When Mercy is Super Cute {Giveaway}

Updated with random Winners: Kristen (no blog, emailed), Krista, Jan (no blog, emailed), Lindsay and CourtneyH (emailed)! Congrats, friends.

When I was in Kenya in April, one of my main goals was to show the Mercy House skills teacher Debra a few new ideas for product.


When Debra finished the 8th grade, she didn’t have the opportunity to continue her education, so she got a job. She can make anything and has taught all of our girls how sew, bead, create jewelry and art. She is so talented that all I have to do is hand her a sample and she takes it apart and remakes it, teaching herself and then the girls.


While fabric options are limited, we scoured the city one rainy day to scout out cute material for new aprons and makeup brush bags. My photographer friend Suzanne (who can also sew) taught Debra a couple of new patterns and will you just look at this:


All the aprons (this is one of four designs we will sell over the next 9 months) and makeup brush bags, have a special tag:


This has been a beauty for ashes kind of year, so it’s our theme. Check out our popular new women’s fit t-shirt:


And if this Freeset bag doesn’t want to make you love mercy, nothing will! Purchasing this bag not only benefits Mercy House, it provides jobs for women set free from sex trafficking in India. It’s a win-win. Check it out here:


I was able to show Debra and the girls this lovely new 3-strand necklace design.


It’s our most elegant jewelry yet:


Stunning (comes in a variety of colors):

Mercy never looked so good.

Today only, you can get 15% off your total purchase with the code CUTEMERCY. Plus, the first FIFTY orders will get our original tote FREE (no longer available in our store) !!!


We are also giving away FIVE of our new shirts today! Leave a comment and tell me what you love at the Mercy Shop.



  1. 5

    Kristen says

    I love love love the new products!! I am thrilled to have a place to buy great things as well as support such a wonderful cause!

  2. 9

    Ginger Daniel says

    The cutest stuff I have seen in your shop yet! LOVE the brush set and the new bag! Fabulous. And girls know we need more shirts shaped like that!

  3. 11


    Kangas! Make aprons out of kangas. Plus they make cute skirts, doll clothes, pillows, etc. I brought back a huge stack of them and my girlfriends went nuts over them.

  4. 12


    These products are all so beautiful! You all are doing such amazing things! I am in love with the design of the shirt and bag – adorable! Those ladies are so talented,


  5. 16

    Wendi says

    Adorable!!!! Loving the make-up brush bag and the apron. Also loving the Freeset bag. Cute, cute, cute!!! Great job Mercy House.

  6. 19

    melissa says

    I think I’m going to order the paper bead earrings for my mom’s birthday! love the idea of a make-up brush tote, too, although I’d never use it. :)

  7. 24

    Karen says

    I love the merchandise and am trying to buy some things but can’t get the coupon code to work! What am I doing wrong?

  8. 27

    Brooke R says

    The new 3 strand necklace is really beautiful. And I love the new shirts with the beauty for ashes logo on them!

  9. 29

    Jennifer B says

    First I would say the Beauty shirt but I already ordered that. Somehow I missed the 3 strand necklace. I LOVE it! And I love the apron colors. Such fun items!

  10. 33

    Kim says

    I am trying to purchase a bird mobile now and can’t get the coupon code to work. It says it is “invalid”. Am I doing something wrong? thanks!!

  11. 43


    as i believe that aprons should be part of our everyday, everywhere attire, i am in love with the aprons. i really really really want to get one and wear it to school (teacher…)

  12. 45

    Robin in AZ says

    I love the new products- very cute fabrics and the necklace design is very elegant! Great ideas!

  13. 46

    Julie says

    I love the bird mobile and the necklaces. The paper bowl is awesome, also. But even more I love the purpose and the heart behind the ministry.

  14. 48

    marky says

    Freeset Bag is Awesome!! like the t shirt too. I still wear my olive green one “Lord have Mercy” get lots of comments on it! Love what you do

  15. 50

    Jamey S. says

    I love everything, and such talented hands! I love the new makeup brush bag and apron! Adorable!! Prayer and Blessings to you and all you do!

  16. 65

    Holli says

    Got a shirt! Hope I was able to get in on that keep calm bag, it is great! Love Your cause and can’t wait for our jewelry party : )

  17. 68


    I absolutely love that new shirt! I’ve recently become a v-neck shirt kind of girl, but so appreciate that this one doesn’t cut too low.

  18. 69


    I love the apron! Cute items, we were in Kenya years ago and I spent some time with some amazing Kenyan women while my husband worked in a hospital there, thanks so much for making a difference in the lives of these women!

  19. 70

    Jessica P says

    I love the theme of Keep calm & love mercy! I love the apron and the bag. Great cause and creative ideas! :)

  20. 72


    It’s too hard to pick one item that I like. I like the necklaces, bags, apron, bowl, wall hanging, and more. There’s lots of great stuff.

  21. 76

    Jeannette says

    I love the Apron and the Beauty for Ashes Bags! The bowls are beautiful as well! Such beautiful work and what a wonderful cause!!

  22. 94

    Christine says

    I love the apron and really love the meaning behind all of it and what you are doing for these women! You are a amazing!!!

  23. 95

    Angela says

    Love all the items in the Mercy House shop! Wonderful new products! I am really liking the Freeset bag!

  24. 103

    Kate says

    I love all the new items! Just bought the new bag. :) The three strand necklaces are gorgeous. Thanks for all you are doing. You are truly an inspiration.

  25. 105

    Sophia DeLonghi says

    I love the Beauty for Ashes t-shirt and tote and the idea that Mercy empowers and equips women to have a better life!

  26. 106

    Rachel says

    Oh golly, I think that there are lots of cute things at Mercy Shop. I really like the 3 strand necklaces and also the large cuff bracelets. The bags are pretty great too!

  27. 109

    Maria says

    Kristen, I want to let you know that the one thing I love about the Mercy Shop is that it exists in the first place. It moves me that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to provide a positive atmosphere for women who might not have that chance otherwise. I’m moved that you can help in this way, and relish the day that I might be able to do something similar or different, but that would provide help to others. I’ve only recently found your blog, but I get excited every time I see a new email. I open it thinking “What does she have to share today?”

  28. 110

    Julie says

    I love the heart that goes into making these items, and the love of Jesus helping these women to grow. Thank you for your part in it, and allowing us to be a small part too! Of the products, I love the paper bowl.

  29. 112

    shelley says

    What it all stands for! But if I must choose “just one”, the new t-shirt, and the apron, and the 3-strand necklace. Oops…that’s more than one!

  30. 120

    amber says

    I am so sad that I missed this when it when it was still active. I am fairly new to this site and just found out about Mercy House. The work He is doing through Mercy House is beautiful. Human trafficking is one of the most atrocious crimes against humanity and I want to be a part of the work going on to not only stop trafficking, but to create beauty from the ashes for the victims/survivors. I will be saving some dollars so I can come back and make a few purchases! Keep up the beautiful work!

  31. 123

    Kelli Holthe says

    I love the freeset bag! Super super cute!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life – the joys, the struggles, the reality of what life is like as a child of God. Sharing this journey with others is an incredible gift to those of us who follow your blog. Blessings!

  32. 124

    Carrie Dietrich says

    Well there is lots to love but the paper bowls are really intriguing to me! My Our Father bless you abundantly!

  33. 126

    Kimberly P. says

    I really like that black Freeset bag and the 3-strand necklace. The designs are beautiful! I love the story behind Mercy House and how the women and children are flourishing as a result of Mercy House!

  34. 131

    April says

    I love the new t-shirts. I deffinitely see those aprons in someones future. What a great Christmas gift!

  35. 135


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