Your Grace Finds Me {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  Juli V., Amy B., and Teresa G. have been selected as the winners of this giveaway.

It was there in the 10th grade when I stood up for what was right.

It was there on the day when I had my first heartbreak in college.

It was there the day my best friend became my husband.

It was there when I spent years longing to become a mother.

It was there when I didn’t know what to do with a crying baby.

It was there when I was a lonely mom and a broken wife.

It was there when I dreamed a God-sized dream.

It was there through life and death, victory and pain: grace

Your grace finds me every step of the way.

I absolutely love Matt Redman’s new album: Your Grace Finds Me. It’s an anthem for me. God has been with me when others weren’t. His grace has been a faithful presence even when I haven’t been.

Matt Redman

His song Mercy is also a personal favorite on the new album. Listening to this beautiful worship CD is like a vehicle–It will drive you into the presence of God.

Today, I’m happy to give away 3 copies of the new album Your Grace Finds Me, which releases today.



Click to read an update on the (in)Mercy Project and meet the faces behind Mercy House.


  1. 13

    Kristi says

    I have been waiting for Your Grace Finds Me to release. It plays on the radio all the time and I love it!! Would love the whole CD

  2. 14

    Lindsay says

    Looking into the faces of the young girls at Mercy House, you can see a bit of God in them. I can not really put it into words. They are so beautiful and a wonderful illustration of Grace. Thank you for the update on them and the giveaway too!

  3. 15

    Jenni says

    I haven’t heard the whole CD, but I love what I’ve heard. My 8 year old daughter is a huge Matt Redmond fan…I know she’d love the CD!

  4. 16


    Grace is one of the words that I mutter under ny breath throughout the course of my day. Giving grace to my children, my husband and myself and also receiving the most amazing grace from God- such a blessing.

  5. 18

    ciara says

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  6. 20

    Melissa says

    I would LOVE to have this album. Music is a splurge for me and I don’t often purchase albums/mp3’s – but this one is at the top of my wish list!!!

  7. 36

    Penny says

    Your Grace Finds Me is a beautiful song. I’m listening to Matt on the KLOVE morning show as we speak. I love his accent! We absolutely love Christian music in our house. We each have our favorite artists. Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  8. 38

    Sherrie says

    Love Matt Redman – was so fun to hear him on KLove this morning. I haven’t heard all the songs yet, but I pretty much love all of his music!

  9. 58


    Sounds like an amazing album.
    I remember the first moment I “got” grace. I was in a hallway of my church as a highschooler, and I hadn’t known what it meant before this sudden realization. Beautiful moment

  10. 63

    kelly says

    I need Grace…i think we all do…because we are human…we stumble…we make MISTAKES…God always forgives, and is with us always…I WOULD LOVE TO WIN…Matt Redman is an AWESOME artist…its one of the few things myself and my daughters DO AGREE ON!!

  11. 78


    Love Matt Redman. Grace is something I am only beginning to truly understand, and I have been saved for almost 25 years. It is so precious, so amazing, so overwhelming. Greater than all my sin, and so essential as we strive to become Christ-like.

  12. 92

    Deb says

    Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons” was the grace that helped me exactly 1 year ago when my mother had a stroke. As she was dying this song reminded me, over and over, that there 10,000 reasons and many more to praise our Heavenly Father! Matt Redman is one of my favorite artists.

  13. 95

    michelle recicar says

    I’m touched by your generosity…you are a great sharer…from new albums to Godly encouragement! Thanks!

  14. 109

    Heather says

    I absolutely love Matt Redman. Him and Chris Tomlin are my favorites. Their music has changed my life for the better.

  15. 111

    Asha says

    We could use a little bit of inspiration in our house. We are in the middle of moving and with all the boxes stacking up and a 2 year-old clinging to my knee. I definitely need grace to find me.

  16. 112

    Amy B says

    I was just humming “Your Grace Finds Me” to myself when I checked my e-mail and saw your blog post pop up in there. Wow! This would be an awesome CD

  17. 116

    Bonnie Whittington says

    God’s grace is so amazing! I love listening to worship music and praising God with song. It lifts me up.

  18. 123

    Judy says

    God’s grace is truly amazing and the older I get the more I realize what an incredible gift it is. The first time that you so desperately need it, ask for it, and God graciously gives it to you is a moment you never forget and never take it for granted again.

  19. 124

    Abby says

    God’s grace is soo awesome and it’s wonderful that we have the blessing to have these talented musicians to sing about it!

  20. 131


    My son (age 4.5) was looking through the songs on my ipod we were listening to in the kitchen and informed me we needed some new songs :) so your giveaway is quite timely. Love sharing quality worship music with my little boy!

  21. 137

    Cheri says

    My daughter could really use some of God’s grace at this very moment. Life is such a struggle for her my heart breaks as I pray for God to give her the grace she needs so much. She loves music and this sounds wonderful!

  22. 145


    I love this song and imagine I’d love the entire CD as well! Daily I find myself in greater need of grace, maybe especially at bedtime, which I sort of just survived, or at least we’re all still alive, if not asleep.

  23. 147

    Tracy Carr says

    Just spent an hour trying to console my crying baby and tried to let him cry it out for a good portion of that…so needed these lyrics now! Thanks!

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