Happy Freedom


Watching my family fly above me.


Thank you to those who provide it.

Blessings Unlimited, by Dayspring is having a fantastic sale! Check it out.

We leave our Gratitude Journal, (now $6) on our kitchen table and add to our gratitude list after dinner a few times a week. It’s really amazing to look back and recount all the blessings in our life.

This fun set of Faith-Building Magnets, (now $6) makes a great gift for kids. My daughter gave a box to her little friend last week for her birthday.

We celebrate special days with this Happy Days Platter, (now $10). It’s really big and festive and perfect for birthdays and it makes a regular day special.

I love my If You Seek Him Weathervane, (now $25) I’ve had for years now. It adds a nice old world touch to our home.

I have a thing for maps and globes. I recently added this colorful Pathway Globe (now $15) to my “collection.”

Check out other sale items here. (If this link doesn’t work, click on my sidebar Blessings Unlimited link)

Happy 4th of July, friends!


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