Life Verse Design {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Gretchen N. has been selected as the winner of this giveaway.

If you stood in the center of my home and read my walls, you would get a pretty clear indication that I’m trying to send a message. I love inspiration.

Because sometimes you just need to walk in the bathroom on a Monday morning and see this on the wall:

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

The other day I was talking to a new Christian. She said, “I’m trying to figure out how to fit Jesus into my life.” The words were profound and I thought about them all day. I realized I spent the first 37 years of my life trying to fit Jesus in my life and the last 4 trying to fit my life into Jesus.

Life Verse Designs sent me this beautiful 11×14 gallery wrapped canvas. I love the reminder. The truth, especially in this season of Thanksgiving.


Words are moving. Scripture is powerful. I want to be reminded throughout the day and I want my home to reflect what God has done in me.


Life Verse Designs takes Scripture, inspiring words and pictures and creates art to decorate your life with. Check out some of these favorites.

Plus, check out these combined offers so you can get your Christmas shopping done early:

* FREE shipping on any order in the shop {no coupon needed}
* BUY 3 8×10 fine art prints & receive the 4th print FREE {do NOT put the 4th print in your cart or you will be charged for it; at checkout in “Other Instructions” box write in the name & color of the 4th print you desire}
Life Verse Designs is also generously donating a portion of any sale made to Mercy House. At checkout in the “Other Instructions” box, simply write in “Purchase to benefit Mercy House”.
Today, Life Verse Designs is offering one reader their choice of any 11×14 gallery wrapped art in the store (no custom orders). A $125 value! Tell me what you love for an entry.


  1. 152

    Amberly says

    It was so hard to choose! But I think I have settled on Micah 6. Thank you for introducing me to the site, never heard of it before!

  2. 156


    With our family last name being PRESSON I’d love to have one with Philippians 3:13-14

    “Forgetting what is behind and reaching for what is ahead, I press on toward the goal…”

  3. 163

    Kathy A. says

    Gosh…it was really hard to choose just one! But one that I really like is Saved by Grace (Ephesians 2). Thank you for the introduction to Life Verse Design…and thank you for offering this give-away!

  4. 164

    Angel says

    I think I would want the “Names Of Jesus” its hard to decide but that is something that I have been using this year to help with my anxiety issues. Saying the Names of Jesus. It would be wonderful to have it on my wall as a reminder

  5. 169

    Shannon says

    Such a hard decision! But I love the “Pure Religion” James 1 print. So beautiful with the 2 hands! It’s either that one or the Micah 6 one. (But I love the other version of that one from the other day, so I’d probably go with the James one if I won. :))

  6. 170

    Debbie says

    I like so many; it’s hard to choose. If I had to settle I love the Micah 6 (Do Justice Love Mercy) and the Psalm 106 (Give Thanks to the Lord) the best.

  7. 180

    Helen Luce says

    I love the “Required of You” – Micah 6. It has been a favorite verse of mine for many years. Beautiful artwork!

  8. 184

    Shana says

    Love this website. What a great find so close to Christmas. Thank you. I think I like the Strong and Courageous one.

  9. 186

    Megan Peacock says

    Ephesians 3 To Him Be the Glory! This is a staple verse for me. I know it and yet it still hits my ears as a new revelation every time. He is ABLE! (in Peacock Blue…because my name is Peacock and that color makes me smile)

  10. 188

    Kathryn B says

    There stuff is so beautiful! Thank you for introducing them to me. I’m partial to Micah 6 myself. LOVELY stuff!

  11. 189

    Amanda says

    Wow what amazing words Snd verses. I love words and joe they feed my mind and soul. My fave is the one they sent you give thanks

  12. 192

    Stephanie S says

    I love so many, but I think I’d choose the color “This is the day”. It’s a verse I’ve often turned to as a reminder each day God grants me is a gift and there is always joy in it.

  13. 196

    Jana says

    I love the “You are My Sunshine” gallery wrap. When my son was an infant and got to that always fussy stage, my husband started singing that song to him one day. My son immediately stopped crying. So then we both started singing the song to him – we modified the words in some of the other verses. ;). Consequently, we have sung it to all 3 of our babies since. But my son (my firstborn) heard it most and likes it best. Such a sweet reminder of the innocence and joy of that first baby . :)

  14. 199

    Kristy Lynn says

    Honestly I love the You are My Sunshine canvas because it is the song I always uses to sing to my youngest daughter when she was little.

  15. 204

    Angela says

    Oh my goodness, so many great scripture art! I love using it throughout my home for reminder and encouragement. I love so many……Micah 6, Jeremiah 29 and many others! Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. 206

    marky says

    Wow, so difficult to pick just one!! I think the ALWAYS AND FOREVER would be my choice b/c that is what my hubby and I say to each other..

  17. 209

    Cindy says

    Oh my, so hard to choose. I love The Apostles Creed, The Serenity Prayer and what I post on much of my emails: Be The Change You Want to See in The World. Thank you Kristen for this opportunity. And God Bless and be with you and your family in your travels this Thanksgiving.

  18. 211

    Jennie says

    My new favorite place to shop, I love this store and the life verses! Hard to chose a favorite but at the moment it be Color This is the Day
    Psalm 118

  19. 212


    Love, love, love You Are My Sunshine. I used to sing that song to my middle child every day as a baby and toddler. It would definitely turn my gray skies into bright, shiny ones to win this! :)

  20. 215

    Lynda says

    Who can decide?! For a word person…I could find a place for all of them…I choose today the featured one Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good. He is Good, isn’t he? And not everything is smooth and easy over here–

  21. 216


    My husband and I were just talking about this topic last night!!

    I love so many things at that site, but I think my favorite might be Color All Things New or Give Thanks to the Lord.

  22. 218

    M Waymire says

    Love the sunshine canvas. Sing it to my somewhat dramatic not such a morning person daughter every morning. I would hang it her room :)

  23. 219

    Christine says

    Rejoice Over You

    Zephaniah 3:17 might be my favorite verse……..just can’t imagine the Creator of all things could rejoice over me with singing – crazy, amazing love! :)

  24. 220

    Heather Allyce says

    I really love the Zephaniah 3 one! I would love it in Peacock :) I am totally going to use this site to create some custom word art. I too love to fill my house with scripture and inspirational words!

  25. 223

    Briana says

    That’s easy; The “You are my sunshine” quote. This is my daughter’s bedtime song, has been since before she was born, and she is now about to turn 11. I have sung her this song every night of her life, and she even calls me on the phone to hear it if she is not at home. Wow, that kind of makes me tear up. *sniff* This would be a very special gift for her one day.

  26. 225

    Christine says

    Wow I LOVE these.. I would love to have sooo many of them.. but I do love the Prayed for a child.. for my 3 children.. thank you so much!

  27. 226

    Amy says

    I’ve been looking for somrthing for my front entryway. I like the Let Love abide, but I also really like the ten commandments in sepia. My walls are chocolate brown.

  28. 231


    I like the “Live Love” and “Do Not Forget” pieces. Thanks for telling us about this company — I like to give gifts with meaning!

  29. 232

    Katherine Lang says

    I like so many of them, but my two favorites are The Joy of the Lord (Nehemiah 8) and You are My Sunshine, because I sang that to both of my daughters almost every night when they were little.

  30. 235

    Julie V says

    Their pieces are all so lovely! I started looking for what I would love in my house, but as I looked, my heart lead me toward my cousin, who just lost her seven month old baby this week. My heart is heavy for her loss, and being so far away (TN to Maine), I haven’t been able to do much. BUT, if I were to win, I would pick The Lord Bless You (Numbers 6).

  31. 236

    Shay Brewer says

    I love the Micah 6 (both of them are lovely), Pure THoughts or the Beloved one. This company has lovely and beautiful things. THank You.

  32. 237

    Anna says

    Really should have mentioned this offer is only good in U.S.A. This company does NOT ship internationally.
    I spent a fair bit of time collecting preferences from my pastors family – 3 teenagers and more — got order ready and now no chance to give them. :-(

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