How to Make Christmas Last Long After Tomorrow

The whole month has been building, much of the world anticipating, counting down to one glorious day. We have decorated, shopped, wrapped, baked in preparation.

We have been waiting. We are expectant.
horizontal oh holy night back

And it’s here, Christmas Day, is ready to be unwrapped.

We like to make Christmas morning last at our house. We don’t rip into gift wrapping before the sun is up. We are slow, methodical. We read about the first Christmas so long ago and we feast on a special breakfast and then we watch our children open their handful of gifts one at a time.

We savor it.

Because it ends.

All the hubbub, the busy calendar, the stuff we do to prepare for Christmas, it’s all over in a sunset.

And then we have what remains: leftover turkey, a fraction of a pie, a half-dead tree, decorations that seemed to have multiplied and more stuff to put away.

More often then not, instead of filling full of Christmas the day after, we feel empty. All the doing and building and expectancy of the season can leave us tired and hopeless.

Did you know it’s possible to miss your maker? 

We are always looking, always searching, trying to fill the emptiness. And our culture refills the empty shelves of Christmas with the next holiday on the calendar before we can blink.

Because it’s entirely possible to see Jesus, even celebrate him, his birthday, but miss him all together. We wouldn’t be the first.

“He was in the world,
the world was there with him,
and yet the world didn’t even notice.
He came to his own people,
but they didn’t want him.” -John 1:10-11

Christmas isn’t a day. It’s not a religious celebration.

It doesn’t end the day after tomorrow. It begins.

We can’t buy Christmas or spend it.

Because Christmas is a person. And a believer never stops living Christmas.


“When you really believe in Christmas, you believe there really is hope for everyone. When you get Christmas, people get hope from you-they don’t lose it.” -Ann Voskamp

Advent brings hope. Hope is Emmanuel, God with us.

When you wake on Thursday and the high of Christmas leaves you feeling low, there’s only one way to make it last: it’s to live Christmas every day, to unwrap the wonder of our Savior, to love and give to others.

Emmanuel. God with us. And the great thing is, He never leaves us.

The Light has come. It will never burn out again.

merry christmas

This is Christmas, not one day a year, but a year of days unwrapping the greatest gift.


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