It Turns Out We are Crazy Cat People and Other Half Truths

1. So, if you follow me an Instagram, you know we got a kitten a couple of days after Christmas.

2. For the kids, or course.

photo copy 3

3. To which, someone responded, you really are THAT family.

4. Let me explain: We had to put our 7 year old dog to sleep a couple of months ago, which left our one year old cat, Tinkerbell, and our youngest child completely distraught because they were the 3 amigos. My daughter cried like the baby of the family that she is and looked at me with such sad puppy dog eyes that I was completely manipulated into a replacement pet.

5. Replacement pets are never a good idea, neither are pet-altering decisions the day you are helping your dog  die. Oh, hindsight. My child reminded me everyday, practically every hour afterwards, tapping my arm over and over “Mom, remember what you said. Mom. Mom? MOM!?!” Until I screamed DON’T TOUCH ME AGAIN. OKAY? Ok. Let’s get a cat.” What can I say? She’s totally the boss of me.

6. We rescued a cat from a home we found on Craigslist that also needed rescuing if you know what I mean. It was overwhelmed with more than a dozen people and enough stuff for three dozen. But that’s a story for the anonymous blog I don’t have.

7. The kitten was free. So there’s that.

8. But it had flees, so after kitten flee treatment, please disregard #7.

9. We (and by we, I really mean the 7 year old child of the family) named the precious 8 week old kitten Periwinkle  (sister of Tinkerbell for all Disney Fairy Fans) and presented her to our one year old cat and she sniffed her head and then slapped her across the face twice with an angry paw.

photo copy 2

10. So, that went well. And then they fought like cats and cats for two weeks.

11. During this time, we discovered the kitten was a thief. Two mornings in a row while I was making lunches, my kids entire sandwiches disappeared. I found empty bags with claw marks and the crusts of the bread (just like my daughter) in a corner of the house. LOVELY, huh?

12. What we have here is a Cat Burglar.

13. Bam.

14. And then one day, the cats were friends. And lived happily ever after. But not really. Tinkerbell is in charge and lets us all know that.

15. Sidenote: Did you know research proves that cats who live with  you think you’re just one big cat? My husband shared that tidbit he read online the other day. Warning: cute sleepy kitten photo ahead


16. The day after my husband shared that fact, he reached down to pet Tinkerbell and she slapped him across the face and actually drew blood. It was ugly. I tried not to giggle when I said, “You know, she does see you as a big cat. And you just had your first cat fight.”

17. He was not amused and she is currently in a bag.

18. Just kidding. I really just wanted to say he finally let the cat out of the bag.

19. I’m here all week, friends.

20. Is it just me, or does she kind of remind you of Darla from Nemo?? (Don’t shake the bag)

photo copy


  1. 2


    Snort. Nice one.

    We were adopted by a cat when we bought this new house. She’s more like a COG, though. She follows us around, jumps on the trampoline with the kids, and behaves like a dog, except for the occasional remembrance of her Egyptian ancestry, when she gives us the evil eye and shows us her butt for awhile. But we had no idea we were cat people until she showed up. And she keeps us so entertained and we giggle so much over her. WHO KNEW????

    And I totally know what you mean about being owned by the baby. There’s some little stuffed toys at the pharmacy we visit. Every one of my kids has begged for that toy and I have said no. But then the baby asked me and I bought it. The end.

    True story.

  2. 3

    Kristi F says

    Sounds like your daughter and her kitten will be BFF for life with their shared interests in crustless sandwiches and both being the babies of the family. She DOES look a little like Darla in that picture! Too funny!

  3. 4

    Sara K. says

    We are going through a similar transition. We didn’t lose a pet, but we adopted a second cat to save our sanity. Our older cat was driving us nuts with her loneliness. I suspect she is now missing those quiet days. Now she spends her days with a wild, playful BIG (we are talking 10+ pounds) kitten. He is about 9 months old and does nothing but eat, play and cuddle. Our lives will never be the same! Oh, and my 8 year old does the same thing as your baby. Carrying a 10 pound “kitten” over your shoulder is hard work :)

  4. 6


    #7. Yep. All. The. Time. However, I don’t think I can get suckered into a cat. I’m literally afraid of them. You know how most people are afraid of big dogs or things that can actually do damage to you… Nope. I’m terrified of cats. It’s kind of funny/not funny.

  5. 7

    Rachel says

    I am praying for a dog. One of those that are good for people with allergies. My son is allergic but the kids want a dog SO BADLY. He is allergic to EVERYTHING except rabbits. Seriously. Momma misses a dog too (we had two before we found out he was allergic years ago). The hard part is convincing Dad. We visited family over Christmas that have four poorly behaved and badly shedding dogs and five people in a small house. It set my efforts WAY back. 😉

  6. 9


    HILARIOUS!!! We have too many cats…and too many dogs. *sigh* But they are entertaining when they aren’t puking on the carpet/couch or kicking kitty litter everywhere or eating poop. That last bit was directed at the dogs. Specifically the little dog who doesn’t know she is a little dog. 😉

  7. 10

    Alice says

    As I’m reading this, and laughing hysterically since we also have walked through the new cat mutiny before, my youngest cat Tristan is rolling around mauling a tiny stuffed cat in the floor, one of the many stolen stuffed animals once belonging to my daughter. We had to put our 16 yr old cat to sleep many years ago leaving our then 2 yr old feline alone. After weeks of prowling from untoward heights looking for her weary, gray matriarch, we gave in and brought home a precocious 5 month old boy cat. Surprise! She hated him! To this day our home is a delicate balance of Alpha and Omega rage just waiting to be unleashed underneath the dinner table. Good luck with your new found bundle of hiss!

  8. 12

    kelly says

    thank you thank you!! this is the first time i smiled & laughed out loud all day!!! and I am a cat person too..have 2 new boys to the family that love and hate each other..pretty much everyday! and they were brought into the family at diff times as well as came from diff backgrounds. its very interesting

  9. 13


    My Caty Cat is a thief too. Whenever I get a good deal on pet food with my coupons and sale combinations, I like to make donations to the humane society where I rescued Caty from. I got a bag of cat food for around $1 last week and put it in the donation bag in the pantry. I woke up this morning to find that my little thief had opened the pantry (I guess I didn’t close it all the way?), pulled the cat food out of the bag, ripped open the package, and proceeded to chow down.

    This is not the first time this has happened. I’m a bad kitty mommy with a sneaky, little stinker of a cat. But she’s super cute. :) See?

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