Lilla Rose {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Katheryn is the winner of this giveaway. Congratulations Katheryn!

We’ve talked about hair before.

I’m in the s-l-o-w process of letting mine grow out. My goal is pony tail length because I’m wanting to take my hair care to an all-new casual level.

My teenager has amazing hair. Proof:


And she can recreate just about every hair braiding tutorial she’s ever seen. It’s a gift. Because I’m in charge of my 6 year old’s hair and I can do two things: one pony tail or two pony tails at the same time. I think that’s called gifted.

Lilla Rose, a new sponsor on my blog, sent my daughter a beautiful beaded hair band. She wears it several different ways. You can look that cute and cool when you’re a month shy of 14. She also dresses me now.


There are all kinds of cute hair accessories, like the hair sticks, bobby pins and really cool flexi clips.

Today, Bokerah, Independent Lilla Rose Consultant is giving away a $50 gift certificate so your hair can dazzle. Check out their products and leave a comment with what you’d like to try.


  1. 151

    Kandi W. says

    I have 5 girls so I could make use of everything they offer, but I really like the flexi clips. My oldest (10) would love those! I think the based headband is super cute too!

  2. 154

    marky says

    My Teenage daughter loves the headbands also, but could make use of many of the items listed. I have ponytail length hair but have minimal capability to do a thing with it ) With all of the fun accessories at Lila Rose, I could learn.

  3. 167

    Deb says

    I’m 58 & have white, little longer than shoulder-length layers – don’t believe the adage that older women should wear short hair! Recently saw the flexi-clips at a bazaar – they’re gorgeous; the bobby & u pins look like fun! I’d love to be a walking advertisement for Lilla Rose products! The flower design is like the plumria of Hawaii!

  4. 168

    Jill Lockhart says

    I would love to try the flexi clips! My daughter has very thick hair, and is always looking for new ways to pull it back. This looks like a super cute option!

  5. 169

    Nicole T. says

    My daughter has great hair too, and with my coarse and super tight curls, I envy her thick long locks. She loves headbands and would probably love the one your daughter is wearing! And btw, she does have beautiful hair! Envious–again!:)

  6. 170

    Michelle S. says

    I can’t believe this! I’ve just recently learned about Lilla Rose and I love what I see. Can’t wait to try my first Flexi-Clip! Thanks so much for a lovely giveaway! :)

  7. 172

    Angela says

    I have always wanted to try the flexi clips! I have very fine hair and most hair accessories do not work for me. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!

  8. 174

    Mrs. R. says

    I’m growing out my hair, too—feel your pain. :-)

    I think the Bobbies and the “Flexi-Ohs” are gorgeous! Thank you for the entry.

  9. 177


    I have 4 daughters and ZERO hair giftedness! I would love a few flexiclips to add to our stash of plain old bobby pins and binders. Thanks!

  10. 179

    Rebecca says

    I have 3 daughters and would love to win! I love your daughter’s hair style with the head band (picture above).

  11. 183


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