What I Love About Stitch Fix {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winner* Congrats to random commenter #32, Tara (check your email)!

By now, y’all have all heard of Stitch Fix, right? It might be my favorite mail ever. I wrote about my first fix here. Since, I’ve received 3 more. I thought I’d share an update. I usually keep a little something from my box and it’s generally a piece of clothing I WOULD NEVER CHOOSE. And that’s exactly why I love it: the clothes are Stylist approved….the only thing in my life which falls into that category.

Here’s what I’ve kept:

1. This airy red flutter blouse is something I would never have tried on. I love the ruffles on the sleeves. It has tiny blue anchors on the print.

2. Again, I would have never chosen this peacock print top, but it’s one of my favorites. I love the tie at the front.

red  photo copy

3. I love how tall this dress makes me look (feel). At 5’2, I don’t even try on maxi dresses. I’m glad Stitch Fix didn’t know that! I can’t wait to wear it to the beach with my hubby in a couple of weeks.

4. Chevron is the latest rage and this is my first time to wear it. I like the asymmetrical hem and it looks awesome with Mercy House beads.

5. This super cute, new favorite soft white top is so feminine. I love the lace on the back. I’m a jeans kind of girl and this is something I would have picked out! I love this top.


What I love about Stitch Fix:

  • While the clothes cost more than I would normally spend, even after choosing the cheapest option they have (most of the above items were around $38), it’s all I’m buying these days. I typically grab clothes on the Target clearance rack and when I get home I realize my clearance top doesn’t match anything or it doesn’t hold up well. And now, I have no desire to shop for clothes because I know Stitch Fix is coming!
  • Even though you have to make a quick stitch decision (3 days to return the box), there’s free shipping and you don’t have to go to the store with your three kids to try on clothes.
  • I love that I can try on the items in the box (5 things come in every box, sometimes one item is jewelry) with clothes from my closet.
  • It’s so easy and time-saving! I don’t ever have to go to the mall again (!!), but don’t tell my teen daughter that. It cost $20 a month to get your fix on, but that amount is deducted from your box.
  • Stitch Fix has an amazing referral program. They give you $25 credit for every person you tell! I’ll keep getting a stitch fix (at least until I run out of credit). They also offer gift cards. What a great, fun gift to give!
  • Each piece of clothing comes with a picture card on various ways to wear the shirt or dress, etc. I need all the help I can get.

Today, I’m giving away a $50 gift card for one lucky person. Leave a comment and tell me if you’ve ever tried it. You can sign up here (my referral link) and start getting your own referral credits by sharing it with your friends! P.S. Stitch Fix accommodates sizes 0-14. I hope they have plans for more sizes soon. Also, if you end up on the waiting list, don’t be discouraged. It’s usually a quick wait!


  1. 2


    So far I have done Stitch Fix twice. My style since is in need of a makeover and my busy life with my babies makes it impossible to get to the store. I love getting to try new things and Stitch Fix is so much fun!

  2. 7

    Amy S says

    I have really wanted to try but I just don’t know if I can justify to myself spending that much money on the pieces. Im afraid I would want to keep everything!!

  3. 10

    Regan says

    I’ve gotten 3 “fixes” and I love them! I keep trying to badger my friends into joining so I can get some credits!

  4. 11

    Deairdre Miller says

    What an interesting idea. I have very poor fashion sense most of the time and this seems like a great way to try new things!

  5. 12

    Amy Osborne says

    I tried to sign up several months ago and got a message about being put on a wait list. I have never heard back but would really like to try it. My style desperately needs it after 2 babies in 3 years and all that comes with being a mommy!

  6. 14

    Susie says

    I’ve never tried it but I’m pretty desperate! I almost tried a similar thing with bras, of all things! 😉

  7. 15

    Erica says

    Never tried it, but probably will! I am a Target rack girl usually. But I could use some risks and udpating.

  8. 16

    Jennifer says

    never tried it=-have no fashion sense ever…..maybe its for me and I should. Liked your maxi dress and the chevron strips….

  9. 17

    Wendi says

    No, I have never tried Stitch Fix but I think it would be a lot of fun. If I can keep my daughter out of the box. 😉

  10. 18

    Ashley says

    I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like a fun idea. Usually I try to jumble something together and the looks don’t mix and match well.

  11. 21


    Not having to go to the store with my two kids would probably be worth the monthly cost! Everything that you are wearing looks super cute!

  12. 22


    I’d LOVE to try it. I hate clothes shopping these days…but I’m in need of a whole new wardrobe. Every time I go into a retail store, I say…”I’d pay someone to style me…I don’t even want to be there, I just want the clothes sent to my closet.” The workers think I’m kidding, but I’m not. If any (of the stylish ones) offered, I’d hold up my end of the deal. 😉

  13. 23

    Mandy S says

    I’ve never tried it. It looks so great. I love that red top and the maxi dress. The side slit really helps break up the idea of a floor length dress on those of us who are shorter. :-)

  14. 28

    Olivia says

    This sounds great! With 3 young sons, I don’t get many chances to go shopping for/by myself! This would be a welcome change. Thanks!

  15. 29

    HeatherS says

    I have never tried it but could use all the style help I can get! I really want to pare my wardrobe down to a few really nice pieces and get rid of the junk but have no idea what nice pieces to buy. I am also 5’2″ and never would have tried a maxi dress but that one looks great on you!

  16. 30

    Marie says

    I’ve tried to “fixes” and none of them worked for me! I was so sad. I think you definitely have to have an easy to fit body type. I gave up on it because I didn’t want to keep spending $20 for nothing. But just last week we were on vacation and I stopped at this boutique store because I saw a dress in the window. I figured it wouldn’t fit, because most things are not fitting these days, and was pleasantly surprised! It was more then I would spend on a dress, I’m a clearance girl, but I love it!! So I created my own “fix”.
    Glad the stitchfix is working for you.

  17. 32

    Tara says

    I have 2 girls under 2 so I’m basically scared to leave my house; I’m definitely not attempting clothes shopping with them in tow! So I would love to have this. My sister would love it too, though so it would be a tough decision whether to keep it for myself or give it to her.

  18. 35

    Erin H. says

    I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, but I absolutely hate shopping. I am 5’11” and I can’t buy anything in regular department stores. Stitch Fix sounds like a dream to me!

  19. 36

    Marcia Russell says

    What a great idea! I thought that I could really use this type of fashion help. After signing up and going through the entire profile, I got the following response: “Right now we are only able to style women between sizes 0 – 14 within the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.” I wish I had noticed that disclaimer upfront. Huge disappointment.

  20. 37


    I signed up for it, but I’ve never done it because I don’t have the money to spend on extra clothes right now :) you look adorable!!!

  21. 38


    I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard of it. Sounds like a good deal as I rarely take time to shop for myself, especially if my 4 year old is along.

  22. 41


    I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix before today, but the idea is so awesome. I dread clothes shopping. And, after just giving birth to my 3rd child, I’m in need of Stitch Fix because I’ve actually lost weight :-)

  23. 42

    Erika says

    What fun! I hadn’t even heard of this before, but am very, very tempted to try it. Love the idea and the help it would bring to my closet!

  24. 48

    Emily Woodall says

    I have somehow missed this genius idea! I haven’t ever tried this, but I think it is a great idea. I am not a big shopper. I despise the mall. At this point, I really have no clothing budget, but eventually I plan on being able to lift the family spending freeze and get me some cute new digs. I will check out this service, for sure!

  25. 50

    Beth S. says

    I have not tried it, but will now! Taking a 7 year old and 18 month old shopping is like pulling teeth! :)

  26. 55

    Melissa says

    I would love to try this! I am so bad about returning items. They are usually out of season by the time I get around to returning them :-( This sounds easy!

  27. 58

    Kelly Freedline says

    Never heard of it .. But now I know and sounds like I need to check it out! With 8 kids I almost NEVER get to go shopping by myself and forget trying something on! Thank The Lord for a bedroom door with a lock! :) haha

  28. 59

    Krista says

    I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like my closet really wants me to. Can’t you hear it calling? :)

  29. 61

    Dian says

    I’ve not tried this service, but it sure sounds interesting. I have friends that are much more trendy dressers than myself! I know they would love it as well.

  30. 62

    Delena Savee says

    I have not heard of this but this Mom could certainly use this.
    What a fun and unique idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. 64

    Lucy says

    It seems like I keep hearing about Stitch Fix everywhere I turn! I was a little worried about the cost, but it sounds like you can choose options to fit your budget. Thanks!

  32. 65

    Caral says

    I’m really wanting to try this… I’m 2 hours from the nearest mall, and so our trips are limited and by the time I get things for everyone else, I’m tired and wait until next time… And the cycle continues. When I do pick something up, it is off the clearance rack, I grab, go, and I’m seldom happy with it.

  33. 66

    Danielle B. says

    I’m with you! I have never heard of it but would love to try it! I have several things from Target and you’re right, they don’t hold up. It’s frustrating when what you can afford doesn’t hold up making you feel like you wasted money.

  34. 67

    Vanessa says

    I’ve never tired, although it does sound wonderful! I have three little ones and work full time which makes shopping for me almost impossible. This would be great! I can imagine it’d be like Christmas morning!

  35. 68

    ro elliott says

    I hate shopping…my daughter use to be my personal shopper…and she up and got married and moved away…the nerve…so this sounds like a great solution to my problem :)

  36. 70

    Jenny says

    I have never tried. I am in such a clothing rut and need all the help I can get. This seems like a great idea!!

  37. 71

    Gina says

    I just made an account!!! My daughter is currently undergoing treatments that lower her immune system. Thus, malls and shopping centers are out of the question for us due to the crowds. What a perfect solution for me! Wonder if they’d consider adding a girls’ line???

  38. 74

    Amberly says

    I’ve never heard of it,but it sounds great. I have a hard time finding clothes because I am short. Thankfully, God blessed me with a husband who hangs out with the kids while I try on clothes. Unfortunately, because it takes hours for me to find a few items (no exaggeration), I only go clothes shopping when I am in desperate need. Might have to try this.

  39. 75

    Rachel says

    I love Stich Fix! I’ve done it once so far and I loved everything they sent. Like you said, even with the cheapest option, it’s more money than I would normally spend on clothes, but I feel like I’ll actually save money in the long run. I usually do the Target clearance thing and it either sits in my closet or is worn out quickly. I’ve been trying to by fewer, nicer things that will last longer and this has definitely helped me with that!

  40. 77

    Rachel says

    I have never tried, but I think this may be just what I am
    Looking for. I have the same issues that you listed – I need clothes. Badly.

  41. 78


    never heard of it, but with 2 under 3, i hate trying to try on clothes! i think the last time i shopped for myself was……3 years ago?

  42. 79

    Anne S. says

    I keep reading Stitch Fix posts from various bloggers, and they sound great! I’ve never tried it, but it sounds perfect for my fashion (in)ability.

  43. 80

    Jenny Stephens says

    I tried it once and loved it! I didn’t end up keeping any of the items, but I’m looking forward to getting another fix after I have this baby in a couple of weeks!

  44. 83

    Liz says

    I’ve never tried it because I’ve never heard of it! Thanks for sharing! I might have to sign up.

  45. 84

    Erin in CO says

    I’ve had three fixes, and absolutely agree w all your points! I also did the run thru Target’s clearance sect to grab things to try on at home…just to take it back…the Fix has simplified some things for me.

  46. 87

    Shelbey says

    I’ve never tried it but have seen several reviews on it. I would love to be able to try it out. :)

  47. 89


    I have never tried it but I want to. It just seems like a lot of money on a one income budget with a family of 6. I normally shop off of clearance racks for myself.

  48. 91

    Angi says

    I have heard of stitch fix, but have not tried it yet. It sounds perfect for me since I frequently have buyers’ remorse when purchasing something to wear.

  49. 92

    Anna C says

    Never heard of it… but it sounds really neat. Wish they had more sizes available currently though.

  50. 93


    I have not tried Stitch Fix yet but I have been contemplating for months. I may just have to give it a go now that I have found a real person who has tried it and loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  51. 94

    Jennifer B says

    I would love to try this out! I have no fashion sense, luckily my little sister came home this weekend to help me shop for a couple of dresses for summer weddings we still have to attend. I would love something easy that shows me how to wear it!

  52. 95


    I have tired Stitch Fix once but ended up sending everything back. Sadly, even though I chose the cheapest category, I still couldn’t bring myself to pay for any of the items. I wasn’t completely in love with any of them. I’d love to try them again and see what they pick the next time!

  53. 96

    Kristin says

    Yay! I love seeing everyone’s stitch fix posts. I have tried it once & came away with a beautiful bright blue blouse I would have never picked up on my own. I’m looking forward to getting fix 2 $ a gift card would do the trick :)

  54. 97

    Rebekah Duerksen says

    What a great idea! I would love to sign up for Stitch Fix, except that I am very firmly in the “plus” size category! However, if selected for the gift card, I would immediately send it to my youngest SIL who is perfectly in their range of sizes.

  55. 99

    Rebecca says

    Never tried it….love the idea, but it’s more than I’m used to paying. Maybe it’s worth a try?

  56. 103


    Oh my gosh! I need to start shopping here! I am also 5’2″ and I have a very curvy build and it is so hard to find clothes that are A) the right length and B) have enough room for my athletic thighs!! All maxi dresses (I have been wanting one for so long!) and capris are all so long that I am swimming in them or wearing them as pants. What a great find and thanks for sharing! I would love the $50 gift certificate!

  57. 106

    Lesley says

    Although I have seen it on various websites I have never tried it. It is something that I have been pondering. :o) Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing gift! :o)

  58. 109

    Bethany F says

    I’ve heard of it on several blogs, it seems a bit pricey to me but I sure wouldn’t hate the $50 credit :)

  59. 110

    Suzanne Watkins says

    Haven’t tried it, but am in desperate need! I’ll be 50 on my birthday, but don’t want to look frumpy and it seems when I go out it’s that or WAY too bare. Need a stylist to help… I still have middle school aged kids and they don’t want no fumpy, dumpy momma either, haha!

  60. 111


    I’m going to work on getting down to a 14, but for now I have a friend I would love to bless with that gift card!

    I’ve been doing Gwynnie Bee, which is a Netflix-like program for clothes sizes 10+. You get to keep pieces as long as you want, free shipping both ways. It’s very lovely, high-end stuff that I never would have tried on. Very enjoyable! (Anyoje who wants to sign up can get a 30-day free trial: http://goo.gl/l3DRw )

  61. 113

    Sheri N says

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds great. With two little ones I never have time to shop for clothes for myself!

  62. 115

    Kristi M. says

    sounds wonderful for busy moms- i work outside of the home 32 hours or more per week and have three children. i would love to have someone help me shop.

  63. 116

    Elisa B. says

    I have never heard of Stitch Fix but I LOVE this idea!! I am expecting baby #4 in October, so shopping for myself is generally not an option and I am going to need so new clothes after this baby comes!

  64. 123

    Erin says

    I’ve never tried it, but being 4’10” and never knowing what looks good on me that doesn’t make me look frumpy for 12, I would LOVE to try this out!

  65. 125


    I’ve never tried it, but have thought about it several times. I am fashioned challenged and do not like shopping! I think this would be perfect for me.

  66. 127

    stephanie Lee says

    I have never tried it…I don’t have a huge clothes budget. So the $20 goes toward a purchase from the box? So if the dress was $38, all you would pay on top of that was $18? When do you pay the $20?

  67. 129

    Christie says

    I have never heard of Stitch Fix before! What a neat concept! I would love to try this. My wardrobe needs help!!

  68. 130

    Shawna says

    I would love to try this! I hate shopping, especially with two young children, and being tall and broad, it’s hard to find things that fit me well anyways!

  69. 133

    Elaine says

    Kristen, how do you always look so darn cute?!?!? Love the items you picked! I’d love to try Stitch Fix!

  70. 137

    Hilary says

    I’ve given up on the mall also! Love Stitch Fix but still need to watch the budget! Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  71. 141

    Stacey K says

    I have never tried it, but I’d love too. Who has time to go shopping? Shopping at home I could do.

  72. 142

    Shani Pearce says

    I’ve never tried it, but you’re the second person who highly recommends it. I think I need to check out Stitch Fix!

  73. 144

    Katie says

    OK, you’ve got me convinced. I’m always scouring clearance racks at Target while kids play hide and seek and scare other ladies out of the clothing aisle because they’ve popped out in front of them or crashed straight into them because, ” mom, I didn’t hear you say no running.” …cuz its always ok to run in stores?!! But you are SO CUTE! That yellow dress! the chevron print, fun fun. I remember your first post regarding this company and think I’m gonna hop on board :) Thanks and awesome giveaway!

  74. 146


    Heard of it, and anxiously waiting to try it! I’m 2 months post-partum, so couldn’t try it pregnant and don’t want to buy expensive-to-me clothes while I’m still in major size flux.

  75. 147

    Vicky M says

    I have tried it & LOVE IT. I haven’t been able to do it for awhile because of budget constraints. I would love to be able to treat myself again!

  76. 148

    jenn says

    Stitch fix sounds like the best thing ever! Especially for a mom of two little ones. I would love a gift card, what a great give away!

  77. 149

    Andrea Cook says

    Sounds like a dream come true for me…I hate to shop!!! But wish desperately for help in the fashion department….I’m become a frumpy mom and need all the help I can get. I will definitely be checking this site out!

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