I {Declare} Giveaway

Congrats to random commenter #7 Janet @ Frugal & Focused

You might remember I’m going to Hawaii with my husband in August.

After 10 years at his job, he won this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

{it’s okay to be jealous}

This is our first time away for more than an overnight from our children in nearly 19 years of marriage. {I need to squeal. Again.}

I was invited to speak at a wonderful new conference the same week and I had to say no (because a free trip to Hawaii trumps everything), but I wanted to share it with you.

The Declare Blogging Conference, is a place to equip women with encouragement, support & community as they seek to know God and make Him known. Dallas- August 9-10. I love the theme: one message, many voices.


Even though I can’t be there in body, Mercy House Kenya (among many others) will be there unveiling brand new shirts, totes and a free gift for every attendee.

Check it out here.

Plus, today I’m giving away one ticket to the Declare Blogging Conference in Dallas, TX Aug. 9/10

Leave a comment if you’d like to be entered and tell me if you read blogs or write them. Either way, this conference is for you!


  1. 1


    BOTH!! I love reading AND writing (and helping others with their blogs too!).

    Well, I’m sorry that you won’t be there at the conference…but am SO happy for you to get to go on a trip with your husband! I can relate…our earlier years were very kid friendly, and most vacations were to visit family (not very romantic), or work trips that we tagged along with (with their own agenda).

    I have already bought my ticket to Declare…but I’d LOVE to bring a friend along!!
    (PICK ME!! PICK ME!!)

  2. 3


    I’ve been blogging off and on for over 5 years now. With the recent arrival of my 2nd child, I have found a renewed desire to blog regularly and see how I can make a difference with my words.
    I went to Declare (originally called Mama’s Write) last year and I really didn’t know what I was getting into. It. Was. Wonderful!
    Now I do know what it’s all about and I would love another opportunity to soak up all the speakers and the tips and connect with other women who are on the same journey I am.
    Life is Beautiful

  3. 4


    So…you will LOVE Hawaii! My husband and I went there back in the B.C. (before children) days! We take a trip each year to a different state…at least 2 nights away from our children! :) I thought about the Declare conference, but it is in TX and we are in FL. Travel costs are high. I’m a blogger and read blogs, but I will be praying that you have a wonderful trip! I don’t want to go to Declare this year because we are saving our money for a trip away as well this fall we celebrate 11 years of marriage! I would love to attend a blogging conference one day though…it would be fun. Sweet of you to offer away your ticket. Aloha!

  4. 6


    I would love this! Dallas isn’t far from us!!! I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, and getting the chance to network and fellowship would be awesome. We have two small children and another one on the way, so this may be my last chance to get out of the house…EVER! LOL

  5. 7


    Oh, enjoy your time together in Hawaii! My husband won a trip to Jamaica through work a couple of years back. It was such a treat for us as a couple.

    I both read blogs and write one. I’ve never been to a blog conference before and would love to go to this one. Thanks for the opportunity to win a ticket.

  6. 8


    I have a blog and love to follow other blogs. I’ve been encouraged, inspired, and made to laugh by what I’ve found in the blog-o-sphere, and going to this conference would be amazing. Thanks for the opportunity, and enjoy your trip! :-)

  7. 10


    First night away… wow. And it gets to be in Hawaii! That totally rocks!

    I write blogs. My goal is go to a conference by the end of 2014. This would take care of that for me! :)

  8. 12

    Lori Gardner says

    I had a baby & started reading blogs, I had all these questions & needed to find the answers. I found a great community of mothers out there with the same questions, strange stories & mostly support…what a fabulous way to connect. I am now researching & learning about blogging & hoping to jump in very soon. I love reading your blog & everything about Mercy House that you post, one trip can indeed change your life & I praise God that he used you to change so many. I would love to go to the conference in Dallas & learn more about the blogging world. Thank you for sharing your life with each of us…the good, the bad & the very funny.

    Blessings to you & enjoy Hawaii, wow!!!!!


  9. 14

    Deanna Shelton says

    I LOVE reading blogs, especially this one. This would be such a blessing to be able to attend this, you have no idea. I have my own blog but only about 2 posts on it because i don’t know how to navigate it and work the site! Really really hope i win this! Deanna

  10. 15


    Oh, it sounds like a wonderful place – both Hawaii and the conference! I write a blog, and it sounds like a great opportunity – but getting to Texas would be too expensive for us right now. Thanks for offering such a fantastic and generous giveaway, though! I’m sure someone will be blessed by it.

  11. 16

    Taylor Coleman says

    I love reading what others have to say about Christianity, and our everyday walk with The Lord!

  12. 17

    Deanna says

    Love reading blogs and have considered starting one!

    Have a wonderful trip with you hubby, sounds amazing!

  13. 19


    I’ve been reading blogs for years. The women who write them have been a great source of inspiration to me as a wife and mother of 5. Last year, I sensed God inviting me to share my faith-life in this new way. I’ve loved every minute of my blogging journey. Attending a blogging conference has definitely been on my “to-do” list. Hope this is the year!

  14. 20


    Both for me! I have been blogging over a year now and also read many blogs. I would LOVE to attend Declare, I’ve been praying to be able to attend. It’s not super close to us but i would find a way to get there :)

    Have a fabulous time with your hubby!

  15. 21


    I write and read. I’ve never been able to attend a blogging conference and have really struggled to get attention and make connections online. The chance to attend a conference like this would be like a dream!

  16. 22


    You will completely love Hawaii. It is unlike any other place we have been. This blog is part of my daily reading list along with a few others that help keep life in prespective. I have been blogging for about 2 years now and would love the opportunity to receive input and improve my writing. Plus, I would love a low cost way to visit my dear friends in Dallas!

  17. 23


    WOOHOO for time away … and Hawaii to boot! Good for you! We haven’t been out so much on a date since we moved to Texas, simply because we don’t really know anyone here well enough to leave our son with them at bedtime.

  18. 24


    hawaii sounds divine! have a wonderful time! I have been blogging a little over a year. The conference sounds awesome, and I live in Dallas! Yay!

  19. 25


    I have been blogging since Jannuary and fewl like I need all the help I can get. Would love this opportunity. Hawaii sounds nice too though. Maybe the blog conference should be there instead.

  20. 26

    Lynda says

    Ok…I might have a long way to go, and I’m sure I’d need courage to put my words out there, but I want to learn. Yes, I’d love to go to this conference and gain some of the answers to the questions that I don’t know where to ask. I’ve been praying for a place to share…maybe this is the place to start!

  21. 27


    I’m completely jealous of your trip. We’re the same and been married for 11 years with no more than a night away to ourselves. Have fun!!
    I blog and read lots of blogs. I’d love to go to the Declare Conference.

  22. 28


    I blog and read blogs…and have not yet bought a ticket to Declare, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go.

    AND…I am SO happy that you are getting time away.

  23. 29


    First off, congrats on that trip to Hawaii!!!

    I am a blogger who also reads a lot of other blogs. I’ve never been to any blogging conference and would LOVE to go to this one!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for a ticket!

  24. 30


    Congratulations on the trip – sounds awesome! I love to read blogs and have just started blogging myself. This conference would be so helpful :)

  25. 31


    I don’t want to be entered for the trip but wanted to say that there is NO one who deserves a FREE trip to Hawaii more than you! This is the true definition of Give and it will be Given to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over. I am so very pleased for you.

  26. 33


    I write and read blogs – AND live in DFW – AND would love to go! SO exciting about your Hawaii vaca!! My hubby has a really good chance at earning a Hawaii trip from his work for us too! Here’s to hopin’! You guys have a blast!

  27. 35

    Beth Bolhous says

    I love reading blogs. I get so many great ideas. I would love to learn how to write a blog also. Enjoy Hawaii. I am so jealous.

  28. 37

    Michelle Martin says

    I read several health and nutrition blogs, and plan to start my own this fall based on God’s calling me to support others with life-changing illnesses. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease eight years ago and through the ups and downs God has always been faithful. He did not give me this disease for my own suffering, but to illuminate His light and truth to others who are struggling with their health. I live in the Dallas area, and would love to attend this conference! Thanks for giving away a ticket, I look forward to seeing the winner announced :-)

  29. 38


    I love to read and write! Sometimes I have to remind myself to write first before I read, but then I also learn so much from reading about writing. :-)

    Thanks for this opportunity to win a ticket! Declare Conference will be blessed to have Mercy House Kenya there. (And enjoy your Hawaii trip!)

  30. 40


    I write on my blog and I read blogs. I would dearly love to attend the Declare Conference. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Kristen. Aloha! {That’s what they say in Hawaii, right?}

  31. 41

    Marie says

    How fantastic for you and your husband!!! You need this trip!!! you have blessed me beyond belief these last two years!!! I don’t write a blog but I read yours and MSM daily!!!

  32. 42


    I both read blogs and write one. I would love to win this ticket. I have been praying about going to a conference for a few months now. Thanks for introducing me to this one. And thanks for the work you are doing in Kenya.

  33. 43


    Wow!! I’ve heard so much about mercy house and love, love, love the stories…Violet’s never gets old! I desperately want to attend Declare… almost as desperately as I want to return to Hawaii with my husband. 😉 There’s a reason they call it Paradise and yeah, I’m jealous. Have a wonderful time and share pics!!

    I used to read blogs… and I used to write them. Read about that here http://wp.me/p3b1iQ-hn
    I am learning to blog again, reaching out to my old friends and loving making new ones. I am hoping I can find a way to Declare and run with the Big Dreams God’s given me.

    Maybe you could Skype us from the islands and we could ooo and aaah with ya!!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  34. 44


    Hi there! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I hope I’m not too late :) I just started blogging this year and have attened a couple of other conferences, but heard that Declare was much more intimate and more faith focused. I would love to go.

    Thanks again!

  35. 45



    I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about this giveaway. I just started blogging about six months ago and it has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I’ve ever done. There is so much to learn, so many ideas to soak up, and so many like-minded people to meet in the blogging world. I could soak up every bit of knowledge and I seek to apply what I learn.

    That’s why I am so excited to come across such a unique group. I live in Houston and can’t afford airfare so this is a great opportunity for me. I hope it’s not too late to register for this giveaway.

    I just made business cards and I would be coming with bells on!

    God Bless,

  36. 46

    cynthiasolc says

    Blogs. I got really into them. Healthy life-style ones were good. I thought about starting one, but always wondered what would happen to the blog if a tragedy occurred in my life. I started anyways. I wasn’t by any means a successful blogger, but I enjoyed writing. I can look back and remember what I was thinking at different points in time before days blend into days, then months, then years and so on.

    Then I started getting into spiritual blogs.

    Then tragedy struck.

    Then I saw God in an entirely new way.

    I haven’t written on my public blog since then. I started a new private blog with my husband. Still discerning if this journey is one that needs to be shared or not.

    His LOVE, I’m humbled by His LOVE.

    I pray this be a great opportunity for any aspiring blogger to share His LOVE with others.

    God Bless!

  37. 47


    Both, reading them gives me insight that I cherish and writing helps me to laugh, share, be transparent and follow God while inspiring others to do the same :)

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