When It Falls Off, You Know You’ve Done Your Part

Do you know who the most oppressed group of people are in the world?


All around the world, girls long to receive an education, to live without the absolute terror of violent sexual crimes committed against them at home, in their neighborhoods, as they walk to school. The cycle of poverty and violence and the unbelievable injustice in our world runs deep and we cannot ignore it.

Simply put, in many countries, it’s life-threatening to be female.

At Mercy House, we seek to break this cycle in the name of Jesus. And I’m convinced, this is done through prayer.

And so, we invite you to pray for the endangered girls in our world today with this simple idea:

It’s a bit of twine.

And a single heart.


It’s a simple reminder to pray.

It’s an easy way to share their story.

It’s a bracelet that’s supposed to fall off.


Get yours today. They are $10 each, free shipping and 100% of the profit benefits endangered girls in Kenya. 
How to pray for the oppressed girls in our world:
1. Pray for their salvation.
2. Pray for their safety.
3. Pray that the cycle of violence that goes hand-in-hand with extreme poverty would be broken
4. Pray for the end to corruption of governments that are unjust and oppress girls
5. Pray for the shattered, violated hearts of wounded girls around the globe
6. Pray that the strongholds of violence, oppression and hopelessness would be broken in the name of Jesus.

This is the perfect service project for you and your kids, family, and groups.

Order a Love Mercy Bracelet Kit (Makes 25 Bracelets):

This idea was inspired not only to raise needed funds to help more girls in Kenya; it was also inspired as a practical hands-on service project activity for families, kids groups or Bible studies to do together.

If you’d like to do a service project with your family, a church or children’s group, you can order a kit of 25 for $10 (to cover expenses and shipping) and serve Mercy House by putting the bracelets together. You can return them for us to sell or you can help by selling them to friends and family for $10 each. Kits are available here.

Service Project: Easy 3-step instructions and supplies to make 25 bracelets are included in each kit. We’d love for you to sell the bracelets to family and friends and we ask that any unsold bracelets or funds are returned within 30 days of receipt.

This instruction guide is included with each kit:

FINAL copyBackFinal copy

Prayer is the most powerful tool we possess to empower oppressed girls in our world.


  1. 3

    Katie says

    This is an awesome idea. I’m fairly new to your site. Do you have any kind of promotional video that can be shown in a church service or the like to help gain support for Mercy House? Is there any kind of promotional video for this bracelet idea specifically? Thanks.

  2. 4

    Tracy says

    I absolutely love this idea, and am ordering for the kids in my youth group to put together & raise money for the cause. I admit, when I first glanced at the post, I thought it was another, “Oh let’s all pray for these poor (fill in the blank)”. And don’t get me wrong, I believe in the power of prayer, but if prayer were the only answer to the world’s problems, well, we wouldn’t have any problems. God created US to DO something to help & love our neighbors, and this is a great way to do it!

  3. 7

    Jill says

    I LOVE this Kristen! A simple way but very important way for us to get involved! I’d also like shipping to Canada please! I’d be willing to pay shipping…

  4. 8


    Just ordered my kit. I will blog about it when I receive the kit and start raising money. I am not stalking you or anything, but, dang girl! God works awesome in your life….

  5. 9

    Heather c says

    My 4 1/2 year old made bracelets today for the female family members we’ll see at Easter. We r finishing the rest as a play date with a couple other friends with 4 year olds. Gotta start somewhere. He thought it was really pretty and as a simple jewelry wearer, I love it, too!

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