Take a 3 Day Marriage Challenge

I don’t know about y’all, but some days by the time I actually talk to my husband, I’ve got nothing left.

You know how the day can go:  crack of dawn breakfast and lunch-making motions, working hard and long all day, waiting in carlines, carting kids to music lessons, fixing dinner, starting laundry, falling into bed and then hitting repeat all week long.

And then when Terrell and I finally sit down together, it’s to pay bills.

Not exactly hot romance up in here.

We’ve been in such a crazy-busy season of life and ministry lately. I’ve noticed the wear and tear on our marriage. If we aren’t intentional, life will lead us instead of the other way around. And then we realize one day, we’ve gone weeks without connecting with our spouse.

Take a 3 Day Marraige Challenge

So, here’s the challenge I’m taking this weekend. I’m going to try and do these things for the next 3 days and I dare you to join me:

  1. Laugh Really Hard Together: I mean like at least one gut-busting moment. I already can’t wait.
  2. Kiss For 10 Seconds: Because that’s a really long time. Ya know?
  3. Flirt: Give him The Look. Pat her backside. Try it, you’ll remember.
  4. Stay up late and talk: Sometimes those moments of whispering in the dark are just the best!
  5. Show Your Love Out loud: Compliment your mate in front of someone else. Or even better, wear your affection all day.

 Who’s in?


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  1. 1


    So true, we get so busy and by the time we finally make it to bed time, I just don’t have the energy to really talk about what’s on my heart sometimes! Silence in those moments seems so very golden:) I like the challenge, I’m in!

  2. 2


    It’s been so hard ever since we left the States for Europe — no family around to help with anything, all our friends/normal baby-sitters gone, Putin invading Ukraine leading to longer work hours, a banana costing about 3 times what we paid back home! I’d love to do this.

  3. 4

    Rhonda says

    I’m in. Even though my Husband works/lives apart from the family. I will connect through text and phone.

  4. 5

    Genie says

    We are already that couple! Of course we are older and don’t have children. But we do all the things you suggest all the time! Been married 17 years and more in love than ever!!!!!

  5. 6

    Kelly says

    Yes…I’m in…. I have realized I personally need to be more intentional with DH… We work together..are on top of one another 24/7…. & it’s hard to remember sometimes that I choose him to be married to.. We have hit a rough patch that has lasted quite awhile now… & I’m just as much of fault… Mostly because I’m not anymore mature than DH.. Even though I pray to God to help in that area.. I will take up this challenge to try & change things…it’s not the best weekend for this as we are taking jr high school to college tour & it’s my almost 14 yr old b/day Sunday.. Or maybe that’s the point… Because we r soooooo busy I still need to look at DH as more that father of our kids…& work partner.. He is my lover… My mate who has my back & wants to be with me as much as I STILL want to be with him.

  6. 7

    Rachel M. says

    It’s like you were in our house last night… I SO NEEDED this today. Challenge accepted! Thank you!

  7. 8


    I LOVE this! I completely agree :) I actually wrote a book about this called Intentional Marriage that is a 31 day challenge to do similar things. I did this 31 day challenge myself back in October and it was life-changing for us.

    It is so important for us to prioritize our marriage!

  8. 9

    Kiana says

    I love Union28 shirts! I just got one at a Hearts At Home conference and I thought that my husband would laugh and think it was dumb and he surprised me..He thought it was a cool shirt and I could tell it pumped him up a little to see me wear “My Husband Rocks” right there on my shirt all day long…

  9. 12

    Beth says

    I love the challenge, and it does feel as though the more things I get involved in the less we seem to connect. I’m so in!!

  10. 13


    I love that you are bringing this up! Yes, it is something that my husband and I make a priority and it is crucial to nurture that relationship. With so many couples around us divorcing or struggling with marital issues, it has been on my mind a lot lately. I just posted something similar about starting with ourselves as mamas and mentioned relationships with our mates but it wasn’t the only focus. Hope it’s okay to share:


    THANK YOU for raising relationship awareness! Keep up the amazing work.

  11. 14


    We have so much stress in our lives, too, that I can totally relate. I really like this challenge and am so glad you posted it! Thank you!

  12. 15


    I’m in. Perfect timing… We will be celebrating 11 years of marriage tomorrow by going to not one but two little league opening day games (baseball and softball) complete with extra time for team pictures AND a mandatory interview for a Mother/Daughter college prep program for my daughter. We know the having nothing left feeling. However at the end of that busy day the kids will be going to grandmas for the night as is tradition on our anniversary.

  13. 16

    Jeff Davis says

    I am so in for thsi challenge this weekend and can not wait! Super excited! Thank you for sharing this challenge and your inspiring stories :)

  14. 17


    Thanks for the important reminder. I also wrote recently about the importance of being intentional in marriage. My thought was to do at least one thing each week to invest in your marriage, but I really like the idea of devoting a full weekend to being intentional and marriage focused.

  15. 18


    Ooh, ooh, me, me!! I. am. in. When we don’t take time to really connect, my husband and I end up totally out of sync and then it’s harder to figure out how to connect. Challenge accepted.

  16. 19

    Beverly says

    I strive to do this every weekend because it is the only time I get to see my husband. During the week he works second shift which here lately is more like first and second Monday-Friday which leaves me to handle the house and five children on my own. So by the time he gets off Friday night I am ready to give him all the love and attention I can. I have always strived to make sure to do all of these things you have in this challenge. This week has been a very difficult one as his mom is in the hospital and I have been sick. Taking the time out this weekend to reconnect will be awesome.. sometimes it only takes a few seconds to make that compliment that may just make our spouses day or to give that flirtatious grin that says oh yea I love you to the moon and back! I so can’t wait til he gets home tonight!

  17. 20


    Such a great reminder! Today it’s a rainy Saturday and we’ve still just been running around doing, doing, doing when all I’d really like to do is relax and stay still together. Kid stuff waits for no one though and it’s not going to happen unless we make carve out the time. Thanks for the challenge!

  18. 21

    Kim P. says

    I may have missed the cutoff for the discount, but when I tried to order a shirt tonight, the discount code didn’t work. Love your 3-day challenge!

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