Growing in Mercy

The funny thing about a house full of babies is they don’t stay babies long.

It’s a universal thing, huh?

Healthy babies grow. And it’s a poignant journey for all mommas across the globe.


It’s a lifetime of firsts. It’s what God created all of us to do–grow up.


Every time I visit Mercy House, it’s the first thing I notice. Chubby thighs, double chins, heavy babies who were bundled the last time I held them and are now peekaboo-playing toddlers running through the house.


I’ve also noticed with each visit, there’s less for me to oversee and advise on, less dependence. It’s more of me watching like a proud parent.  The maternity home is growing and maturing and developing far past anything I could have hoped or dreamed.


It’s a beautiful thing for a mother to witness, these first steps.

When my family said yes, nearly four years ago, to this baby of an idea, we had no idea what God would do. We simply offered our meager offering.  And I am the first to tell you, what I’m witnessing this week is Divine. Watching traumatized girls powerfully healed, holding babies who were botched abortions, watching God make something from nothing–this is holy ground. Listening to the girls worship this morning, brought such deep gratitude and reflection for the countless miracles.

I look at this big baby that’s a growing, changing ministry and I stand back–half excited, half terrified–of what’s coming next, more of the unknown, bigger dreams and scarier yes’.

And I sort of feel like just a little girl. And so, I look up to my Father. My big Daddy in Heaven who says, “I’m going to keep growing you, too, daughter. Hold my hand. I’ll lead you.”





And He says it to each of us. You sitting there with a babe growing in your body or a grand baby growing in your grown baby. . .We all keep growing. Keep giving all you’ve got to those children in your life, those without, those who don’t have what you do.

It’s the best way to live Thanksgiving.

It’s the best way to grow.

give thanks

We keep adding to our family here in Kenya. It’s growing in size and grace and we want you to be a part of it. Help us help more girls, more babies, turn this heartbreakingly beautiful country upside down for Jesus? We are asking God for 100 new families to join this growing family in 2014.

2014 Family Picture



  1. 3

    Carol Darden says

    LOVE that picture of your son….the look on his face…… Actually, I love ALL these pictures. Such a difference from the first pictures we saw of each girl. There has been a holy transformation, one that only God can do, and we have been allowed to witness it! I love the young women and babies and staff of the Mercy House. You all have my heart!

  2. 4

    Melanie Whitaker says

    What beauty in a country that isn’t always beautiful! It is amazing what God can do when we just say Yes….What is your program like? How long do the girls and their babies stay with you at Mercy House?

  3. 5

    Amber K says

    Would absolutely LOVE to be there with you, witnessing all of that…and kissing all those cute, chubby baby cheeks! LOL Amazing.

  4. 6


    I got goosebumps reading this. What an amazing journey this is. Thank you for sharing it and allowing others to be part of it. Happy Thanksgiving Mercy House!

  5. 9


    amazing…..look at all that cuteness!!
    and such joy. I see joy on all those faces. I am not familiar with your program – I’ll have to do some research on that – but I see LIGHT in most of the eyes. The Light!

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