The Ends of the Earth and Other Places I Cannot Find


  • I am dropping my kids at their grandparent’s farm in 10 days and flying to HAWAII with my man!!
  • [Related] My husband and I updated our will in case the plane crashes and I might have lay awake at night WITH ALL THE THOUGHTS. Am I the only mom who  can actually put a damper on going to Maui (for free)? Yes, I think I am.
  • I’ve spent the summer getting caught up on personal health maintenance. I’ve had a mole check, eye exam, (I still flinch at the dreaded eye puff), blood work, dental visit, B12 injections and a mammogram later this week. You know that saying, “It’s hell getting old?” I get that now.
  • I’ve said this 44 times this summer to my kids:  “You are in trouble” (and we both know I have no idea what the punishment is going to be). Ah, summer…
  • I walked into a music store to ask what my son needed for 6th grade band (percussion) the other day and ended up with a large bill and a rented marimba. Giving birth to musical kids is expensive. And noisy.

photo copy

  • My six year old went to an afternoon DIVA sing-a-long camp at the YMCA last week and came home singing every song from the 80’s I wasn’t allowed to listen to. “Mom, why didn’t you tell me about Madonna and material girl?” Um.

photo copy 2

  • I snuck off to an early morning breakfast with my former neighbor, Bridget and she brought me cookies. When I got home, I hid them in the kitchen and ate them one by one without even telling my family.


  • She dressed herself for church yesterday. She was totally serious about the “shoes” (which are actually gloves from a favorite. Tickle Monster Laughter Kit).

photo copy 3

  • Things come out of my mouth and I have no idea what they mean: What really happens after counting to 3 anyway? The other day I grounded my oldest two to ‘the ends of the earth.’ I have no idea what that means. My mom used to say it. But it did make me feel better. My son replied, “The earth is round, Mom.” He had a point.
  • I handed my son his lost hair comb (he’d been borrowing my brush for two days) and he returned to my bedroom with wet spiked hair. “Mom, you can lend a boy a comb and give him good hair for a day. But give him a comb and he will have it for a lifetime.” I don’t know where my kids get their sarcasm.
  • I think this is the 3rd time I’ve mentioned  this book  in the last two weeks, but it is rocking our world. We read 3 chapters just last night! We still have a few to go, but I cannot recommend it enough for family reading (ages 6+)



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    Kim B. in Az says

    Haha I loved number two on your list. I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one who thinks like that.

  2. 2


    and just like that i’m laughing….love love love the monday posts… funniest offering is that my family (extended) lost a roasting pan full of chicken wings while we were at the beach. i found it in a cabinet. ya know, where the roasting pan belongs….

  3. 3

    Alison says

    No, actually you are not the only mom who can put a damper on a free trip to Maui by worrying. I did it six years ago when my kids were 7 and 2 and I left them for a week with the grandparents. His company paid for the trip and it was absolutely the best ever, but my oldest got sick while we were gone and I drove my husband crazy worrying! The kids and the grandparents were fine, but I was a wreck before we got home to Georgia.

  4. 4


    I totally expected this to be a teary sentimental “I love you to the ends of the earth, which I will never ever find” type of post. Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  5. 5


    Kristin, you crack me up. Love this post. I can relate on pretty much everything. I just told my mom on Saturday that we should’ve taken a big family picture when we had the chance in case I die giving birth two weeks from now. Now I guess I should get to work on that will…

  6. 6


    I often leave notes when I go out of town, things like “It anything happens, know I love you, and please have someone finish the scrapbook pages I didn’t get done.” And I worry whether the handwritten updates to our will are legal and our wishes would be observed… Oy.

    And related to the getting old thing, I commented yesterday to my husband, “I think my feet are starting to look old.” My four year old immediately said, “Are you going to die now?”

  7. 8


    Oh Kristen! You are such a great mom and make me feel so much better about my parenting :-)) PLEASE, PLEASE enjoy Maui and seriously, go to Hana and take a ultralight “lesson” (they have to call it a lesson but it’s really just a ride). It is amazing and worth every penny. It was my favorite part of visiting Maui. Oh and on the way to Hana when you get about 5 miles before the crazy curvy part on the Hana Hwy, if you look to your right, up the hill, you can see my sister’s house. Yep, she lives on Maui! Love that place!

  8. 10

    HeatherS says

    Thank you so much for recommending “Running for My Life”. I just finished reading it myself and will now be reading it to my kids (ages 13 and 7). I am also going to recommend it to some other families I know. What a powerful story this young man has to tell! I was so blown away by his faith and by his positive outlook after all he has been through.

  9. 11

    liza lee grace says

    I loved your “to the ends of the earth” statement! The other day I found myself telling my boys that if they didn’t calm down, I’d make them watch a girl movie. I have no idea why I said it, but it was just odd enough it got their attention!

  10. 13

    Presephany says

    You’re definitely not the only person to think like that. My mum always used to leave for holidays with the comment “If anything happens to your Dad and I, you’re responsible for your younger brother and sister … but don’t worry, our life insurance will cover the mortgage.” I was always so relieved when they made it home safely!

  11. 14


    Loved you pictures and your “tags” for each…gave me a smile to start my day. Be thankful it’s “only” the marimba. My son went for the full fledged drum kit and he’s been drumming and my walls have been vibrating for 9 wonderful years lol. Have a wonderful and restful vacation!

  12. 15

    kelly says

    you make me laugh!! i LOVE your posts…pictures and your is ALOT like my family and i act similar enough..which brings the laughs…we have a VERY musical family as well….flute, trumpet and piano/singer so yes, i know where you are coming from on that end!! I DO hope you have fun in HAWAII….and i DO know where your coming from on the “downside” of a free vacation!! it drives my hubby i try and keep those thoughts to myself…

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