Living in Daily Grace {Giveaway}

Winners: Congrats to random winners-Tracey, Jerralea, and reader Jen. Check your emails, ladies!

You know what I need every day?

(Besides sweet tea)


I need daily.grace.

It’s the air I breathe, the only way to make it through tough moments, bad days, fear and wild faith.

Grace is getting what I don’t deserve.


I absolutely love Dayspring’s new Daily GraceΒ everyday tableware.

It’s simple, yet elegant and inspirational. It’s a great reminder to receive grace. Daily.


Today, Dayspring is giving 3 of my readers this lovely memo board!

Daily Grace - Grateful Heart - Memo Chalkboard

Take a look around
this lovely new collection and tell me your favorite in a comment as your entry.


  1. 303

    Rachel says

    How can I pick just one?
    I love the teapot, the tea cups and the message board probably the best. They are all so special but those are my most favorite.

  2. 306

    NancyJo says

    It’s a toss up between the pitcher and the dinner place settings! Thank you for sharing this dinnerware. I love it.

  3. 307


    I love them all! My wallpaper border in my kitchen says Grateful Hearts, be Joyful Always, amazing Grace on it in a pattern so these dishes would fit right in. I choose to live joyful everyday because of His grace! I think my favs are the tall bowls that I can write on and the tea sets, but since my bday is this Sat, I think I may have to ask for some of these. I may get some for my friend that was just diagnosed with breast cancer as well. Thank you for sharing them! Blessings!

  4. 312

    Jada says

    I love all of it but the serving bowl and teapot with tea cups are great. Those would be used and loved in our home!

  5. 315

    Stephanie says

    Definitely love the mug with the chalkboard side. With a set of those we could leave messages of encouragement and love to friends and family when we serve coffee or put their names on them to keep track of whose is whose.

  6. 322

    Fairlight says

    I had just seen this line the other day on a decorating blog and she had used the dinner place set to hold small things on her desk ion her home office. I was pretty smitten. I think I like the “Open Your Heart” bowl the best. We go through a lot of bowls in this house on a daily basis! But I also like the plate set, to probably hang on my wall. :) What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. 325

    Jodi Chase says

    I love the memo board and the vase. We are in the middle of completely remodeling our kitchen. I will have to buy all new dishes. These would bring a blessing to my new home. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  8. 327

    Stacy says

    I love any of the items that say live a greatful life, such as the teacup and salad plate. What a great reminder!

  9. 332

    Bokerah says

    I LOVE the 3 piece place setting! I LOVE dishes that have positive and Biblical encouraging thoughts. They remind ME to be the best that I can. :) Thank you!

  10. 341


    ooo this set is so cute! i love the place cards, 16″ serving platter, & the memo board. we know lots of people moving soon, any of these would be the perfect gift! :)

  11. 346


    I love the divided serving plate and the large serving platter. I’m routinely bringing food for brunches at MOPS and it would be a perfect reminder for all of us to give ourselves grace as we fellowship and enjoy brunch together.

  12. 362

    Darci says

    We drink coffee and tea like crazy in our home. I think the coffee mugs would get most use. I love them all though!

  13. 363

    Lydia P says

    My favorite is the Daily Grace – Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set! Everything in the collection is beautiful though! I love Dayspring! Thank you for sharing!

  14. 364

    Tina says

    Love the chalkboard, but I think my favorite is the wall vinyl “All by grace” “blessed and grateful”

  15. 367

    Janell Dirksen says

    I love the teapot/teacup set- so cute. In the mornings while I have my coffee or tea is when I get to have my one-on-one time with God. I just love it!

  16. 372

    Katrina L says

    I completely love the tea pot and mugs. I was just introduced to chalk pens that would be fabulous on these! Such a small thing but such a beautiful reminder of daily grace.

  17. 375

    vicki says

    I know I’m in the UK so probably shouldn’t qualify, but I love it all, especially the cake pedestal. Wish we had Dayspring here xxxx

  18. 384

    Emily says

    Other than the super cute memo board, I like the serving bowls, especially the tall salad serving bowl.

  19. 388

    Elizabeth says

    My favorite is the Grateful coffee mug. What a good reminder to be thankful first thing on the morning!

  20. 390


    I love the tea pot and tea cups, the tall serving bowl, and the memory board. Anything in the collection would be appreciated though. Love it! This is a beautiful collection.

  21. 391

    Briana says

    I like the whole collection. I told my husband, “I’ve found our new dinnerware.” I’ve been liking for a few years as pour current collection had been dwindling since we started having kids.
    My favorite is the serving platter.

  22. 393

    Star says

    So hard to pick just one…in addition to the chalk board, my favorites are the little name place cards, the sugar and creamer set and the wall art!!

  23. 394

    Callie says

    Oh, that teapot is so sweet. I would love to brew a chemex and hold it in their for some pleasurable company!

  24. 399

    Abigail says

    I LOVE that teapot!! Pretty much everything was wonderful, but I have a special place in my heart for teapots – they remind me of my mom, who collects them and who is also across the country in WV

  25. 406


    I’m torn! I love the memo board (been thinking about having a visual reminder of thankfulness for our family). But I also love the mug since I drink coffee every morning out of a very boring mug. And I love the vinyl art that says “a grateful life is blessed”.

  26. 407

    Kristen says

    Ohhhhh! I LOVE these. Can’t decide between the dinner plates or the salad plates. Kind of leaning toward the salad plates because they’re square, but love them all!

  27. 408

    Shaunte Oakley says

    It is all so cute, but I think my favorite would have to be Blessed & Grateful – Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Art, I could write little notes to my kids & husband…as well as many other uses.

  28. 413

    Natalie says

    I really like the tea set. I love how these dishes point you to Christ…as a busy mama, I need that minute by minute reminders of Christ and what He has done for me ~ love and grace extended. Amazing.

  29. 416


    I loooooove the bowls. What a beautiful set of dishes! Stunning, really. And what a wonderful way to settle the heart on truth. Absolutely lovely!

  30. 424

    Michelle says

    I really like the place cards, but mostly I am crazy about all the squiggles. That’s my favorite part!

  31. 426

    Kim says

    The best thing about this set is that it can be dressed up or go great with casual dishes! I love the divided tray.

  32. 433

    Jessie says

    The bowls. I love to eat so many dishes out of bowls, because then it’s automatically comfort food! And my family of boys all like to start their days with cereal, so it would be a reminder of how to begin each day in gratitude.

  33. 440

    Susan M says

    Wow, it’s hard to pick just one. I love the service platter and the vinyl wall art. I also love the divided service dish!

  34. 443

    earleyml says

    Love this set! Great daily reminder of the grace we need in life both for ourselves and towards others.

  35. 444

    Roxanne Pena says

    All the designs bring a smile to my face but my favorite has to be Open Your Heart Bowl with the saying “Open your heart in grateful Praise!”

  36. 448

    Tonya says

    I love the dinner plates. What a great reminder to my family and I as we sit down to dinner together!

  37. 449

    Jen says

    How do you choose only one?! I love the plates, large bowl for fruit, and the tea set. I think the tea cups are my favorite!!

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