When God Made Room in the Inn {Giveaway}

Congrats to random commenters Katie and Lyra (you’ve been emailed).

There have been few times in my life when I’ve been speechless.

This is one of them.


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Many of you have lived mercy, so others might know mercy.




When I walked thru a very crowded Mercy House in Kenya a few weeks ago, I kept thinking there isn’t enough room. The house was bustling with cradled, crawling, cruising babies and busy mommas chasing busy toddlers.

There was plenty of this:


God created something from nothing. He did the impossible, the improbable and He used a bunch of you to do it.

Click here to continue reading and find out HOW MUCH was raised thru the (in)mercy campaign the past 3 months for Mercy House in Kenya…


Thank you for saying yes with me.


Because of your generous giving, Mercy House will be helping more pregnant girls and delivering more precious babies in 2014.

God delivered The Greatest Gift.

And He keeps delivering girls in Kenya from tragic circumstances and babies from certain death.


This beautiful (in)mercy charm necklace  at The Vintage Pearl celebrates a great cause– 50% of each necklace sold through January 31, 2014 will be donated to The Mercy House Kenya.  It’s hand molded and then cast in sterling silver with a sterling silver ball chain and a freshwater pearl.

Today, as a thank you for being a part of this God-sized dream, The Vintage Pearl is giving away two $50 gift certificates (that you can have or regift this holiday season). Check out the gorgeous (in)mercy necklace and leave a comment with your Christmas wish.


  1. 1

    Angela says

    My Christmas wish is for my friend Karin to deliver a healthy baby in May. She lost her sweet son within a few hours of his birth last Spring, and she and her husband deserve some extra special happiness!

  2. 3


    My Christmas wish is that I will have eyes to see past my own pain this Christmas and bring hope and love into the life of someone who is hurting.

  3. 6


    My Christmas wish is for a friend who is currently right in the middle of her chemo treatments for her stage 3 breast cancer to have a Christmas day where she feels well, so she can celebrate it with her 4 children and husband, and be reminded of the hope Christmas brings for a better tomorrow where cancer treatments will be done, and she can go on to carrying for her 4 little ones in the way she enjoys most, being active in their schools and activities and present with them day in and day out.

  4. 9

    Lyn Langenberg says

    My Christmas wish is to be grateful – not selfish. Think of how blessed I am instead of complaining about things that really don’t matter.

  5. 11

    Angie N says

    My Christmas wish is to slow down and enjoy this season with my family; to let go of the stress December brings; and be content in the moment.

  6. 12

    Tricia says

    My grandmother only has a couple more days to live, and my Christmas wish is that my family would all be together when she dies.

  7. 13

    Karen says

    My Christmas wish is to manage the expectations I have of family time and be able to just enjoy the moments as they come…whatever they look like.

    Also, that God would open my eyes and show me how to meet the needs of those around me who are hurting!

    LOVE the necklace! She is an amazing artist with God given talent!

  8. 14

    Kristen says

    My Christmas wish is God would bring encouragement and comfort to the many people that I know who are facing difficult trials in their lives right now

  9. 16

    Kathleen says

    I Love Vintage Pearl, and all the wonderful ideas they have for special gift giving!!!! :-) My Christmas ‘Wish’ is for all of my unsaved loved ones to realize their great need for Our Savior, and Accept Him as Their Own.

  10. 17


    My Christmas wish is to be fully grateful for each day and blessing given to us while we are waiting to adopt. Its hard for me to remember all I have to be thankful for and enjoy the beautiful moments “in-between” when I feel like life is in limbo while waiting.

    • 18.1

      Marlene says

      Praying your dream comes true! We have adopted twice domestically, they are 10 and 2 now. It is a wonderful journey!

  11. 19

    Kristin says

    My Christmas wish is for my little ones to know why we celebrate as they grow and mature and for my husband and I wisdom to guide them. Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. 21


    That is a gorgeous necklace for an important cause! I tweeted this giveaway. I pray there will be a way to expand the inn to help more girls and those beautiful babies!

  13. 23

    Lyra says

    My wish is to help support pregnant girls and their babies during my volunteering at our local crisis pregnancy center!

  14. 26


    My Christmas wish is to teach my children this mercy and love that is only God given. Thank you for all you do to inspire the lives of others <3

  15. 27

    Sara says

    My Christmas wish is for our two adopted kids Visas to be issued so they can come home!!! We have been waiting 2 1/2 years for that glorious day to come!

  16. 29


    My Christmas Wish is for peace. My family lost my Dad in September this year and I just hope we all can find some peace.

  17. 31


    Beautiful!!!!! We are wishing for a miracle to finally be able to finalize the adoption of our precious baby boy Samuel. He is 14 months old (we’ve had him since birth) and the adoption has been contested (can’t go into details to protect his story) his entire life. We are so ready to be done with the battle and officially call him our son! God is using this little boy in huge ways, but I admit to being pretty weary and ready for God to show His glory in this…soon!! :) Have a blessed Christmas…we will continue to pray for Mercy House and the amazing ministry that it is! Love it!

  18. 32

    Jennifer Diel says

    My Christmas wish or I would say prayer to celebrate what Christmas is and bask in that alone with my family. Not get so caught up in it all.

  19. 35

    Lisa Beech says

    My wish is that my father will come to know the love of God, that Jesus loves him and wants to give him peace, forgiveness and a future rich in love.

  20. 36

    Audrey says

    My Christmas wish (my prayer) is for Pastor Saeed Abedini to be released from prison in Iran and returned to his family.

  21. 37

    Allison Morrison says

    My wish is for my breast biopsy 12/26 to be benign & if it’s not, that He’ll give me strength for the journey!

  22. 40

    Deb says

    I wish the my son and his new wife could be home for Christmas, but since they can’t I hope that they have truly meaningful time for their first Christmas together.

  23. 44

    Darcy says

    My wish is for the turkey to not be burnt, my team to win corn hole, my son to get his money tree, for lots of laughs and for all of us all to have a joyous time together. Merry Christmas!

  24. 45

    Lori F. says

    My Christmas wish is for God to reveal his direction for my family life and a possible return to the work force in the coming year. And also continued blessings for all of the mothers and babies at Mercy House.

  25. 46

    Jill says

    My Christmas wish for myself is to be able to enjoy the blessings that God has given me and not get caught up in all the stress that this time of the year can bring.

  26. 47

    Nicole J says

    What a beautiful organization… And pictures of beautiful people. Those babies and mommas… Be still my heart. My Christmas wish is to take in every little moment and memory of my children & family right now- to take delight in all that God has blessed us with at the moment.

  27. 48


    Well, my wish may sound crazy…but, I wish for my family to be all moved into our new house. (new to us, anyway)
    We sold and bought during the worst weather ever in Indiana. All our things are boxed up and we are stepping over stuff just trying to survive right now.

    Christmas is special to us…but this year, it is insanity. I’d just like to be able to sit at a real table for our meal and be together.

    PS there are no gifts this year! Moving has sucked our lives away. :(

  28. 49

    Hannah says

    That the world could focus our eyes on Him, the Sovereign King who loved us so much that He came to be born as a vulnerable baby …

  29. 51

    Joan Stoller says

    As an adoptive mama, would love the necklace that means you grew in my heart!! Thanks for the opportunity and all your courageous giving for mamas and babies!

  30. 52

    Shannan says

    My Christmas wish has already been answered, all my children are in one country/state this year and my husband has a job after almost 10 months of unemployment. We have been shown more grace and mercy than one family deserves. But, I wish and pray that everyone knows true love and peace this holiday season – peace that only the Lord can give. Merry Christmas!

  31. 56

    Jamie Rannila says

    My Christmas wish is for Christ to fill our home this holiday season, so that my kids can celebrate Him. They are only 5 yrs old, but I am hoping they can always know the reason for the season and remember it for always.

  32. 60

    Jamie Martin says

    My Christmas wish is twofold, hopefully happening in tandem or at the same time: to find my Heart again and to (re)develop a personal and real relationship with God.

  33. 62


    My prayer continues to be that God would provide a job for my husband that would allow him to do something he enjoys and provide for his family. His current job does neither well.

  34. 64

    Erin says

    Mercy is BEAUTIFUL, the necklace, the house, the babies, the mommas and it is all a gift from Him. My Christmas wish is that my children have a wonderful day with presents and hoopla, but remember the Mercy God gives through the most important gift of all…His baby boy.

  35. 66

    Allison Phillips says

    There is a precious 12 year old girl in our neighborhood who tragically lost her dad 3 months ago while she was fighting
    cancer. My Christmas wish is for her (and her mom) to feel His
    peace this Christmas and, if at all possible, for her to be well enough to be able to spend Christmas at home and not
    in the hospital. Please pray for Blaine. ❤

  36. 67

    Ashley R says

    My Christmas wish is for my Dad to open his heart to the love of Jesus. As we celebrate His birth, as we serve others in need, may God soften his heart and show him that he needs God more than anything else. He can’t be good enough or work hard enough to fill the void he feels. Only a relationship with his Creator can do that. I pray that he gets that this year. That somehow, it clicks. If you’re a pray-er, you can pray for him also. His name is Richard.
    Thank you.

  37. 71

    Rebecca says

    My wish was that my friends husband would be healed from the gunshot wound he got when someone was robbing his house, so that he could be their to hold their first son when he is born in February…. Today he is being buried. My prayer iniw s that she will have the grace and peace of God today and in the days ahead…

  38. 73

    Blair says

    My Christmas wish is to slow down and recognize all of God’s gift in THIS moment, to be mindful of how blessed I am, and to stay focused on Christ.

  39. 78

    Shaunte Oakley says

    My Christmas wish is to have a better handle on our family finances, continue with devotions with my children, have a stronger walk with Christ, and for my brother in prison to continue to grow with Christ.

  40. 79


    The (in)Mercy necklace is beautiful! Praise God for what he has done through this project — it has been incredible to watch and be a part of this! My Christmas wish is to be is to be so wrapped up in Jesus that my worries, wishes, and expectations fade away, so that I can be a blessing to those around me.

  41. 80

    Michelle C says

    My wish is that I can grow closer to The Lord through some struggles that I am currently having. I know that I can’t get through these things without Him, but I’m finding myself wallowing in self pity rather than turning to Him. I just need Him to be near.

  42. 81

    Amie says

    My Christmas wish is that we may all come to know the love that Christ has for us, and to spread it a little more, even when things get tough!

  43. 82


    Beautiful necklace! My Christmas wish is for my children to see Jesus and not gifts. For their heart to be so fixed on Him that none of the rest matter.

  44. 83

    Elizabeth Spencer says

    My Christmas wish is that we as a country would understand the Gift of Jesus and that we would walk in God’s ways. Expect the unexpected and sign songs of praise even when the wall seem to be closing in on us. I am amazed at what you have done for so many. Looking forward to what God has in store for this season of life.

  45. 85

    Kelly Sanna-Gouin says

    That my children spend some loving, fight-free time together this Christmas and that our beloved pastor who is in the ICU have a mighty, miraculous, God-sized recovery.

  46. 86

    Jaclyn says

    My wish is that my sister would realize how much she has strayed and that what she is looking for is Jesus, not money or power from any job.

  47. 87

    Liz says

    My Christmas wish is for God to get a hold of my 9 year old son’s heart. He is struggling in many areas and we are desperate for a touch from God.

  48. 88

    robin says

    my wish is for my family to really enjoy & love each other for a few minutes this Christmas. To forget about presents and slights and years of hurt and just love each other.

  49. 90

    Anna C says

    My wish is that my brother and his girlfriend would see the love of Jesus through the love of the rest of my family. Also that I would act out my thankfulness (not be in a bad mood or stress, be short with my kids, etc). God has blessed my family beyond measure this year.

  50. 93


    My Christmas wish is restoration. So many broken relationships in my family. I (wish) pray that I too, can embrace mercy & forgiveness for the sake of restoration. Lord let it be.

  51. 95

    Brenda T says

    My wish this year is that everything would work out for us to adopt a 13 year old girl who is currently in foster care.

  52. 96

    Rachel Soto says

    My Christmas wish is to make the most of the time with my family. We have heard of 2 families we know and love that have received some very hard news this week. Life is a gift and each day is precious. ♥

  53. 97

    laura d. says

    My Christmas wish is for restored family relationships. As a young mother I also wish for wisdom in raising my children.

  54. 99

    Arian says

    My Christmas wish is that we would all keep foremost in our hearts and minds the real reason we have to celebrate, not just Christmas, but every single day of our lives, Jesus. He is our one and only reason for joy, peace and celebration. Not just his birth, but his ultimate sacrifice at the cross and his resurrection, that we may all be reconciled with God, our most holy and precious heavenly Father, from Whom ALL blessings flow. I would also most fervently like to see more love, patience and tolerance all across humanity. Blessings to all!!!

  55. 107

    Debbie says

    My Christmas wish is that we have safe travels up and down CA and that we might bring some happiness and love of Jesus to the people we come across! :)

  56. 108

    Carol Smith says

    My Christmas wish is to get lots and lots of family time with my three wonderful kids and husband! Plus, today is my birthday and a Vintage Pearl necklace would be a perfect birthday present!

  57. 110

    Michelle says

    Love all these wishes and pray they come true. My wish is is for unity. Be it among families, churches, our nation’s leader, other countries, etc.

  58. 111

    Jen A says

    My wish is that our foster son who is two, to be able to be adopted by us this year. We have had him since he was born and we consider him our family already. I would love to make it official by giving him our last name.

  59. 113

    Charity says

    My Christmas wish is that I will feel God’s presence and that I will be present and savor the time with my family.

  60. 115

    Melody Benschoter says

    This is the first Christmas without my dad… I wish that our family will be full of joy and remembrance this year- that it will be a joyful time for us.

  61. 117


    I want to borrow every one else’s Christmas wish–they make mine sound lame, lol. But I will add for a good heart & dental check up for my daughter next month. That’d be great!

    <3 jeni

  62. 118

    valerie says

    My family is leaving on the 27th for two weeks in Uganda. My Christmas wish is that God would give us eyes to see and hearts to receive what HE wants us to see and know. That we will be changed. That He will allow us to see the story He is writing, and that we will say Yes to being a part of it.

  63. 119

    Debi Schuhow says

    Just wanted to let you know that I keep thinking about that posting ” Cure for that sense of entitlement” Hard Work!

  64. 122


    My Christmas wish is for my dad. My grandma died in August and he has not been the same since. I’m wishing for a happy and peaceful Christmas for him, knowing we will see her again, despite our tears now.

  65. 125

    Amy says

    I wish that my family and I would take time to really remember Jesus this Christmas – beyond the time we ready the amazing story from Luke.

  66. 126

    Robin Troxell says

    for a meaningful Christmas for myself and my kids -that we may know how blessed we are and how much we have been given – and how much we have to give away.

  67. 127

    Katrina S says

    To enjoy the time we have together as a family – for us to really desire to know each other better and love each other more fully.

  68. 129

    Rachel says

    My wish is for my middle child to get her cast off her arm today. This broken arm
    has been a blessing to both her and I (surprisingly!) but we are ready to have two arms back now :)

  69. 132


    My Christmas wish is for Peace, not world peace, but peace in the hearts of those around us. There’s a lot of struggles going on and people to miss this Christmas.

  70. 133

    Kara says

    My Christmas wish is that the joy we celebrate and feel at Christmas can be carried over to every day and that Christmas joy will be translated to Christ-like living in the lives of everyone in my family!

  71. 134

    Kelly says

    Beautiful necklace! My wish is for safe traveling & remembering that ultimately the reason for Jesus’ birth was for His death & resurrection.

  72. 135

    Lynn D says

    Beautiful necklace. So thankful for Mercy House and what you do. My Christmas wiher into the world so her childrensh is for my daughter to know Jesus in such a way that the fruit of His love shines through her and out of her so her children will lighting their home with His love.

    • 135.1

      Lynn D says

      Wow, got to reread the whole thing before I hit post. My Christmas wish is for my daughter, that she wouldn’t just talk the talk, but walk with Jesus daily so her boys will see His light in their home.

  73. 139

    Carrie H says

    One of my wishes this Christmas is that I be able to see the doors that God is opening for me because sometimes I only see the ones He is closing. I hope that I can look past my hurt feelings to see the grand plans that He has in store for me and my family.

  74. 140

    Amy says

    Thanks so much for another great giveaway from the Vintage Pearl. What a wonderful company and my wish for Christmas is fun times with family.

  75. 141

    Denise Wilson says

    My wish is for lots of good memories (for my Mom, brother, husband and kids and I) to be made with my Dad. He has leukemia and isn’t expected to live much longer… We have been blessed greatly. But, we will sure miss him!

  76. 142


    LOVE this necklace… and this (these) ministry (-ies)! My Christmas Wish is for healing… for family members battling sickness nad disease… for friends who need emotional and physical and spiritual healing… for freedom!

  77. 146

    Tashie Johnson says

    My wish/prayer is or me and my family- that we relish in his presence, instead of all the presents we receive each year!

  78. 150

    Shawna Tunnell says

    My Christmas wish is that our foster daughter, who we have had for about a month now, will have a wonderful Christmas as well as learn to love our Heavenly Father before she is probably returned to her family.

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