Showing Off Some Faith, Hope & Love {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations, Kim Mitchell, you are the winner of this giveaway.

The other day a friend of a friend came over. She was young and heading out of the country to do social work in the sex trafficking arena. We chatted and for a split second I sort of wanted to roll back the clock and live vicariously through her wide-eyed freedom and adventure.

As she started to leave, she said, “I’ve never had a place of my own or had a certain style, but when I do, I want it to look like yours. I think this is my style.”

2013-09-13 01.23.28

Oh, you mean colorful, inspiring hodgepodge? 

“I used to fill my home with stuff. A few years ago, I decided that it had to be meaningful and inspiring to stay,” I said as I pointed out the inspirational art, the pictures of Mercy House girls and babies, the colorful world maps and the missions statement over our fireplace.


When people walk through my door, I pray my home offers them three things:

Faith-A reminder that God can do anything through anyone

Hope-He redeems our past and transforms our future

Love-I  want warm, infectious love for God and others to be felt

2013-09-13 01.22.59When Show Off Arts, my favorite inspirational art store asked if they could send these gorgeous canvases, I approved. This lovely trio are bright and colorful. They look amazing on my wall!2013-09-13 01.22.39Today, I’m giving away this beautiful set of three canvases. To be entered, please visit Show Off Arts and leave a comment here with your favorite piece.This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 151

    Wendi says

    Love your post today, Kristen, your home is beautiful. What an inspiration to that lovely, young lady. Show Off Arts has so much beauty on their site, I have loved their art for several years now. It is hard to pick my favorite; the Faith Hope Love prints, the Tree Canvas, For This Child I Prayed, The Heart and Globe Canvas……. Such beauty and truth.

  2. 155

    Stephanie says

    I love the verse Phil 4:13 and add the Flowers to it….I LOVE IT!!! So My Favorite is the Brown Flowers Plaque!! Very Cute stuff on the Website.

  3. 158

    kelly says

    MAN!!! i love it ALL!!!!!!! but i like the faith, hope & love the best…..i LOVE the colors..they are so vibrant, and their meaning is perfect

  4. 161

    Marla says

    What beautiful, uplifting gifts! I love the Faith, Hope and Love canvases the most! I wish I had known about this web-site last year. I searched for gifts using the words “for this child I have prayed” for a special mom to be. I finally found a plaque but this would have been cuter! Thanks so much!

  5. 165


    I would have to vote for the tree canvas. They are all gorgeous though! I love the colorful, ethnic vibe of the canvases. Reminds me of Liberian art :)

  6. 166

    Kimberly P. says

    I like the trio you show above best, but I also really liked the Bless This Food canvas. Loving the whimsical feel of these pieces.

  7. 171

    Jendra says

    Whatever Canvas! I’d put that in the hall right between my kids’ bedrooms – they would see in and out all day long :)

  8. 173

    Anu Varghese says

    I think my favorite pieces from Showoffs Art, simply because of the meaning it has, to my life:
    – The tree canvas
    – Corrie Ten Boom canvas
    – Faith, Hope & Love

  9. 176

    Donna says

    I love the You are Wonderfully Made canvas. This was the verse we used at my daughter’s baby dedication. It would be perfect in her room. I also love the Faith, Hope and Love ones!

  10. 177

    Brittany says

    All of their canvases are lovely, but my personal favorite is the Tree Canvas. I think I’ll have to add that to my list for the next time there is extra money in the budget!

  11. 198

    Lynda says

    I, too, aspire to have a home that is friendly, cozy, a place strangers become friends, and where people just want to hang out. I like the Corrie Ten Boom floral. I already bought one for a niece…and I still love it. Corrie will always be a hero.

  12. 205

    Stacy says

    The canvases are my favorites as a category and my favorite canvas is Hope (even though the greatest of these is Love) 😉

  13. 206

    Katie says

    All beautiful, but I would definitely stick with the faith hope and love set! PS. colorful, inspiring hodgepodge is right up my ally!!!

  14. 208


    Absolutely love these! I also like the “Be Strong” canvas – going to have to get that for my son’s new room! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. 210

    Michelle says

    My favorite is the Blue Bird canvas. I love your intentionality about putting up on your walls that which is inspiring. I couldn’t agree more. I see it at “writing Scriptures on your doorposts and gates” from Deut.

  16. 211

    Brianna Beall says

    I love the Tree & cross note cards. How great to send such a beautiful note to someone special. Thanks for the chance!

  17. 212

    Kristan Wager says

    I love the art, but love even more that they come in note cards so I can share! Faith, hope and live is my favorite.

  18. 213

    Michelle says

    The Daisy plaque. Love the verse and need the reminder that God’s plan is always best. Thank you for introducing me to this shop.

  19. 215

    amber says

    Wow, I had never heard of that site, but I truly love ALL of it! The journals and dog tags are so very cute (3 daughters, lol!) but, I also am a candle fanatic, so I love those too! I have to say, the canvas prints are my absolute favorite. I would love to have some hanging in my home!

  20. 218

    Elizabeth Engelhardt says

    I SO WANT to put the You are Loved Canvas in my daughter’s room!!! Next to that one I LOVE the tree AND the Daisy canvas!!!

  21. 220


    Well thank you for that introduction! I could fill up a few pages with what I like. What beautiful products! I could put the mugs canvas in my kitchen, the you are loved canvas in my daughters’ rooms….but I really like the row of vases canvas, i think that’s my fave.

  22. 221

    Deb says

    I absolutely LOVE the Daisy Canvas. I would put it in my daughter’s room as a reminder for her as she enters her pre-teen years. They can be so hard but God knows the plan HE has for her!!! (and all of us :) )

  23. 230

    Dianna says

    I love the Plaques – especially Faith, Hope, Love, the Daisy plaque and the Fruits of the Spirit. The colors and designs are beautiful!

  24. 231

    Katherine Hawkins says

    I love these faith hope and love canvases, and the For this Child we Prayed canvas. Great post, and thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. 232


    I also love your style!! :) My favorite at Show Off Arts is the Row of Vases Canvas – “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 Beautiful!

  26. 233

    Briana says

    I think it’s a little more artsy than I would pick for myself, but my oldest daughter would LOVE the green cross with Hebrews 11:1 on it. She is big on artsy. :)

  27. 235


    You’re home looks like someplace I would love to hang in – comfortable and inspiring. I am loving on all the color of the “Whatever” canvas and the “Cross”canvas…. thanks!!

  28. 236


    I like the ones you have on your wall. I also love the “Sun Canvas” that has the 3 coffee cups. And I love the Corrie ten Boom quote piece too!

  29. 238

    Laurie Eierman says

    Hard to pick a favorite I love so many but especially these 3 I truly believe you must have all 3 faith hope and love its hard to just have one… I believe you need all to complete you.

  30. 239

    Lynn says

    I also love this trio–have them in my entry way and have a good friend that has them on her wish list. She is a pastor’s wife on a limited salary and I would love to bless them with this gift!

  31. 242

    Rachel says

    Probably my 2 favorites are the Tree Canvas and the Corrie ten Boom canvas (with the flowers). They are all very fun and inspiring – hope I win!

  32. 255

    Erin says

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! What beautiful products they have! My favorites are the Tree Canvas, Faith, Hope, and Love, and the Corrie Ten Boom canvas.

  33. 257

    Kristi says

    I love, love, love the 3 here… Faith,Hope, & Love . very inspirational for what I’m going through right now. I adore the website too… hard to pick just one… but the baby boy cross canvas is one of my favorites. can’t wait to look around some more… on BOTH of these wonderful websites! Thanks for being an inspiration! :)

  34. 259

    Heather says

    I agree with all of the posts. I have never seen this site and I am now thinking about wedding gifts and baby gifts for friends.

    My favorite is “I am loved.” I would love to have this in my girl’s room. I love the 3 canvases of faith, hope and love because we, as a family and each of us as individuals, need these 3 to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  35. 261

    Jennie says

    So hard to pick one, I love them all! The dog tags are cute and journals I love writing in. I guess my favorite would be Tree Canvas.

    • 262.1

      Kelly says

      Well I LOVE the three you have together, it looks great but I also like the tree canvas.
      The clip ons caught my eye too – wouldnt thy be great to put on your child’s backpack to send them off to
      school with a reminder of their mom’s an God’s love? Too cute!

  36. 263

    Cindy says

    What a great give-away Kristen, thank you. I love the Faith, Hope and Love trio. There are journals and the Peace canvas that I may have to get my granddaughter for Christmas.

  37. 266

    Diana says

    This is an awesome giveaway! It would be hard to pick one. I thought the Daisy & I Am Loved canvases would look adorable in my daughter’s room.
    Thank you!

  38. 267


    I really liked the faith, hope, and love canvases… but when I saw the “Joshua 1:9″ tree canvas, I choked up. My husband and I are about to take a giant leap of faith and move somewhere we don’t know anyone or anything for ministry so that verse is really dear to me right now.

  39. 268

    Claudia says

    I love the Joshua 1:9 tree. With 4 kids, I think it would be a great reminder as we walk out the door to stay strong (as parents and as children) and to trust that God is with us. Thanks for all you are doing!

  40. 271


    I won a set of the canvases in a giveaway on this site a few years ago. I hung them right by my kitchen and directly in front of where you enter the house from the garage. I hung them there so I am constantly reminded every time I leave the house or walk by them to go to the laundry room. I want my house to be filled with faith, hope, and love and seeing the canvases reminds me to work that much harder to make sure it is. The canvases are seriously gorgeous and I get so many compliments on them.

    *This is not a giveaway comment. I just want to share how much I love the canvases.*

  41. 275

    Cinnamon Guignard says

    Thank you for such a gracious offer to giveaway such a BEAUTIFUL heart-warming gift!
    My favorite canvas is the “WHATEVER IS..” because I have a problem with depression, scars left from physical abuse in our marriage, and now must move out with our 4 children. I love the set of three canvas – Faith, Hope & Love. I need these reminders to put the pieces back together. The canvases are a perfect trio in symbols and colors for the living room when you don’t want to overpower visitors with Christian stuff but yet it expresses oneself at the same time. PERFECT!

  42. 276

    Jennifer says

    LOVE the Child of the King print :) This would be a great reminder for anyone to see each day as they woke up :) Thanks for always sharing such neat “stuff!”

  43. 277

    kelly says

    I love the set of 3 canvas – Faith, Hope & Love. the colors are so vibrant and the meanings are special to me and my family

  44. 280


    The heart and globe canvas are a favorite of mine! I’d love to have it my room one-day :) Like you one-day I hope to have a house filled with hopeful momentos and reminders of all the good that can be done with so very little.

  45. 282

    Kristin says

    We also try and have our home be welcoming and show Christ in our decor! I love the signs you have in your home and know exactly where I would put them. All the stuff is great.

  46. 283

    Heather E. says

    I have ALWAYS loved the tree canvas and would love it in large size for our school room/office. I love the colors and it would look so good on my chocolate walls. P.S. I love your style also and have decided to not put anything up in my home unless it has a positive and God centered meaning. Thanks for sharing!

  47. 284

    Jessica C. says

    My FAV is the Whatever Canvas, it’s my favorite verse and I actually wondered if I could make something similar to this awhile back, but I just don’t have the time these days and I am nowhere near talented enough to pull it off! 😉

  48. 285

    Beth says

    I’ve been wanting these for a while, so they’re truly my favorite!! My second favorite is the Tree Canvas! Thank you!

  49. 286

    Beth says

    Oh boy! I love them all, but the Heart and Globe and the one that says Be Strong are my favorites. I may have to redecorate a little!

  50. 295

    Angela E. says

    They are all so beautiful! I especially love the “Children are a gift from the Lord” canvas because we are having our first baby in a couple months! Its a great reminder of the blessing that is about to come into our lives…and hopefully we can remember that it truly is a blessing even when we’re awake all hours of the night 😉

  51. 300

    Robin C says

    Umm… You want me to tell you my *favorite*? That is hard. Or was, until I went back to double check my “mugs canvas” selection. Then I saw there was a “next” button, and almost cried (really inexplicably) at the pink bird one. I’m not really sure exactly how or why it almost made me cry, but with that reaction, I’m absolutely picking “Pink Bird Canvas.” :)

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