When God Made Room in the Inn {Giveaway}

Congrats to random commenters Katie and Lyra (you’ve been emailed).

There have been few times in my life when I’ve been speechless.

This is one of them.


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Many of you have lived mercy, so others might know mercy.




When I walked thru a very crowded Mercy House in Kenya a few weeks ago, I kept thinking there isn’t enough room. The house was bustling with cradled, crawling, cruising babies and busy mommas chasing busy toddlers.

There was plenty of this:


God created something from nothing. He did the impossible, the improbable and He used a bunch of you to do it.

Click here to continue reading and find out HOW MUCH was raised thru the (in)mercy campaign the past 3 months for Mercy House in Kenya…


Thank you for saying yes with me.


Because of your generous giving, Mercy House will be helping more pregnant girls and delivering more precious babies in 2014.

God delivered The Greatest Gift.

And He keeps delivering girls in Kenya from tragic circumstances and babies from certain death.


This beautiful (in)mercy charm necklace  at The Vintage Pearl celebrates a great cause– 50% of each necklace sold through January 31, 2014 will be donated to The Mercy House Kenya.  It’s hand molded and then cast in sterling silver with a sterling silver ball chain and a freshwater pearl.

Today, as a thank you for being a part of this God-sized dream, The Vintage Pearl is giving away two $50 gift certificates (that you can have or regift this holiday season). Check out the gorgeous (in)mercy necklace and leave a comment with your Christmas wish.


  1. Melissa says

    My wish is to one day have a daughter… It’s been my dream since I was 5 years old. I have three sons that are my world and it would be a huge blessing to have a girl one day too!

  2. Jessie L. says

    I wish that there would not be so much anger in this world. Christmas should be about family and the birth of Jesus not about what is under the tree. I (and my daughters unfortunately) have scene our fair share while out this season. Makes me sad.

  3. Colleen Garcia says

    My Christmas wish is for the Peace that only comes from God to come over a friend and her family as they are days away from losing her husband (and the girls to losing their father).

  4. says

    My Christmas wish is for my boys to see God’s love for them and others.

    This is why I love to shop at The Vintage Pearl…Erin has such a generous heart and I love watching as God continues to bless her business.

  5. renee says

    What a beautiful necklace! My Christmas wish is that we could all see each other threw Gods eyes. what a wonderful world this would be!

  6. Jennifer Roehl says

    My Christmas wish/prayer this year is that my family, who has experienced quite a bit of loss this past year, finds strength & peace through Jesus. It’s hard to see the people you love struggling so terribly.

  7. Jami says

    Beautiful story and what a great reminder today before Christmas of what is really important. I don’t know if I could wish beyond peace and happiness for all of those precious faces at Mercy House.

  8. Maureen says

    My Christmas wish is that I let it go…my to-do list and worries, and just enjoy the time! Christ is come; He is Emmanuel, that’s all we need, right?

  9. Sarah Voris says

    Love it! My Christmas wish is for my boys to love this time of year as much as I do…and to see how Jesus is the “reason for the season”, as they say:)

  10. Elizabeth says

    My wish is for my kids to grow up loving the Lord and my husband and I willing to teach it to them. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. :-)

  11. Charmaine says

    My wish is is that i’ll grow closer to God this year and be a better wife and mother, that my husband and children will grow closer to the Lord and will see Him through me.

  12. says

    So beautiful! My Christmas Wish this year is that we would all be well. It’s been almost two weeks of double ear infections, sinus infections, and strep.

  13. Carrie says

    I love this (in)mercy necklace! What it stands for and because it is a TVP piece :-) For this Christmas season I ‘wish’ for my little family to KNOW Emmanuel, God with us! And to always celebrate Him, Jesus and Savior! :-)

  14. Judy says

    My wish is for the broken, that they may find the love, comfort, and peace that they so desperately seek in Jesus Christ Who came as their Savior. The hurting hurt that much more around Christmastime. May God work thru my life to reach others with His Love.

  15. Rebecca says

    Reading the comments my wish feels very self-centered but remains the same. I wish that I would stop coughing. I’ve been sick for over a month and really coughing sick for almost 2 weeks. Coughing and 27 weeks pregnant do not go well for many reasons. I wish to be able to raise my voice in song with my husband and with my children singing the songs from the time of year I love the most. Three has been too much hurting lately and singing the songs would help raise my spirits so much.

  16. Ashley Gray says

    Love the “in Mercy” necklace (and pretty much anything from the vintage pearl!) My Christmas wish is to learn to be fully present in the season of life that God has me and my husband in- especially as we start the adoption process sometime early next year.

  17. Holli Turner says

    My Christmas wish is to be more intentional in the roles God has given me as a Christian, wife, mother and woman. I pray for the strength and courage to share what He has done for me with others

  18. Karen says

    My wish is for my family to draw together in Christ and that they open their hearts to Him and seek His plans for their lives.

  19. says

    I feel like my Christmas list would be long, but really only one thing for myself.
    My main Christmas wish would be for the people in my community who are hurting, the ones that have lost their homes, the ones who have lost family members, to those who feel lonely and forgotten, to come to know that Jesus loves them and gave himself up for them. To find comfort, rest, and peace in Him this season.
    There have been several house fires in the last few weeks. Some of which involved people losing loved ones in the fires.
    Also there was a pretty devastating state trooper loss in our area. I can’t imagine what that family and especially the three little girls without a daddy are feeling and going through this Christmas.

  20. says

    man I have so many Christmas wishes, mostly involving the ridiculous number of needs in our neighborhood in Atlanta right now. I just want to know how to love well and give generously with dignity.

  21. stephanie.yanik_live says

    My Christmas wish is to go forward with a more positive attitude even when things are not positive that are happening around me.

  22. Rebecca says

    I wish (my prayer) is that my kids would live for Christ, love Him, make Him the most important part of their lives and take everything to Him in prayer, big stuff and small.

  23. Katie says

    Merry Christmas Kristen and your sweet family! Wow, fun giveaway! I like that one right there in this post and also anything having to do with Jesus being the hope and anchor of my soul! Looking forward to your new book!

  24. says

    Like others here, I have several wishes… but I do wish for peace. Peace of heart, peace in others, peace in troublesome situations (for others and for us), peace and healing.

    So thankful for the beauty that’s happening for and around Mercy House. Merry Christmas!

  25. Kimberly Woerner says

    Thank you for being you! For choosing to be crazy for God and for being real! That why I love your blog! My wish is that my family of 4 will will know and experience the depth of Gods power and love in new and fresh ways in 2014! Blessings!!

  26. says

    Thanks for all that you share with us. I luv the vintage pearl. I like the fact that they are a Christian based company and they are willing to donate some of their profits for charities and to help peolpe out. I would love to get one of the 50 dollars gift certificate so I can purchase one of these necklaces and have 50% go to help people in Kenya. My hope for this Christmas and everyday is that everyone who does not know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior will come to know Him. I would also like for myself to see, hear and say what the Lord wants me to and not what I want to. I want to be more sentive to what He wants me to do and say. Merry Christmas!!

  27. Tara White says

    My wish is to be able to let the hope of Christ shine thru me so that others can truly see! Loving God & loving others! Giving myself away!

  28. says

    My wish and prayer is that God will give me obvious opportunities to serve the poor around me. May His light shine brighter through me this year.

  29. says

    My Christmas wish is to fully embrace God’s never ending gifts in my daily life. To live loud and bold for the one who gave it all for me.
    I’ve spent time this week soaking in the characters of the Christmas story at http://www.PaintTheTownAG.com – seeing how God chose each and every one to play a part in the greater story. And isn’t that how it is still today? We are a small part in the big story, yet we now have the grace of our Jesus to help us “go tell it on the mountain.”


  30. Julie says

    My prayer is for the name of Jesus to be known and loved and trusted throughout the continent of Africa. Husband serves a ministry to train pasators in east Africa, and the need is so great. But ministries like yours are making His name glorious to these precious moms and babies. Thankful for you.

  31. Wanda R. says

    My Christmas wish is that everyone enjoys the time with their families and loved ones. I also wish that my children know our love and understand how blessed we truly are.

  32. Angel says

    what a generous company, love the necklace. My wish for Christmas is coming true. Get to spend it with my family, haven’t spent Christmas with them in 10 yrs. It will be wonderful

  33. Becky Kasten says

    With people like you there is hope! Thank you for your Mercy and understanding of this need! May God bless you and yours!

  34. monica says

    My Christmas wish is for everyone to realize the true meaning of Christmas and receive the free gift.
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  35. Kristy. Lynn says

    My Christmas wish is to find true rest in God. I am a recent widow, at only 38, and am struggling to provide for my two teenage daughters. I wish to have time to soak in the Lord and know His directions for my life. I need to be refreshed.

  36. Sarah says

    My Christmas wish is to do what I can to bring about peace on earth in my own little world :) Also it would be nice if my baby boy was born sooner rather than later ;)

  37. Katie says

    I have been praying for a Christmas miracle and this wish is in compliment to my private prayer. I humbly wish for the guidance I need to get my family on solid ground. Our challenges are great and as a family we are weary.

  38. Lori williams says

    I love the necklace, and I love what you do Kristen! My wish is that you all have a Blessed Christmas, that God would Bless each and Every one of you richly. Also I wish my Mom a very merry Christmas, with lots of love surrounding her, and through the New Year.

    Many of you had wonderful wishes, but I want to thank Jessica A. Because she mentioned the fatherless, and that means a lot to me, God Bless you. (there were three girls in my family)

  39. Briana says

    My Christmas wish is; that my family will get along, everyone will remain healthy, and I will get some quiet time to rest during the holiday season.

  40. Lisa Fuller says

    My Christmas wish is to accept myself for who I am and not what others want me to be. It is a long road but I will get there. I don’t need to be perfect to enjoy life.

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