Origami Owl {Giveaway}

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I love a good story.

And I’m not just talking about books. I love the story that life tells–the ups and downs, highs and lows.

Have you heard of Origami Owl? It’s jewelry that tells your story.

It’s such a fun idea!




merry and bright

Here’s how it works: Visit Origami Owl

Step 1|Choose your charms:



Step 2| Choose your locket:



Step 3| Choose your chain:


My oldest daughter is about to turn the big



And she loves stories. And jewelry.

I can’t wait to give her this for her birthday!

1. gold numbers 1 &4  2. silver locket  | 3. garnet birthstone | 4. flute | 5. Eiffel tower

Ribbet collage

Origami Owl has so many choices to represent all the chapters in your life. And I think it makes a pretty special gift.

Today, my sponsor is giving away this gorgeous set to one lucky winner:

Gold Living Locket with Heart Window Plate


Take a look and tell me what you love in the comment section and that will be your entry to win!


  1. 2

    Lisa L says

    My siblings all pitched in to get my mom a locket with birthstone gems representing each of her 10 grandkids. She lived it! I’d love one with my kids’ birthstones. They’re beautiful lockets!

  2. 4

    Rebecca L says

    I love these! Been to several parties and it’s always so hard to decide! I have a little wish list going in my latest catalog! Thanks for the giveaway. I would probably get one for my niece or maybe my mother in law.

  3. 7

    Emily says

    I love OO. My consultant isn’t very consistent about getting orders correct so that’s a total bummer.
    I love love love the OO lockets that I have.

  4. 8

    Jamie says

    This is the 2nd time I have seen the OO lockets. First, I saw them come across the promotion section of my facebook page. I didn’t really understand what they were, but I looked at their site and see that there are TONS of charms (is that what they are called?) that we can choose from. Love that idea! Someone else said they have a consultant, so I guess I need to look up a consultant for my area. Thanks for sharing!

    • 8.1


      Hi Jamie,
      I am the consultant who is helping Kristen with the giveaway. I would love to help you with Origami Owl! I don’t know if I am in your area but I do have quite a bit of inventory so I am able to take pictures to give you an idea of what different lockets look like. Feel free to e-mail me at clareschubert@gmail.com.

  5. 9

    Jamie says

    I would love to simply tell my faith story with a silver locket, a rhinestone cross, the word love and the heart that says changed. Simple, beautiful reminder.

  6. 13

    Shannon G says

    I would get a silver locket with heart birthstones for me and my husband, kid birthstones for my daughters, and the Family plate to go in it.

  7. 14

    Karen says

    WOW! First time I have heard of OO. What an incredible and unique idea. The mind reels with all the cute possibilities for me and my nieces!

  8. 17

    Heather says

    I love this jewelry–I don’t own one, but I think it’s awesome. What I love most though is the company’s mission statement, especially the part about making a difference in other people’s lives.

  9. 19

    Kathleen says

    I LOVE all of their items….I could go crazy with their stuff! :-) My favorite is their Birthstone charms, and I would personalize it to have my children’s and my husband and I in it!!!! Beautiful things, and such a wonderful idea!!!!! :-)

  10. 20

    Emily says

    I like the uniqueness of each one. I’ve got my eye on a gold one with my kids’ initials inside…keeping them close to my heart :)

  11. 22

    kirsten says

    They are all lovely. The fact that it can truly be personalized, not just with a name or an initial is very cool. I love the music charms.

  12. 24

    Richelle tramel says

    I LOVE these and have always loved them! I ave been looking for a way to memorialize a lost loved one and would choose a birthstone and initial.

  13. 29

    Lisa K. says

    I have been wishing for one of these for a long time. As a labor doula and midwifery student I really want to get one that my clients can look at and get inspiration from while in labor.

  14. 31


    I love how easy it is to make it special for the person you are giving it to… we are currently waiting to adopt and I’ve already talked to the Origami Owl rep near me so that when the time comes I can put together something meaningful for the special birthmom that chooses our family.

  15. 33

    Amy Tull says

    I love this entire idea! I’d love a large silver locket and have so many ideas of what to fill it with! This company is going on my Wish List!

  16. 34


    Thanks for making it possible to me to read about Origami Owl I never known about the company. I love the may the chain is designed all the piece work put together looks marvelous and would like to own one.

  17. 36

    Kelly says

    I’d love one with an initial, birthstone and angel wings as a memory of my son who went to be with Jesus 9 months ago from a long battle with cancer. I’d like to make up 4 of them for his little girls too.

  18. 41

    Bethany says

    I love Origami Owl! I don’t own anything, but I’ve been looking and longing for it for quite some time! I would love to have either birthstones or charms of the nicknames I call my kids, and the plates are beautiful either family or faith. There are so many charms I love, it would be hard to choose only a few!

  19. 42

    Karyl says

    I love that the bracelets come in 8″ chains! So many companies these days go the cheap route and only provide 7″ chains for the tiny-wristed among us. But if you draw my name, please give it to Kelly (#36).

  20. 45

    kelly says

    I have one pc already…and I LOVE wearing it everywhere…I always get compliments so I would LOVE to win one…the birth stones and family charms are my FAV!

  21. 46

    Tammy says

    Love origami owl, I have one but would love to give my 11 year old daughter one of the silver lockets with a rhinestone cross and a October dangler. We have just started going to church and she is asking a lot of questions about being saved and being baptized. We are so excited and proud of her.

  22. 53

    Kara says

    I love Origami Owl! Definitely would get charms representing faith, family and music – in a chocolate locket, I think…. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  23. 56

    michelle says

    Beautiful, and most of all thoughtful. How nice would it be to give a gift to someone special by showing them that you care and listen to “their” life and customize it in such a personal way…..just lovely and unique.

  24. 57

    Katie says

    Everyone can just get something that looks like everyone else’s. I LOVE that this is personal and represents where you’ve been, what you believe, or where you want to go. It can be a visual reminder to your past, present and future all in one. What a lovely way to showcase – YOU!

    Simply beautiful!

  25. 65

    Alison S says

    I too love the Eiffel Tower- from a quick trip I took with my hubby, who I discovered- spoke fluent French! 10 years together at that point and I did not know- see you can never stop learning about your spouse!

  26. 66

    Gayle Mobley says

    I love these necklaces! It’s jewelry where you can show your personality and your interests. Kind of like the fun of a charm bracelet when you were a kid. But this is jewelry all grown up, but still lots of fun by adding little bits of your life in your locket. So cute! So fun!

  27. 67

    Dottie Lord says

    My favorites were the star of David, and the crystal treble clef to represent the loves in my life… God, and music. :)

  28. 69

    Nicole says

    I love the large chocolate locket with crystals.

    I have one that I got last year, but they are always coming out with new things! I love how you can keeping adding to it.

  29. 71

    mary woollard says

    I love everything about origami owl, id love to have one for myself, but if i would win, id make one for my mom with all her grandkids birthstones and a blessed plate. thanks

  30. 73

    Briana says

    I love the silver link locker with crystals, the ichthys fish charm, the silver box chain, and so much more. I believe I may have to send this to my husband …

  31. 74

    Becky Prasek says

    I love all of the Christmas lockets shown on your page and the Origami Owl website. I love this time of year! I think my two daughters, 7 and 10,would love having the chance to choose things that represent what they love! :)

  32. 77

    Jodi K says

    Origami Owl has a great selection of charms. They’re very affordable. I would love to have one to tell my story.

  33. 79

    Sara Vanderpool says

    I love that I’ve found a new source for special, unique necklaces! Both my mother and sister in law love a beautiful heart necklace, especially one with a story!

  34. 80

    Lori says

    I actually saw one I of these in person for the first time this week and I really loved it. I have looked at them online for awhile but I was really impressed with how great the quality was. Can’t wait to have my own someday. :)

  35. 81

    Melinda Franklin says

    I LOVE origami owl! I like how I can change my story just by changing the charms. And I really like how the company was started.

  36. 84


    I am so happy they can be added to after they are first made. I have a mother’s necklace that is missing three of my children…It was out of date the instant I got it. This OO locket never will be.

  37. 85

    Emily B says

    I have an OO locket already and I absolutely love it!!! I would like to get a chain that I can add charms to. I also need a little set of pink baby feet to put in my locket, as I am 5 months pregnant. My favorite charm that I already have is the starfish my hubby got for me when we adopted our little girls last winter.

  38. 86


    I’m in the middle of fighting thyroid cancer and would love a locket with the colors of thyroid cancer – pink, blue and teal. Also, I’d include a butterfly, since that’s the thyroid symbol. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. 92

    Niki Blake says

    I LOVE everything about these necklaces……so many options. :)

    I would love to win one!

    Thanks for the chance!

  40. 93

    Elise says

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this before, but I love the concept! For me I’d pick the piano and the camera, my two hobbies, but I could also see making them for gifts. It would be fun to make one for my mom with all of her grandchildren’s birthstones in it.

  41. 96

    Kelli says

    I love it all except the price. It’s the only reason I don’t have one yet. :) They are fun and pretty. As the mom of boys sometimes I just need a little more pretty in my world.

  42. 97

    Christie says

    I already have an Origami Owl necklace that I made pre-mom. I’d like to make a mom necklace for myself with my
    Daughters birthstone in the little girl silver figurine and the baby feet.

  43. 99

    Laura says

    I just love the holiday charms. The red ones look so pretty and stand out so nicely with the silver locket. I especially love the snow globe charm though!

  44. 100

    Angela says

    I love all the charms! I’d love to get one for my daughter’s 16th birthday next month! I’d get her a cross, volleyball and birthstone charm and the #16. So cute!

  45. 104

    Elsa says

    I love everything about these necklaces! I got one for my mom with all of her grandkids birthstones in it! I love how you can keep adding or changing it!

  46. 112

    Dona says

    I love the uniqueness of these charm necklaces. No two necklaces are the same and each tells a different story…just like us :) I also appreciate the diversity of the charm necklaces, they are great for all ages and is a meaningful gift to anyone…14 plus or minus.

  47. 114

    T Laib says

    I love this whole idea. I’m sure no two are ever a like. Custom just to me and what I love. This is wonderful and I need to get one.

  48. 115

    Heather Salisbury says

    As I started looking through the options I thought “they need to have such and such kind of charm,”only to keep looking and find out they had EVERYTHING!! So fun, and I hadn’t realized that you could switch out your charms! This is such a fun company and product. I can’t believe how it started and don’t know if I could ever decide what to get if I were to win this giveaway!! Thanks for the chance.

  49. 116

    Lynn D says

    I just discovered these beauties recently when a friend at work wore her necklace with all the cute little charms inside. I think I need one. Must get the little crown charms, since my grandkids call me “your majesty.” Not all the time. . .

  50. 117


    I love these! I had never heard of them before! I love the little Paris charm bc my daughter went there. I’d prob do a special locket for her to commemorate her trip.

  51. 120

    amber says

    A lady in my office recently went to an Origami Owl party and purchased a necklace. It is AWESOME!!!! I would love to have one of these. I love how many charms they have, something for every life story!

  52. 122

    sarah says

    I love that I can get charms that in some way represent my kids and each of their unique talents, likes, etc! And that you can change out charms, lockets and chains to wear them with different outfits!

  53. 124

    Angela says

    I just love these lockets. My daughter’s birthday is next month. I would chose a horse, faith and garnet birthstone for her.

  54. 126

    Mel says

    I like it all! We made my mother in law one for her Christmas gift this year and I would love to have any of it to make one for myself!

  55. 127

    Kristin says

    I also Love how it tells a story. As someone who goes to a lot of events with my husband I love these because it is also a great conversation starter. I love the crosses as well as the family ones. What a great product and Idea.

  56. 131

    Sharon F says

    I love my OO necklace. I just got one on Tuesday and it has the things I love: Blessed, Love, cross for my faith, and birthstones for my 3 girls. I would love to get one for my best friend!

  57. 132


    I’ve seen these before and always thought it would be nice to have something that represents who I am as a Mom – my fave color, my hobbies, etc…

  58. 133

    Jennifer says

    Love these! We got my Mom one for her 60th birthday. She loved it. I love how they are so personal and customizable!

  59. 134

    Lorie Davis says

    I love all of the charms under the faith and the animals category :)
    I love how you are giving it to your daughter to tell her story. Great idea!

  60. 137

    Kristin Stone says

    I got an OO locket for my anniversary. Of course, the little charm that represents my son is my favorite one. I love my little Henry soooooo much. I also love my family and giving gifts. I would love to be able to give an OO locket as a gift! Most of all, I’m grateful that I can love because God loved me first. <3

  61. 138

    Susan says

    I would love to create one with a ring (for hubby), my two children’s birthstones, a music note (love my music!) and a cross for my Savior…with the faith plate behind it all. Can you tell I’ve already planned what to get myself??

  62. 141

    Liz Rondeau says

    I love these. They’re so unique. I love the simple silver rose paired with a yellow stone. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  63. 142

    Amy Cowan says

    I love how you can have versitility and create a “new” necklace with just the switch of a few charms. The possibilities are endless!

  64. 143

    Emanuela says

    I love my family, and i would love to have a locket with something that represents each one of us. thank you for this giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  65. 144

    Amanda says

    I love these! I immediately went in search of a cross charm and fell in love with the heart that says “changed” boy does that say it all!!!!! I also love the causes charms and hope they add down syndrome awareness soon!!

  66. 148

    Alisha Hodges says

    I love that there are so many charms to choose from, but particularly I like the birth charms, because I want to have a piece of jewelry with my daughter’s birthstone and the two birthstones for the due dates of the two babies I lost. The thought of being able to pair them with the footprint charm or even the family charms makes it even better.

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