider, encourager, and example. We are so blessed to have him!

  57. 81

    Amy says

    God really truly blessed me. He gave me a guy who works hard so I can stay home with our girls. He comes home and plays with our girls. He even takes better care of them when their sick than I do. His love for them and his love for me just amazes me.

  58. 82


    I have an awesome husband who grows more awesome and hotter 😉 with time! He’s a youth pastor at heart, so he can have a blast and then bring everything back around and teach the kids in such a way that they never forget it!

  59. 83

    Judy says

    My husband of 20 years is a realtor and when things started to get really rough financially, he started a remodeling company on the side. So, he now works hard at 2 job to provide for a family of 6 and allows me to be at home with the kids. He also coaches rubgy and football. I am so blessed with a loving husband who is totally committed to his family!

  60. 84


    I didn’t believe in unconditional love until my husband. It want easy he worked so hard so that I would realise I have worth. We celebrate 17 years of marriage in November and I am so blessed.

    He is my rock when Livvy died I didn’t believe I could carry on but my husband and my faith are the reason I am still here.

    When asked I simply say “he saved me”

  61. 85

    erica says

    WE just celebrated our 25th anniversary and my husband rocks more now than the day I married him. I truly married my best friend but its only gotten better with time

  62. 86

    Amanda says

    My husband rocks! He recently left his full time job as youth pastor to follow God’s call to be a church planter in our hometown. I’m so glad that he has followed God’s calling. It’s not always been easy, but we are truly blessed :)

  63. 87

    April says

    What a fun way to show my husband what an awesome man I think he is! I am so blessed to have a godly patient husband!

  64. 88

    Natalie Alderson says

    My husband is a wonderful father because he is my child’s father figure even though he is not is his father and I hope that my son becomes half the man my husband didn’t have to be. He is loving, supportive, and a godly man.

  65. 89


    My hubby/father of all 4 of my kiddos is more than your common “dad”. This man does it all. Together we share all kinds of responsibilities: cooks, cleans, changes diapers, “baby sits”, paints, DIY projects, using youtube to fix things around the house, bathing kiddos, turning in early {so he can tuck me in}, watching way too many red box movies, hosts parties, planting a church, organize fun community outreach/parties, dreaming, etc. We truly are ONE! He ROCKS!!!

  66. 90

    Kelly H says

    Even though he travels ALOT he still has time for our kids and our 5 month old foster baby we have thru a prison ministry. AND me!!

  67. 91

    Liz Flurry says

    I LOVE the way my husband loves our kids. He is such an involved dad. My boys are so blessed to have him. He also teaches them the most important lesson a dad can teach his boys – how to love their wife. I am spoiled rotten and LOVE it! :) My husband does rock!

  68. 92

    Jennie says

    Love these shirts, must have. My hubby works hard but always puts me and the kids first despite his crazy work schedule.

  69. 94

    Sheri says

    My husband comes home after a long day and fully engages with our children and me, he leaves the stress of his day behind him and he enters “the family zone.” I love this about him, no wasted time spent worrying about something that he can’t change, he lives in the moment and enjoys his moments with our family.

  70. 95

    Rachel S says

    I’m so thankful for my husband because he loves me no matter what . . . how I act, what I’ve done or been through, or who I am. And, he works hard all day to provide for our family so I can be home with the kids, and then comes home and helps put the kids to bed.

  71. 99


    When our first born was born premature and had alot of issues the first few years, I was so blessed to have my husband in the trenches right along side of me. He rolled up his sleeves and helped with soothing, feeding, pre and post surgery issues, therapies, and provided for our family. Having gone through something so hard together, I’ve seen what’s deep down inside of him that probably wouldn’t have been revealed for years. I’m blessed. Very blessed. I know I have it really good.

  72. 100

    Renee says

    My husband, the father of our two adopted daughters, is the best, most God focused man I know. Period. No contest.

  73. 101


    My dad has always supported me in chasing my dreams, while at the same time sticking in little hints that he’d love to have me around more. It makes me feel so special when he says “I’m glad that you want to move to Turkey, but just remember, sometimes God can change plans, and just don’t forget He might want you in Leesport, too.” :-)

  74. 102

    Doreen Rex says

    I love my husband because even though we are separated right now due to an issue of his using alcohol and struggling with this addiction, he is working diligently to overcome and to get right with the Lord. He is still providing for all of our needs in our home while paying to live in his own place as he recovers and we receive counseling. I am so blessed to see the work God is doing in him and how dedicated he remains to be as a husband, father and leader of our home! Even from another one. Thank you Father!

  75. 103

    Jacquie Olsen says

    My husband is always making sacrifices for our family providing for our needs (so grateful he encourages me to be a sahm), and always giving of his time and self to our children. He loves God and strives to put Him first every day, leading us by example. Love my man!

  76. 104

    Christie says

    1. He works so hard so I can stay home and care for our daughter.
    2. The love he has for her is so much more than I ever imagined. He brings an instant smile to her face evy time she sees him.

  77. 105

    Mel says

    My husband makes time to do stuff with our boys because they are the most important thing to him. He works extra jobs to make sure we have enough money to do some fun stuff.

  78. 106

    Morgan says

    My husband is so special to me. He works so I can stay home to homeschool our children. He also takes care of everything from painting the house to fixing the washing machine. He is an active dad coaching the our son’s baseball team and dancing with our daughter yet always makes date time for us. Best of all he is serious about being the spiritual leader in our home.

  79. 107

    Kandra says

    My husband is a wonderful man and a fantastic husband, but this is about Father’s Day. Let me tell you one of the things that show what an excellent Daddy he is. I love to watch him with our 14 year old daughter and always have. They have a special bond. They call each other, “Boo-Boo.” Saturday mornings are reserved for their breakfast dates. This is something they have been doing since our daughter was about 3 years old. It may be a quick trip to the donut shop or a drive on the motorcycle to a local diner for bacon and eggs. They use to get up and leave the house around 7:00 am, but as she has gotten older, the start time has grown a little later. Teenagers don’t seem to want to get up that early and she now has to “get ready” for her date. Of course, no trip to town would be complete without the customary shopping trip at Wal-Mart on the way home. Keep in mind that Saturday mornings are when most men are taing care of their yard. We have 2 acres. So when he gets back home (usually between 11:00 am and noon) he gets quite a late start on the yard work. He never says a word, just gets to work in the yard and enjoys the time with his “Daddy’s girl.”

    I am so thankful to be married to this man!! He loves God and so he thinks of others before himself. He is strong, constant, loving, gentle and kind. He has done such a wonderful job of showing our daughter the kind of man she needs to marry one day. He is such a great Daddy! I am a “Daddy’s girl” myself and I know the blessing she is receiving through the time she spends with him. My Daddy went to be wth Jesus on Father’s Day weekend 6 years ago. What a joy it is to know that my girl will have the same precious memories that I have when she is grown.

  80. 108

    Tara S. says

    My husband is a hard worker and wonderful provider and the best dad our girls could ever hope for. He is surrounded by estrogen but handles it like a champ!

  81. 109

    bp says

    My husband is a wonderful provider. He has been such a good listener and comfort to me during our recent miscarriage.

  82. 110

    Clairey says

    My husband is the proud father of 4 girls ages 11, 8, 5, 1. He keeps calm through all that drama. How cute would it be to have all his girls wearing my dad rocks tees!

  83. 111

    Ann says

    My husband rocks because he’s always trying to be a better husband and father. He never stops trying. He’s made mistakes, he hasn’t been perfect, but we’ve never given up no matter what. I love him a million times more than I did when I married him 15 years ago (and I was head over heels then!) And when I see how much he loves our kids, I love him even more. He’s worked hard to give us our wonderful life and I appreciate him more than I can say! :-)

  84. 112

    tammy c. says

    My husband is a great husband. I am so blessed to have him as my parner in my life. I can’t see me with anyone else. He is a wonderful father to our two kids. He is always doing something with them.

  85. 114

    Paige Gilmore says

    My husband and I both wanted me to be able to stay at home when we had kids. We aren’t quite there financially but we have a 15 week old son. So in order to make our plan come close to happening he is currently working 3 jobs so I can just work about 8 hours a week. He has also been spending the small amount of time off that he has to do some repairs around our house so we can sell it and get a bigger place with a much bigger yard for our son to play in As he grows up. He’s our selfless superman and we love him very much!

  86. 115

    Elizabeth says

    My husband makes sure to spend special time with our kids every night before bed. He encourages them, reads to them, and prays with them. They love their bedtime routine with daddy!

  87. 117


    I love my hubby and the father of our 2 babies because of his great sacrifice for us! I work weekends to help out financially, and he is stuck with daddy duties on his only off days– and he never complains about it! What a great man!

  88. 118

    Lacey C. says

    My hubby is a hard worker no matter what he’s doing. He works hard to do parenting, marriage, leadership, employment, and life in general WELL. Love him.

  89. 119

    Heather says

    i love that my husband loves being a daddy….he wants to spend as much time as he can with our son and purposely plans according.

  90. 120

    Sylvia says

    My hubby makes me coffee EVERY morning! I mean brews it, adds the creamer I like, with just the right amount of sugar and then hands it to me with a kiss. He is such a keeper!

  91. 121

    Dana West says

    My husband puts myself and our children ahead of himself no matter what. He is always selfless and a wonderful man.

  92. 122


    My husband is working in a different city during the week right now, but he travels three hours almost every weekend to be with his family for a short 48 hours. He loves his girls so much and they cannot wait to see him on Friday night!

  93. 123

    Becky Prasek says

    My husband loves and accepts me no matter what. Neither of us is anywhere near perfect,but his love for me is pretty much unconditional. You’d have to know me to understand how wonderful of a man that makes him! :)

  94. 124

    Rebecca says

    He is patient and loves me even when I am unloveable. He works very hard for our family. He’s seen me at my ugliest and doesn’t care, he loves me anyway. I’m blessed.

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