Showing Off Some Faith, Hope & Love {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations, Kim Mitchell, you are the winner of this giveaway.

The other day a friend of a friend came over. She was young and heading out of the country to do social work in the sex trafficking arena. We chatted and for a split second I sort of wanted to roll back the clock and live vicariously through her wide-eyed freedom and adventure.

As she started to leave, she said, “I’ve never had a place of my own or had a certain style, but when I do, I want it to look like yours. I think this is my style.”

2013-09-13 01.23.28

Oh, you mean colorful, inspiring hodgepodge? 

“I used to fill my home with stuff. A few years ago, I decided that it had to be meaningful and inspiring to stay,” I said as I pointed out the inspirational art, the pictures of Mercy House girls and babies, the colorful world maps and the missions statement over our fireplace.


When people walk through my door, I pray my home offers them three things:

Faith-A reminder that God can do anything through anyone

Hope-He redeems our past and transforms our future

Love-I  want warm, infectious love for God and others to be felt

2013-09-13 01.22.59When Show Off Arts, my favorite inspirational art store asked if they could send these gorgeous canvases, I approved. This lovely trio are bright and colorful. They look amazing on my wall!2013-09-13 01.22.39Today, I’m giving away this beautiful set of three canvases. To be entered, please visit Show Off Arts and leave a comment here with your favorite piece.This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 1

    Jeannette says

    Beautiful! My favorite are the baby cross canvases! They would be wonderful baby shower gifts! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  2. 5


    I love the Wonderfully Made canvas! (although, admittedly, it’s hard to choose!) I’d love to hang that one in my own bathroom to remind me to stop being so critical of my own perceived faults..and to see myself as made in HIS image. I’m working on that.

  3. 8

    Liza Lee Grace says

    I like the “whatever” canvas. This verse is such a great reality check – and goes through my head quite often.

  4. 9

    Julie says

    My daughter’s favorite verse is the one on the green cross canvas. Love it! I think I’ll buy it for her for Christmas.
    Thanks for the give away!

  5. 13


    Torn! I love the Mugs Canvas- I’ve been looking for something for our “coffee area” but I also love just the basic faith, hope and love- our girls middle names are joy, faith, Amal (hope in Arabic) and grace so I love that type of thing for them!

  6. 14

    Susan says

    I love the three you are giving away!!! However if I had to pick another it would be the children are a gift from The Lord. I tell my kids every night how their Dad and I prayed for them and they are a gift from God and answer to prayer.

  7. 15

    Elizabeth says

    I love Show Off Arts! I didn’t know they made journals, but after visiting the website just now I really like the look of the Heart and Globe journal.

  8. 17

    Lindsay says

    I really love the Faith, Hope, and Love ones you have showing. I also really like the Tree Canvas “Be Strong and Courageous”! I think that friend of yours is spot on about your style….. I really like it too! :)

  9. 19

    Jodi says

    I really like the one you are showing…Faith Hope and Love… but the Cross Canvas is nice too. I think I just found some christmas gifts.

  10. 21

    Amber says

    There are so many that I love, but I’ve had my eye on the Tree canvas for awhile now. Love the message and the colors!

  11. 24

    Melissa says

    I love the tree canvas! It would be a beautiful addition to my kitchen. But really any of the pieces would, they share so much hope and are a constant reminder of our God in whom we stand.

  12. 25

    Mandy S says

    I like the Whatever canvas. A great reminder for the parents and a wonderful thing for the kids to see and read as they are growing up.

  13. 36

    Rebekah says

    Oh my goodness! I actually seen this entire set a little while back and fell in love with them! I even took a picture of all three of them to take home and show my husband (my fiance at the time). I am in love with them all, but my favorite are the Faith and Love one! So beautiful! :)

  14. 37


    I love the Faith, Hope, Love set but I really love the “Bless This Food” Canvas. I would love that in my kitchen. I think I am going to add it to my Christmas list.

  15. 40

    Audra says

    I love “Heart and Globe” and “Faith, Hope, and Love”!! I have “Whatever” sitting on my bookshelf in my office at church. They are all beautiful and make me smile and remember how much God loves me!!

  16. 42

    Deborah Raley says

    I love the trio you have selected but also love the Tree Canvas. Great coloring and one of my favorite verses. Thanks for sharing this link with us!

  17. 43


    I love all of these but I know my daughter would love the heart and globe canvas as she is in school studying to go on the mission field. She has such a heart to see the world changed by Jesus and I am so proud of her!

  18. 45

    Tricia Reynolds says

    Oh, how I LOVE this set!! Thank you so much for sharing this store with us…what wonderful items! I also love the Tree Canvas and the Love Is Canvas.

  19. 48

    Shannon says

    I love the ones you are giving away! I have a place above the cut-out between my kitchen and living room that needs something. These canvases side by side would be perfect! (If they had Micah 6:8 on a canvas, THAT would be my favorite. :) )

  20. 55

    Tiffany says

    I love the Heart and Globe canvas! I like to put things around our home that are mementos from our missions trips…to remember and to pray!

  21. 57

    Celia says

    The Journals – by far!! I have a journal in each room of my house so when I feel inspired I don’t have to search for my journal. My plan is for my kids/family/friends to find and read my journals to get another glimpse of the person I am or inspire to be – even imperfections and all! The Tree Journal is special to my heart.

  22. 58

    Carol D says

    Just one??? I love the simplicity of the cross canvas, but also REALLY like the Corrie Ten Boom canvas. It NEEDS to abide in my craft room :)

  23. 60

    Deb says

    My favorite piece is one that I bought from them earlier this year……..The row of vases canvas. I gave it to my daughter and she loves it!

  24. 62

    Jeni Shold says

    I love the one “for this child I prayed” as my boy, who I prayed and asked God for now turns 22 and loves Jesus with all his heart. Shows me Gods loving faithfulness. But they are all amazing!

  25. 64

    Valerie says

    What a beautiful set to give away! I also like the supper grace one – it’s a bit quirky and perfect for our dining room. I really like the babies’ crosses and the “for this child” canvases, but wish she hadn’t done just pink and blue.

  26. 65

    Cindy says

    I really liked the variety in what they offered. I especially liked the Blue Bird canvas, the Corrie ten Boom plaque or canvas & the Tree plaque or canvas. Neat stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. 66

    Elecia Morgan says

    There’s so many wonderful pieces! My oldest daughter would love the fruit of the spirit canvas. I adore the mugs canvas. I drink coffee all day and can use that time to remember to be still and know He is on the throne. Honestly I’d purchase the faith, hope, love wall art because that’s my decorating theme in my own room.

  28. 67


    I love the three you have! They all remind me of what I am striving for in my family and with the children who come into our home as foster children.

    Faith – Sometimes it is all we have to hold onto
    Hope – There is nothing greater than the hope of better things to come through our Lord
    Love – Love of family, love of God


  29. 72

    Anne Brooks says

    Love! The Tree Canvas. Joshua 1:9 has always been one of my favorite verses… a verse that speak over my daughter a reminder that we can be strong and courageous in the Lord :)

  30. 73

    Pamela Torrick says

    Wow – love their art! Love the 3 piece canvas with faith, hope, love! But, I do love also the ones that are pink and blue that say “For this child I have prayed.” My husband and I tried for several years to become pregnant when we decided to adopt. We looked at several avenues, but ultimately decided on doing foster care and adopting through it. We now have a beautiful son and daughter. So many prayers for these kids!!

  31. 74

    Diane says

    Love the Corrie Ten Boom Floral canvas. A great reminder that God has a purpose for every person we meet in our lives. All of their work is beautiful!

  32. 77

    Jenny says

    I’d actually purchase the faith, hope, and love canvas. But if I had to choose one it would be faith. I like that it has the cross behind it.

  33. 80

    Debbie says

    I like them ALL :-)
    but I think my favorites were the coffee canvas and the tree canvas
    and of course love the faith, hope, love set as well :-)
    thank you for the chance to win

  34. 84

    Tonia says

    I love the faith,hope, love one in the give away. That is the theme of the decor of my living room. But honestly I really liked all the stuff on the website. I think I will be doing some Christmas shopping from there this year.

  35. 89

    Monica K says

    I ADORE the faith, hope, love and the tree canvas!!! I need to be reminded of these on occasion. We have repainted our fireplace room and these would look phenomenal above the fireplace!

  36. 95

    Karen says

    I love these! It was way to hard to pick one on the website but I think I will choose the crown-child of the king one. Beautiful!

  37. 98

    Anne says

    I agree! I want my place to look like yours! Love these canvases. It was tough, tough, TOUGH trying to pick a favorite because they are all so meaningful! Love the “give-away” Faith, Hope, Love, but also love Corrie tenBoom’s & the Tree Canvas. But the best: Heart & globe—says it all!!!

  38. 99

    Tammy says

    Ok, I have to say I really love most of them!! I have three favorites, other than the set you are giving away, The Daisy Canvas, The Tree Canvas and the I am Loved Canvas. Seriously, could not decide between the three. :)

  39. 102

    Monika says

    The John 3:16 candle and the cross plaque :) We are studying God’s love for the world and my girls just memorized this quote. One day my husband saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car in traffic and said, Hey~John 3:16~I wonder what that one is? And immediately coming in unison from the back of the van I hear…..”For God loved the world so much He gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. ” Made tHIs mommy’s heart sing!!

  40. 104

    Lesley says

    I went to the site and although I like many of them, my favoite is “For this child I have prayed”. I have one grandson and another grandbaby on the way! :o) I know that prayer matters for all generations.

  41. 106

    Diane Zimmerman says

    How could I choose just one as my favorite? I love the mug canvas with my favorite verse, “be still and know that I am God” and also the Tree canvas with the reminder to “be strong and courageous”

  42. 114

    Jenny Martin says

    These are so awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this site–I love everything!

    I would love to get Whatever Plaque for my daughter!

  43. 115


    I also have a friend of a friend (cousin of my sister-in-law, actually) who is young and wide eyed and just left the country to work in the sex trafficking arena. We live in the same state, so I wonder if we’re talking about the same person! :)

    I love the Clip Ons! Would be so perfect for kids’ packbacks, etc. I may need some!

  44. 116

    Heather says

    That is EXACTLY what I need to do. Go through my house and simplify for the warm loving feel that I am hoping our house portrays. All who enter are welcomed and loved! Thanks for the giveaway. I really like the canvases that you are giving away the best, though I could use the notecards too!

  45. 117

    Emily E says

    I want one of everything!!! I think I like the Bless This Food canvas best. I may have to have to convince hubby we need it for the dining room.

  46. 123


    I have to say I am a sucker for anything with Faith, Hope, Love on it! I have bookmarked their website, there is a few gifts on there I would like to get for others. The Green Cross Canvas is beautiful….

  47. 124

    Kit says

    oh wow, those colors! I love it all. The colors of these are a perfect fit for my house which is all done up in the bold fall colors that I love. I like the Corrie Ten Boom piece with the flowers too. how fun!

  48. 127

    Nichole says

    Since I am a lover of trees…. I love the tree plaque with one of my favorite verses on it. Joshua 1:9. But, I really love all their stuff, it’s very “happy”. Thanks!

  49. 128


    I pinned the large Heart and Globe canvas to my Wishlist board (best idea I ever had- I created a board that I can pin things I like with all the ordering information that my husband can browse, he loves that he can surprise me with something I really like)

  50. 130

    Heather says

    I love them all. What a fantastic find, I look forward to ordering from them now:)
    If I have to choose I like the Heart and Globe canvas!

  51. 133

    Jeanette says

    I like the Wonderfully Made canvas. It would be perfect in my daughter’s room, with a great message for her to see every day. :)

  52. 136

    Michele Z says

    I have two favs-Every little girl should have the I Am Loved canvas. =) and the 2nd fav is Bless this Food-We use to say this prayer when I was a kid. Brings back warm and fuzzy memories.

  53. 137

    Valerie Beck says

    My favorite is the Canvas that says “Bless this food, Let’s Eat”! And I love your book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There. ♥

  54. 139

    kate s says

    i love the Corrie ten Boom canvas… her writing has inspired me since i read her books when i was 14. such profound words!!

  55. 146

    Jennifer says

    I love the 3 you show but also the sun canvas since my 10 year old and I repeat it all the time and Corrie Ten Boom as I just handed over my copy of Hiding Place to my 13 year old.

  56. 149

    Allison says

    I like the “for this child I have prayed” pieces. True for every child and especially meaningful to those who struggled through difficulties to have children.

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