WFMW: 6 Things You Don’t Have to Do This Season


We don’t have to do it all.

Here are 6 practical things you can leave off your list this holiday season.


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1. Send out Christmas cards– I was feeling stressed about this and I can’t tell you how freeing it was to just let it go. I am not sending cards this season. Instead, I’m sharing a family picture on social media and that will have to be enough.

2. Go Into Debt-Just don’t. It’s not worth it. Cut back, give acts of service or time if you don’t have the money. Be the gift. Don’t keep paying and paying for the gifts all year long.

3. Spend a lot of time and money on gift wrap-We are talking about something that ends of up in the trash. Cheap paper works. And I’m not even doing bows this year. Scandalous. Let your kids help. Let go of perfection.

4. Continue to Consume-I made it a goal this year to stay out of the Christmas section of the stores. I’m using the decor and ornaments I have. Did you know Americans spend a whopping 6 billion dollars on Christmas decor and lights alone every year?

5. Buy Junk– Instead of buying gifts that won’t last or don’t mean a thing or one more iTunes or Starbucks gift cards, choose gifts that give back. I love these fair trade gift ideas (that have quick, free shipping for Amazon Prime members):

6. Feel Guilty. We are making a conscious effort to do less this season. I refuse to feel guilty about my hodgepodge tree with handprint ornaments. Our kids get 3 gifts from us and it is more than enough. Simplicity feels good, don’t let guilt ruin it.


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    LOL! I already do most of those things. Somehow we’ve never bought into the excesses of Christmas, and for us it is almost always a peaceful season…although I am often a bit envious of all the decorations, fancy baking, etc. But as long as we remember that this season is about Jesus, not about impressing our families, ourselves, or our friends, it will all work out OK.

    Have a blessed Christmas season!

    I linked up some Fun and Educational Gift Ideas that have worked in our family. It’s # 122 on the list.

    Thanks for hosting!

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    Great post. One of the gifts I’m giving to my girls this year is the gift of time. One is getting baking lessons and the other sewing lessons. This is based on things in which they’ve shown interest. They’ll each get one lesson per month next year.

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    Sara K. says

    I am definitely on board with this – especially #1! I feel guilty for not sending out Christmas cards, but honestly they are expensive (think about all those stamps!) considering that most people just throw them away after the holiday! I am going to maybe use photoshop to add a little Christmas greeting to a photo and email that to my family and close friends. A digital file is easier to keep OR to delete :)

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    Tracie says

    my mantra this year has been less stuff, more US! Trying my best to be with my kids & hubby this holiday season, play games, read, bake cookies etc. and less stuff!

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    Heather says

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been having a lot of guilt lately relating to the holidays. We took in our nephew last year and money was tight having to furnish him with everything a child needs (clothes, bed, dresser, toys etc), this year we just bought a new house, as our 2 bedroom for four people was a little small. This year again money is tight, I keep saying to myself when will I have enough to give my kids what I didn’t have. I’ve always felt like I needed to keep up with “picture-perfect” photo Christmas cards all the other families in our church send us. I literally just realized that giving them a family is more than what I had and giving them a mom who is happy and not laden with guilt is probably more what they want (they just don’t know it yet :) )

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    Love this post. We are not even bothering with gifts this year. My son just turned one and doesn’t understand yet. We figured we’ll get gifts for family and we already have everything we need. We considered sending out Christmas cards but they are so expensive to order! It’s all about saving money this season for us!

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    I could not agree more!
    I don’t do cards – we also share a family picture and an email. Really, the cards are just going to follow all that expensive wrapping into the garbage. I save gift bags, bows and ribbons from Christmas….and all year long to re-use. I don’t think I’ve had to buy much more than a few tissue papers in red/green and the odd roll of paper in years. My tree and other decorations are from my own childhood, or what my children have made. I don’t buy decorations — except hubby did finally upgrade our exterior lights to LED because that is the “greener” choice.
    And I most glad to hear I am not the only one who thinks 3 gifts is plenty. Since they will also get gifts from grandparents and other family too. I think simplicity will definitely make the season less stressful and worrisome.

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    Merkel Momma says

    One year I bought several different patterns of Christmas fabric and satin ribbon then sewed them into drawstring bags. We use them every year in lieu of wrapping paper. I’m pleased with how they look under the tree and how easy they are to use!!

  9. 13


    These ideas are great! Another for thought – this year, rather than buy each other bday and Christmas gifts, my friends and I are exchanging short letters with a blessing or hope for each other for the new year. What treasures they will be I think!

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