Living in Daily Grace {Giveaway}

Winners: Congrats to random winners-Tracey, Jerralea, and reader Jen. Check your emails, ladies!

You know what I need every day?

(Besides sweet tea)


I need daily.grace.

It’s the air I breathe, the only way to make it through tough moments, bad days, fear and wild faith.

Grace is getting what I don’t deserve.


I absolutely love Dayspring’s new Daily Grace everyday tableware.

It’s simple, yet elegant and inspirational. It’s a great reminder to receive grace. Daily.


Today, Dayspring is giving 3 of my readers this lovely memo board!

Daily Grace - Grateful Heart - Memo Chalkboard

Take a look around
this lovely new collection and tell me your favorite in a comment as your entry.


  1. 454

    Jennifer Rae says

    I love it all – especially the items with the chalkboard on it. I think my favorite would be the pitcher. ADORABLE!

  2. 457

    Jessica says

    My favorite is the chalkboard coffee mug. My husband and I take a little time and have a cup of coffee together every morning. It reminds me how blessed we are :)

  3. 461

    Alisha Hodges says

    I really like the Grateful for All God Gives vase. I imagine it sitting in the bay window in my dining room filled with bright yellow spring flowers. I love things with happy and hopeful messages to remind me of my many blessings.

  4. 462


    what a beautiful table setting. This collection is inspiring that you make me want to entertain. I loved those vases. The platter was nice too. But my favorite was the chalk board. I am always daily writing a verse that I want us as a family to read throughout the day. that would be so perfect to put on my wall in my kitchen. It seems I am always in there so therefore so are my children looking for a snack or a talk.

  5. 470


    Love it all! I try never to say “lucky”, I always say “blessed” instead….so I love this line! Also would love a Grateful coffee mug….cuz’ that reminder to be grateful would be in front of my face ALL DAY! :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. 476

    Misty Patel says

    I love the wall art: Oh how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord …. Psalm 7:17. That is a perfect reminder to everyone who lives in or enters the house to thank and be grateful to the most important One!

  7. 477

    Amy says

    I love so many of the pieces, but if I had to narrow is down to my most favorite, it would include the all by grace/blessed and grateful vinyl wall art, the all by grace mug, and the large and small vases. Thanks for directing us to this cute collection!

  8. 478

    Olga Gurlov says

    That is just an amazing collection for a daily uplift. Loved the Daily Grace – Grace for Today – Teapot!!! And mugs were also great

  9. 479

    shawn heeney says

    Uh…I love chalkboards!! This one is wonderful. But the coffee mug and platter would be used everyday in my kitchen. Great collection!!!!!

  10. 486

    Karri says

    I love the chalkboard teapot and tea cup set. It is a lovely set to have to tea time. A time to sit and enjoy a little tea and cookies. Lovely collection overall.

  11. 488

    kd says

    Daily “Grace” for the table where we always say Grace, but do we really reflect on it? Thanks for this chance to win…

  12. 493

    Jen says

    The cups/plates are inspirational and the chalkboard is divine… I’d be honored to use all of these products in my home!!! Thank you for the chance! :)

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