Anchored in Life {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway}

UPDATE: Katherine (comment #306) and Sara (comment #128) have been randomly selected as winners of this giveaway.

Our family went to the beach more this summer than any other I can remember.

2013-06-03 22.49.24

The closest beach is Galveston, so clearly, we aren’t picky about crystal clear waters or seaweed.

We took our visiting nephews a couple of times, had a little summer staycation with the kids exploring the island. Then in early August, Terrell and I did this:


What God didn’t give Galveston, he bestowed to Maui times a thousand.

In the past, the beach has been a hot, sandy place that I could take or leave, but that’s changed for me. It holds precious memories with family and a once-in-a-lifetime escape with my husband of almost 19 years.

anchor of hope

It also served a brief respite from a very difficult year so far. We’ve had a lot of loss and the time together served as an anchor for us, a place to be refreshed and renewed.

2013-08-08 11.11.55

I’ve used all my trial-sized Mango shampoos and coconut lotion and all I have left of the summer and the beach is what I can remember. That’s why I ordered this new necklace from The Vintage Pearl. This little seahorse represents strength, strength for the hard days behind me and the ones ahead.little silver seahorse

I love the new pieces from The Vintage Pearl (like these cute sports charms and these GORGEOUS new vintage lockets), to these beautiful beach ones that make me want to pause and breath deep and not forget the treasure of summer I want to always remember:

seashell treasure

Today, I’m giving away TWO $75 gift certificates–winner’s choice! Please hop over to my favorite silver shop and leave a comment on this post with your favorite piece.

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 154

    Kelly M says

    I love the vintage pearl, such beautiful things! I would choose a new leaf with my daughters birthdate on it. Motherhood has certainly made me turn over a new leaf. It is constantly teaching more about God’s love for me through parenting and each day with my kiddos makes me a better person.

  2. 155

    Hillary says

    I love the bold heart charm necklace and all the dainty charms w/ initials…I love the vintage pearl, their jewelry is so beautiful!!!

  3. 156

    Shannon says

    I clicked around and I loved everything, but when I saw the “vintage lovebirds” necklace, I knew I’d found the one for me. Thanks for the chance!

  4. 158

    Amy says

    I discovered The Vintage Pearl through your blog two years ago. What a wonderful company and thank you for such a generous giveaway. My favorite are the initial charms.

  5. 159


    I love the Vintage Pearl! The layers of love necklace is one I would love to receive as a gift someday! I bought my daughter a necklace several years ago. The quality was great and it was just lovely!

  6. 163

    Marie says

    It’s so hard to pick but two that struck me was the World necklace, reminding me of a calling to missions and prophetic words I’ve received regarding that. And the peas in a pod as I look into the eyes of my 3 miracles everyday and 4 in heaven.

  7. 164


    Oooh I just love the Heart For Africa necklace! I recently got home from being in Rwanda for 2 months… and the heart on this necklace is almost exactly where Rwanda is on the continent of Africa. Bringing back memories of some amazing times and some seriously incredible people!

  8. 165


    I absolutely adore the secret love message heart! It’s been on my list for a long time and winning the giveaway would help it move from my wish list to my neck. 😉

  9. 166


    The Bloomin’ Daisy for sure! I love daisies. They are a hearty flower that blooms where they land. This is especially meaningful to me since we recently (two months ago today) moved from Oregon to Illinois. It has been a hard transition and I’m feelin’ sort of wilted. But I know that God will sustain me, as He does my beautiful flowers!

  10. 169

    kris says

    My favorite is the sign language “I love you” …a special way I can tell my kids I love them even across a crowded room…even as I have a teenager now, she will look back and sign to me as she heads off with friends…sweet moments.

  11. 171

    Tina says

    What’s not to love? Wearing my dainty drops necklace now. I’ve been eyeing the vintage cross necklace for awhile…

  12. 172

    Robin Faith says

    I absolutely love The Vintage Pearl! With a mommy, a mother in law, 5 sisters and 2 lifelong girlfriends….everything there reminds me of someone I love and of something that someone I love would love (weird sentence, I know…) I think that what really jumped out at me personally today was the vintage locket reminds me of my mom… and the secret keeper necklace, so lovely and meaningful in the world of sisters & faith. Carefree & the Rustic Cross appeal to me because of my name and my faith. So much to love!

  13. 174

    Jeannette says

    They are beautiful!! I think I found Christmas gifts for my mom and my mother in law! Stunning! I love the chunky cross!

  14. 177


    Okay, so picking just one is hard! I love the anchored in hope because Hebrews 6:19 is my favorite verse. I love the heart for Africa one because my family is going there next year for three months as part of advanced missions training in Zambia. Then I also really love the seahorse and seashell one being born and raised in Florida.

  15. 179

    Brandi says

    I would love a mother’s necklace. I LOVE a number of them.. such as simple love with a copper heart, our family nest, and dainty eclectic. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  16. 181

    Jendra says

    The eclectic charm bracelet – would like to give my mom a bracelet with all of the grandkids names. She’d love it!

  17. 182

    Christine says

    I have five children. My oldest three are close in age and are all spreading their wings… one is in Taiwan with YWAM, one in Virginia at college and one leaving for Arkansas next week on a 5 month mission trip. I am in that season of life which is wonderful and difficult at the same time… when our children need to leave and write their own stories. The “electic charm bracelet” or the “bold love necklace” are my two favorites. I have started to wear jewelry that my children have given me to remember them when they are not living at home and I’m feeling sad. I would be able to have all the names of my children on either of these two beautiful pieces of jewelry. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  18. 184

    Gina R says

    So many beautiful pieces! I think my favorite is the “He holds Her Key” set. So lovely. Thanks for the giveaway and for the inspiration I always find on your blog.

  19. 187


    I have wanted one of the simple necklaces with my kids names for years, but we are still waiting to adopt our 2nd so I just keep waiting… I also really like the secrecy of the morse code bracelet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. 203

    Julie Ma. says

    I love it all! I really liked the Vintage Peas in a Pod, or the Vintage Silver Charms that can stand for Children’s initials. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  21. 204

    patrick cordery says

    I would love the mother of pearl earrings for my wife I haven’t been able to give her a gift for a long time. she says it’s okay but.

  22. 205

    Yvonne Donaldson says

    Bitty Bloom or Vintage Starfish would probably be my first picks. I like the family name ones too but we are going to adopt and so don’t know the names of our children yet. :)

  23. 211

    Julie says

    I love vintage pearl. Their necklaces are so unique and speak to my heart. I have had many struggles and I have been looking to get a necklace to remind me of all the important things in live. The seahorse spoke to me on so many different levels especially because right now and over the next year I am going to need strength. Strength to endure a 10-12 month deployment away from my sweet baby boy and new husband. Strength to not fall apart when I miss our wedding anniversary and my sons 6th birthday. Strength to miss all the small everyday joys with my family and to fond strength and overflowing joy from Jesus. Strength to get on that bird and fly off the ship wherever the Navy sends me. Thanks so much for highlighting that specific charm!

  24. 212

    Carlen says

    Thank you for dong this! I have always wanted one of these necklaces, they are beautiful, unique but out of our budget :(
    I love the layered circle of love one!
    Thank you,

  25. 214

    Christi Schrauger says

    I LOVE the seahorse one!!! The beach is always God and I’s retreat. He speaks to me in amazing ways in that setting. This would be a fabulous reminder of the promises that God has given me on those great ocean vacations.


  26. 215

    Rachel says

    Such a great site! I love their stuff–it is so creative. I love to wear jewelry that represents a special time in my life!

  27. 216

    T Laib says

    Seriously so in love with these beautiful pieces. I love the seashell and am going to have to check into that one for myself. Really, really love these pieces that they have. So original.

  28. 219


    I’m not sure how to choose a favorite – it would have to be the a simple sweet-heart necklace so I can include initials of my three grown children and the beautiful little ladies that are my granddaughters. It would be another reminder to pray for them through the day.

  29. 220

    Teresa Zeller says

    I have the charm necklace with a charm for each child. But, we are expecting number 4- so I will need another one!! I can honestly say- I love just about every piece they do. Beautiful stuff :)

  30. 221

    Angela says

    So hard to pick just one! I really love the beyond the sea necklace. We have had a lot of loss in our family in a few short years and this one reminds me of my Mom & her love of the ocean, but also that God is my refuge. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I love The Vintage Pearl. :)

  31. 223

    Nikki M says

    I love them all!! “God gave me you” jumped out first. I also really liked “Bold love” because it can fit more names for the family with more than 2-3 kids, which is what we would like to be. :)

  32. 225

    Ginger says

    I loved the vintage line, but would have to get the angel wing. I have a friend whose toddler earned her wings when she lost the fight with leukemia. I am a giver, and that would bring joy to me being able to bless her with that. Especially since September is childhood cancer awareness month.

  33. 226

    jacquelyn says

    I love the owl necklace called “a promise of wisdom”. I just started a new tutoring business to help support my family, while I stay at home with our children. My “theme” is an owl for wisdom. It’s on all of my flyers and business cards. I just saw an owl necklace and thought it would be cute to wear to my sessions. With this one, when a parent comments I can explain the Bible verse. Perfect!

  34. 227

    Nicole Sedelmeier says

    As you can see from my email address, I love Hawaii as well. Kaulike means balance in Hawaiian and it reminds me to keep things in perspective every time I type it.
    There are so many beautiful pieces, but my favorite piece is the shell.

    Thank you so much for your writing, it has touched my heart & inspired me in my family life in the time I’ve been following your site. Thank you for the time you give to it and the integrity you maintain. It is appreciated more than you know!

  35. 228


    I like the God gave me you necklace best of all! So glad you and your family enjoyed the beach more this summer, and especially your trip to Hawaii! I enjoy your blog immensely1 Thanks for often inspiring me! :o)

  36. 231

    Kathryn B says

    I change my mind every time I go to her website! Today the vintage locket and the eternity heart (it’s been almost 5 years that my youngest son has been in eternity) are my favorites!

  37. 233

    Katrina says

    I need to get a new necklace to update with all 5 kids names – I love the “Names Around my Fused Heart” necklace

  38. 234

    Jane says

    Definitely love all the necklaces with the kids names/initials! I think my mom would love one for her birthday with all her grandkids names!

  39. 235

    Sharon says

    Thank you for introducing me to the Vintage Pearl. Their jewelry is beautiful. I don’t know if I could choose just one favorite. I love the “god gave me you” necklace and lots of the vintage pieces.

  40. 239


    I would get Puppy Love because my sweet baby Rocket got hit by a car on Friday and I would love the remembrance piece. I never knew I could love an animal like this…

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  41. 240

    amber says

    “God Gave Me You” because He has given me 3 beautiful daughters, but also because the older I get, the more I recognize how He strategically places people in my life day after day. Sometimes, He places people in “blog-land”, sometimes he has placed tiny little humans in my womb, but ALWAYS has a plan for me!

  42. 244

    Sarah Blackford says

    I would love to have the “a word of inspiration” necklace. A constant reminder of God’s faithfulness, His sovereignty, and His comfort in extremely difficult and trying times…
    Thank you for offering this gift, it is wonderful.

  43. 246

    Kerrie Bryant says

    I love her peas in a pod necklaces, but I also love her infinity symbol necklace. It isn’t available online, but is in the store. I inquired about the infinity symbol and I was immediately sent a reply from TVP telling me they would send me one from the store if I was interested. TVP has AMAZING customer service and I have NEVER been disappointed with the items I purchased for myself and others!

  44. 247

    Michelle Recicar says

    The beach is my “happy” place! I love just about everything about it. I am always calmed and refocused when I leave all salty and warm. I’m having a hard time picking my favorite piece of jewelry but I love the idea of having my children’s names on a piece that I can keep close to my heart. :)

  45. 249

    Traci says

    The grateful necklace speaks volumes to me right now. Remembering to just be grateful for all that He gives us. it’s hard to remember sometimes but it’s such a simple lesson. Love your blog by the way!

  46. 256

    Jimmie lee says

    I have to have the anchor necklace and I adore the love you to the moon and back necklace! So many pretty things I want them all :)

  47. 258

    Roxie says

    The Vintage Love Necklace is my favorite. I collect hearts of all kinds. I have a beautiful collection of heart rocks …each one holds a special memory….many given to me by people I love. This heart necklace is beautiful.

  48. 263

    Erin in CO says

    The anchor of hope, just like yours… love that one…
    all of them are beautiful…
    thanks for doing the giveaway…

  49. 265

    Elizabeth P says

    I would choose the soccer and basketball charms to represent our children’s sports…I am that “soccer mom” now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. 267


    I’m sorry I cannot pick just one. I fell in love with vintage pearl when we got one of their ne klaces last year at Allume! I wear it all the time and I love it!

  51. 268


    A visit to a real beach is still on our to-do list :) Great giveaway – so many beautiful choices, but I do love the rectangle charm bracelet or the wrap ring.

  52. 269

    Diana says

    It’s hard to pick only a couple. Because ‘you are my sunshine’ is what I sing to my daughter I love both of those necklaces an also the rustic cross.

  53. 274

    Robin in AZ says

    The love connection bracelet is really charming although I could go crazy trying to choose just one cute piece!

  54. 276

    Renee says

    I love the “Bold Love” necklace! I also love reading your blog – you remind me that I don’t have to have it all perfect, I just have to remember the One who is perfect!! Thank you!

  55. 280

    Patricia says

    Oh wow – so hard to choose! I love Vintage Pearl and have been eyeing a necklace with my 3 kids’ initials for years! Possibly dainty layers… Love it all!!

  56. 282

    Judy says

    I went ahead and picked the “gold & silver layers necklace” but I didn’t dare look any more because I would be up all night trying to pick just one. :) Love this jewelry!

  57. 283

    Jen says

    It’s hard to choose one favorite because there are so many lovely things, but one of my favorites is the heart
    for Africa necklace.

  58. 292

    Debi B says

    What a nice give away! So hard to choose – such a wonderful selection, but I really like the gold, leather, pearl charm bracelet .

  59. 293


    Ooooo! I love TVP! I have the Vintage Charms necklace and it’s beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time. I’m already married, but I confess that I wouldn’t mind having the “something blue” necklace. Not for my wedding, but just because it’s lovely in its simplicity.

  60. 296

    Andrea W says

    Just pick one?! I love the carefree bird necklace. Actually mostly because I am constantly reminding myself not to worry, that God is in control.

  61. 297


    ok so I have loved TVP items for a long time….I’ve always dreamed of getting some things for me. While I still love them and I still drool over all of the things I would love to have for myself I saw the “You grew in my heart” necklace. ( I would love nothing more than to give this as a gift to my dear sweet friend. Her and her husband got married the same day as me and my husband. They’ve been trying to have a baby since right soon after and they just brought home their son (adopted). We’ve prayed for this little boy for so long already and he’s grown in all of our hearts. I want to win this for her.

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