WFMW: Freezer Meals?


We are a low carb, high protein dinner-kind-of-family with my husband’s diabetes and for general health reasons. In other words, we tried Paleo and lasted for two weeks. Momma needs a carb every once in awhile.

We’ve really enjoyed e-meals, but I’m contemplating once a month freezer cooking because gah on grocery shopping every week. I love the idea of spending a day prepping meals for an entire month.

I stumbled upon Once a Month Mom and love herΒ 101 summer freezer meal ideas.

I’m turning the tables on you this month and asking for tips:Β Have any of y’all tried it?

Please share pros and cons in the comments.

I hope it works for me!



  1. 1


    I’ve considered it, but have never gotten it together. I’m slowly trying to portion things and semi-prepare for meals to make it a bit easier, though. I’ve done some big meat-buying trips and portioned things out and done a marinade – now I’m working on doing some sides I can add to the freezer so I’ll have the components of a meal. Maybe someday I’ll get it together enough to prep full meals!

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. 3


    I like the idea of freezer meals, but by the time I find recipes that sound good and don’t have onions or mushrooms and scale them up to feed a family of six, I just don’t have the enthusiasm anymore.

  3. 4


    I’m not to the point where I’m ready to do once a month freezer cooking, but I did try out a full month of menu planning in August and LOVED IT! It was much easier than I thought it would be, plus I went ahead and made my grocery list for each meal so I had it ready to go when it was time to head to the store. It seriously made the whole month go much smoother and is definitely something I will stick with. I do buy a lot of meats on sale so meals are easy to just fill in with sides, plus I have a 1 yr old, so I’m still at the point where going to the grocery store is something to get us out of the house on a hot day, so mama’s not ready to give up that weekly trip yet! :)

  4. 5


    I love having meals in the freezer! A couple weeks ago I took a Saturday and made 24 meals for my family of 6! It has been great having dinner already prepped on our busy weeknights and less mess in the kitchen as a result. But, I was not a fun person to be around that Saturday I made 20 meals — talk about a lot of work! I was worn out and grouchy and so tired of handling raw meat by the end of it but I think the benefit the rest of the month was worth it.

  5. 6

    Bethany Ivey says

    I do freezer meals, but not a whole month. I will cook a huge crockpot full of spaghetti sauce without the meat. I portion some out for chicken parmesan (which for us is baked chicken with sauce and mozzarella cheese – nothing fancy!) or to put over cheap tortellini or ravioli. I then add the meat to the remaining sauce. I divide that for spaghetti dinner that night and freeze the other portion for another spaghetti night or to make lasagna. Poppyseed chicken is a favorite at our house, so I make a double batch and freeze the extra. I also always cook and shred extra chicken when I do this. Freeze the shredded chicken for pot pie, tacos, etc. I also always make a double (or triple) batch of soups. We eat it for dinner and I freeze the rest. I try to meal plan every 15 days, which coincides with payday. If I plan well, I cook 4 nights and either thaw or throw together meals using what frozen 6 nights. The other 5 nights are corn dogs thrown at my kids in the backseat on the way to activities, easy prep meals, or Friday night pizza.

  6. 8


    Once-A-Month-Cooking? I had no idea that anyone did that any more. I’m going to date myself here, and tell you that “back in the ’90s” I was a homeschooling, denim jumper wearing, once-a-month-cooking pro. :) Oh.My.Yes.

    Yes. As the mother of a dozen children, I have done a LOT of freezer meals over the years. My husband gets paid once a month, so I find that making a monthly menu is very helpful for the budget. However, while I have done full freezer meals many times, I found that I prefer to do monthly prep work, but put the meals together every afternoon.

    When I come hope with 20-30 pounds of ground beef, we will cook it right up and freeze it in quart size zip-loc bags. When I snag 30 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale, I usually cut and boil most of it . . . and then crockpot cook and shred the rest of it, freezing it all in quart size bags, as well. It is so much easier to defrost a bag of already cooked meat, rather than to defrost a package of meat and cook it daily.

    You can also cut and freeze veggies: onions, peppers, etc . . .

    I hope you will give it a try, and let us know how it works for you.

    mama of 12

  7. 9

    melissa says

    Sometimes I wish I had freezer space to do once-a-month, or even once-a-week cooking. But I do love making my list for the week on Sunday nights. My little European fridge and freezer just can’t store everything!

  8. 10

    Kristin says

    I don’t do freezer cooking in the traditional sense, and usually don’t plan by the month. I just look at recipes my family loves and see how I can cut corners. I buy meat in bulk and brown the ground beef before freezing or make meatloaf or hamburger patties for the freezer. I marinate chicken and cook and cube some before freezing. I never make less then double a recipe that freezes well; most of the time I make four. I figure if I’m making the mess I’ll just make it once. Don’t know how I would survive three different sports at two different schools and a fifty hour work week without the advance prep. I only shop once a month for pantry staples and meat , and then I make a very quick trip each week for produce and dairy.

  9. 13


    Well, my cons won’t apply to you because most relate to living overseas and the difficulty of shopping in bulk… We invested in a deep freeze last fall and I LOVE freezer cooking. Haven’t tried once a month yet because it’s logistically challenging here but I love having stuff in the freezer that I can quickly access. I linked my blog post (#166) where I put some favorite sites I’ve found and some things that have worked for me. My girls are 14, 12, 7 and 2 so this has really simplified my cooking life and the 2 that love to help in the kitchen, love the days that I designate cooking days….

  10. 15

    Beth says

    I haven’t tried Paleo but I am currently doing Trim, Healthy Mama which would be a great fit for your husband’s diabetes. It teaches me how to choose healthy carbs, and what foods to pair them with to keep a low glycemic index. I’ve lost a good bit of weight and I am getting healthier. I wish I did freezer cooking. When I have tried it there are too many things that didn’t quite turn out right for me. I wish you great success! I think we’ll sit down and plan a menu as a family. At least that’s my plan for tonight’s supper time.

  11. 17


    I can say that, without doubt, freezer meals are the only reason I’ve stayed sane the last seven weeks with a new baby.

    I certainly agree with the above poster who said she can only do freezer cooking in small doses. Doing all that in one day is a JOB!. I tend to like making half a dozen batches of one dish, or sometimes two, once or twice a week until I have enough to last a while.

    Thanks for hosting the linky!

  12. 18

    Jenny says

    Every couple months, 2 of my girlfriends come over with all of their children (we have 10 between us) and we have a huge cook day. We typically spend about $50-75 each and end up with 10-15 meals each – mostly organic/whole food. Totally worth it! Fun to spend the time with the girls (and the babies) and walk away with a stash of meals.

  13. 19

    Andrea says

    I have done freezer meals for a couple of weeks at a time. I like the cookbook “Don’t Panic, Dinner is in the Freezer”.

  14. 20


    Freezer cooking makes busy days so much easier. I’ve done the marathon freezer sessions, getting it all done in one day. However, I prefer to break it up over a few days. The all in one day approach is exhausting. I often don’t prepare full meals ahead, just part of the meal. For example, I’ll cook up and freeze 3 lbs. of Cajun Chicken Strips. I keep them in a gallon freezer bag and pull out what we need for meals. Or I’ll brown up several pounds of ground beef or turkey at once and divide it into 1 lb. portions and freeze. I like to make and freeze muffins and waffles for a quick on the go breakfast. Think about the foods your family enjoys and how you could make it easier to prepare them by cooking ahead. That will be a great place to get started.

  15. 21

    Theresa says

    I first learned about freezer cooking when our oldest was a baby and she is 17 and we have had 3 more kids since then! Freezer cooking is a huge time and cost saver and there are now SO many books and blogs and methods (monk sessions,OAM,single protein, doubling portions, etc). Whatever works for your schedule and budget and freezer space, try it- it is so nice to have food prepped and or ready. Two things you will almost always find in our freezer are turkey meatballs and marinara sauce (ok, chocolate chip cookie dough balls might be a third item looking at you as well). The only downside ever was Hurricane Ike – I had just filled our freezers 2 weeks prior to the hurricane causing us to evacuate and our power went out while we were gone. That loss was nothing compared to what others experienced though so we were blessed in other ways. I learned not to do major freezer cooking in peak hurricane season in Houston again πŸ˜‰

  16. 22

    Heather M says

    I did the same thing Teresa! Full freezer when Ike hit. Although, we were home. My sister had power when no one else did, so my husband and kids (and my parents) lived there for a week. We piled all of our freezer meals into coolers and the whole family (6 adults and 4 kids) ate well that week. So it actually was a blessing for us.

    I’ve been freezer cooking on and off with friends for 12 years. I love it! It’s a huge money and time saver. I just did my own personal cooking day (no friends). And I will say this, the up side is that I got to cook in my own kitchen and pick all the meals. The down side is that my friend Mona always did the math, and it’s way more fun with friends. Also, there was no one to take turns with washing dishes.

    For me, the biggest positive is that I can pull something out of the freezer Monday night, and even if I just cook that, I’m good. With after school activities playing a big role in our house now, it makes evenings so much easier. Oh, and I made breakfast and desserts too! :) I started with 30 Day Gourmet, so I’m kinda loyal…but OAMM is great too!

  17. 23


    I love the idea of freezer meals, and have a Freezer Meal Day several times a year with three of my four daughters who live nearby. We love it! I don’t think that I have ever tried a Once-a-Month-Cooking approach, as I also like to prepare meals as we go along, too. But it would be a great thing to try out! I like to always have freezer meals on hand for those days that I don’t have time to prepare a meal. The way I approach it now is to have the Freezer Meal Days with my daughters (preferably one each season), and then fill in with mini-freezer-meal-days in between. I also often double a recipe, and add to my collection of meals in the freezer, as well. Am always looking for more freezer meal recipes, so thanks for reminding me of the OAMM.

  18. 24

    Mary Ann says

    Once a month cooking is too much for me. Instead I prefer to make large batches of things, such as mashed potatoes, or double and triple recipes, such as two pans of lasagna, of things that freeze well, and then incorporate those into our meal plans.

  19. 25

    Natasha says

    I think it’s worth to experiment a little bit in the beginning. This way you will decide which meals taste great after being defrosted and which ones taste blah. Personally I like to freeze raw components of a meal rather than whole cooked meal.

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