100 Epic Mom Moments

I saw a mom struggling the other day to get all three of her kids buckled in their carseats in the backseat. I remembered just how doing that simple task some days was enough to PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE and I wanted to roll down my window and cheer her on. “One day, mom, they will be able to do that themselves!”

I started thinking about all the big mom moments we experience in this wild-crazy-wonderful journey called motherhood.

100 epic mom moments

Here are 100 epic mom moments most of us have celebrated with a kid or two or four (or will someday) and have successfully resisted the urge to post them all on Facebook. Hopefully.

1. That first time you see your baby outside your body (or their face on a screen adoption moms).

2. The first time they latch on without you plumping up the boppy pillow or cocking your head just right.

3. When they hold the bottle all by themselves.

4. First time they sleep thru the night. I can still remember THE JOY.

5. A dry diaper.

6. Pee pee in the potty.

7. Only to be surpassed by Poo Poo in the potty.

8. First tooth, solid food, word, vaccination, step.

9. First time they poop in the bathtub.

10. That epic moment when they say your name.

11. And then when they won’t stop saying it. Over and Over.

12. First time you leave them.

13. First time they are sick.

14. The first time you tell them no

15. Only to be surpassed by the first time they tell you no.

16. When they say I love you.

17. The first time they break free and run to you.

18. Gets beaten by the time they run from you in a parking lot.

19. First hair cut, pigtails, spike hair do.

20. Their first visit to the emergency room.

21. First hotel room when they will not sleep the entire night.

22. First time you ask them out on a Mommy date.

23. First day of school.

24. First bad word.

25. Wiggly tooth.

26. Lost tooth.

27. Your first time as Tooth Fairy or Santa.

28. The first time they lie to you.

29. First time they pray by themselves.

30. The first time you lie to them (see Tooth Fairy, Santa, etc).

31. The first time they write you a note and slip it under your door.

32. First test.

33. First bad grade or best grade in the class.

34. First time they choose their friends over you.

35. When you embarrass them on accident.

36. First time you embarrass them on purpose.

37. That first mean girl or boy in their life.

38. The first time you can’t fix what hurts.

39. The first time they cry themselves to sleep.

40. The first time you cry yourself to sleep worrying, praying over them.

41. When they say I hate you.

42. First time they score a goal, hit a home run, make you cheer like a raving fool from the stands.

43. First time you offer them grace when you both know they don’t deserve it.

44. That time they slam their bedroom door.

45. The first time you think about taking their door off the hinges.

46. First time you notice them noticing the opposite sex.

47. The first time you notice their voice, body, skin is changing.

48. First underarm hair (it’s going to happen).

49. First time they choose the right thing when you’re not around.

50. You tell them about sex (don’t let it be your last).

51. The first time they look at you and Dad and realize that’s how they got here.

52. First time you make them do their own laundry.

53. And then they wear pink socks.

54. First time they mow the lawn.

55. Cook dinner all by themselves.

56. Save enough money to buy something they really want.

57. Stand up for the underdog.

58. First time they ask you out on a date because they just want to be with you.

59. The first time your choice for them makes them feel left out.

60. Only to be surpassed by when they choose to be different on their own.

61. First time someone asks “them out.”

62. First time they tell the 6th grade girl they are too young and you realize you’re doing something right.

63. But it’s also the first time they realize they have got it going on.

64. First day of being a teenager.

65. That First phone, social media account.

66. When they drive you for the first time.

67. When they drive off for the first time.

68. That first time they call you for money.

69. First crush.

70. First time you leave them alone at home.

71. First time they ask if Daddy was your first kiss.

72. The first time you tell them your regrets.

73. The first time they want to get a job.

74. That moment when they respect you.

75. Only to be surpassed by the moment they disrespect you.

76. First time you apologize, cry and pray with them and ask God to help you mother.

77. That moment they reach out to God for help without you pushing them to do so.

78. First Date.

79. The first time you wish they were little again.

80. The first time they decide they will never go on another date.

81. First time your husband threatens a boy (just kidding).

82. That first college catalog.

83. First day of their first summer job.

84. First day of their Senior Year.

85. Cap & gown.

86. First heartbreak.

87. When you walk away from their dorm room for the first time and cry all the way home (dreading).

88. First time you understand why it was so hard on your mom.

89. First time they need you and you can’t be there.

90. First time you need them and they can’t be there.

91. First family dinner with an empty chair.

92. The first time they have to get a job.

93. The first time they bounce a check

94. That moment when they call to say they’ve “met someone.”

95. When you meet their someone and you KNOW.

96. When they graduate. Again.

97. The day you realize you raised a successful adult.

98. Their wedding day.

99. First time they look you in the eye and thank you for being their mother.

100. The first time you realize you will be their mom and celebrate every high and low as long as you both live.


I know there are countless more. What did I miss that was epic for you? 


  1. 2


    #91 made me ugly cry. Today was the first time I’ve THOUGHT of my oldest not being with the rest of us for dinner. Already hate the thought of not reminding her to EAT and NOT TALK.

  2. 4

    Lisa Wheeler says

    Wow – this list made me think back on all of our firsts in my daughter’s 11 years and my son’s eight years…..sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you! Makes me realize how many first we’ve already had and how many more we have to look forward to!!

  3. 5

    Tricia says

    You can take it one step further and that first time they call you and tell you that you will be a grandparent. I’m not there yet, but I remember telling my parents.

    Also, the first time they tell you they are going to run away and don’t get much further than a few doors down the street.

    Or the first time they yell at you and tell you they hate you… that probably goes along with the slamming door thing.

    The first time they play their instrument and the pets run for cover.

  4. 6

    Sharon says

    #89 was when the tears came. She was at college – a 9 hour drive away – and was in a car accident and transported to the ER. And I couldn’t get there…..

  5. 7

    Brittany says

    First time they can bundle themselves up to go play in the snow.

    First time they get the flu AND can make it to the toilet in time.

    Those were two times when I thought “Hey, no one told me how awesome THAT is!”

    Great list!

  6. 8


    I got to meet my foster baby’s mom in jail last weekend, and beyond her joy at seeing her baby for the first time in six weeks, a sweet moment to me was when she said sadly, “aww, I missed your first ear infection!” No biggie, I thought, but it was a milestone that meant something to her.

  7. 9

    Deb says

    Way to make me cry! My oldest got married in June after being away at college for a year and I STILL COUNT out five plates about half the time…..SAVOR EVERY MOMENT, even the tough ones, they are fleeting.

  8. 11


    Um wow. Glad I read this BEFORE putting on make up. BIG tears. This mornings has been a rough one with a 1st grader and preschooler who are BOUNCING off the walls. I needed this.

    Thank you.

    Now to dry my tears, put on make up and get them out the door in the next few minutes :)

  9. 16

    Amanda says

    first time you see them on the ultrasound or hear their heartbeat and realize I’m finally going to be a mom!

  10. 17


    LOVE this list! And, yes, loved experiencing most of those things with my now 19yo daughter. However….this list also broke my heart since there are SO many things on this list I will never experience with my 17yo daughter who has moderate cerebral palsy. Just saying…

  11. 18


    This made me cry, but not quite yet for my children but for those with dysfunctional relationships with their mothers where they don’t get these times together

  12. 19


    Sitting here crying by this…brought back memories of so many great times of my, now 19 year old, son as he was growing up. The time watching our children grow goes by way too fast, in the blink of an eye. Now, he’s in the Air Force (has been a little over a year) and just graduated tech school yesterday, and should be home on leave soon. I can’t wait – I haven’t seen him since Christmas. I’m still waiting for #99 :-)

    Also, I’m looking forward to more “epic mom moments” with my 6, 5, and 18 month old…and trying to cherish every moment.

    • 19.1


      And #61 brought up a memory that really made me laugh. My son was in jr. high when a girl asked if he wanted to “go out”…he responded that he would have to ask his mom, lol! (he didn’t realize the meaning, and thought she had meant going to the movies or something, hahaha!) Ah, when they’re still so young and nnocent.

  13. 20

    jan says

    What about the time when they accepted Jesus into their heart! Those moments with my 3 boys will forever be ingrained in my heart – can’t wait of my 4 year old daughter to join the “Family”
    Fantastic list!

  14. 21

    sheila says

    The first time I realized how much my mother loves me because now I know what it’s like to have a mothers love for a child.

  15. 22

    Kim says

    With four daughters (ages 30, 25, 21, 16) & two grand daughters( ages 2 & 9 months), I’ve had the honor of experiencing most of these 100. It’s been an amazing journey!!!

  16. 23


    PERFECT! Thank you so much for this, you hit all of them. I smiled and reminisced about the ones we’ve visited and are currently visiting with our younger ones. I laughed at a lot of them. And I cried at the ones that were hard to get through and the ones that I’m dreading (high school, heart breaks & college)

  17. 25

    Kathryn B says

    Oh, the 90s made me weep… Thank you for this beautiful list.. Our youngest son is in Heaven (we got the joy of raising him for 200 days, he would be 5 now) and JUST This summer with a 15, 11 and 7 year old, I looked around and realized how many of those “firsts” were ALREADY GONE. :: sigh ::

  18. 26

    Jeanine says

    Being the mom of a ballerina, the first time my daughter was able to put her hair in a bun all by herself ranked right up there with being toilet trained:)

  19. 29

    Carol D says

    First time your grandchild cries to stay with you instead of their mom. :)
    And the reverse, first time your child chooses Nana over you…

  20. 31

    S says

    Ack!! Thanks for making me cry about the near future!! 😀

    I think most moms with grown kids would add: First time you hold your child’s child.

    Oh my. I’m so not ready for all this….

  21. 32


    The first time they want to help and are actually helpful. (This happened to me this morning, when my 5 year old put away an entire load of laundry by herself–in the right drawers and everything. Magical!)

  22. 35


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