Tell Her You Love Her {Giveaway}

She wipes down the kitchen counters and wipes up the spilled milk.

She wipes away the stains and the bad days.

She wipes all the tears and all the rears.

She is a mom. And whether she’s your wife or your mom or you’re hers, she needs to know all the wiping is remembered and appreciated.


And we have a beautiful way to celebrate mothers all over the globe this year for Mother’s Day. It’s just over a month away and we’ve made your shopping easy this year.

Introducing our brand new LIMITED EDITION gorgeous paper bead mother’s necklace in green and pretty pink handcrafted  beads made by our young mothers in Kenya at Mercy House. This is a beautiful, meaningful way to bless your mother, mother-in-law, mother friends as well as young mothers across the ocean:


The first 50 sold also receive an adorable FREE Mother’s Day Card and all the proceeds go to bless mothers in Kenya!


Inside card: Hope your Mother’s Day is loads of fun!

Back of card:


Today, we are giving away two of these very special necklaces. Click over and read more about them and leave a comment on this post to be entered. (We are also selling them on leather cord necklaces instead of paper beads).


Get yours soon because these won’t last.

But a mother’s love will.


  1. 7

    Erin H. says

    How beautiful! I don’t wear a lot of necklaces because I generally don’t like stuff around my neck, but I like how these are longer and LOVE the colors! I will be showing these to hubby and kids!

  2. 11

    Rachel Crisman says

    These necklaces are sweet….cheerful….I really like them. Thanks…would love to have one.

  3. 13

    Claudine says

    The necklaces are beautiful and so is the sentiment. God bless you as you wipe….whatever it may be that needs wiping. :)

  4. 18

    Andrea L. says

    Beautiful! Is there a way you can make shipping to Canadians available for the Mercy House items so we can support the ministry too? :)

  5. 22

    Lindsi says

    I live across the country from my Momma and I just know she’d love one of these beautiful necklaces as I constant reminder her daughter loves her and appreciates her! I love the story behind them as well.

  6. 30

    Paige Gilmore says

    These are beautiful! I would love to have that green one. I want to say I would give it to a very deserving friend but I just don’t know if I could let this beauty go…

  7. 32

    Jenn says

    These are wonderful! What mom wouldn’t wear it proudly, knowing that her children (and husband) value her? Thanks for offering such awesomeness!

  8. 34

    Kim says

    Just lovely! I love these…so simple yet beautiful…would love to win. Thinking of so many ladies in my life I would like to give them to, not just mothers. All women need to remember they are LOVED! I want to learn more about this ministry

  9. 45

    Jennifer G says

    What a beautiful reminder that I am LOVED (regardless of what I may feel or think or see in the mirror) To be honest, I have been struggling a lot lately with health issues (I’m in my early 30’s and suddenly started getting acne, along with other issues) and have been feeling so ugly and unloved. Your necklace was the perfect reminder of God’s love for me. Thank you.

  10. 49

    Stacy bishop says

    Beautiful necklaces. Discovered your blog last week and have been very encouraged by the many posts I have read. Thank you!

  11. 51

    Wendi says

    What gorgeous necklaces, and a special gift because of the love poured in to them and the support they give when bought. May you sell out of every one of them. And thank you for the opportunity to win one to give away.

  12. 55

    Jenell says

    These are stunning necklaces. I know my mother or mother-in-law would be blessed by it. Thank you for the possibility of winning one.

  13. 62

    Nicole says

    My mother has been suffering from debilitating migraines for about 8 weeks. She has been in and out of the hospital in terrible pain. After more tests and scans than one should endure, finally last week she was able to get the right medications to help ease her pain.
    My mother never once complained. I saw her strength fight her pain. I saw her faith fight her doubt.
    I would love to be able to give her this beautiful necklace to honor her love and fight.

  14. 69

    Rachel T says

    I love these necklaces. I hope they will still be for sale in a couple of weeks. We are in the beginning of a “7” (by Jen Hatmaker) fast on spending and I can’t spend any money except in 7 different locations. These are super cute!

  15. 74


    I just went to buy a necklace and two t-shirts….please start shipping to Canada!!! I had to cancel my order….

    If you need help with Canadian orders and shipping – I do that stuff – drop me a line. I would love to help!

  16. 80

    Robin in AZ says

    I turn 50 this year and my mom is still constantly helping us kids as well as her grandkids. I would love to bless her with the green one- green is her favorite color.

  17. 82

    Clairey says

    I really like the look of these necklaces! Love gifts that give back! Perfect for mothers day! Somebody tell my kids.. 😉

  18. 85

    Aunt Mel says

    Can we purchase these, Kristen? I have two daughters for which this would be an amazing gift.

    Thank you!

    Aunt Mel

  19. 87

    brandi S. says

    What a sweet giveaway. And love the paper necklaces! I get so many compliments on my Love Mercy House Bracelet

  20. 93

    Sara Peterson says

    Beautiful necklaces and a beautiful way to bless a mother and to bless the ministry of the ladies who make the necklaces.

  21. 98

    Melissa Grant says

    What a beautiful tribute to mom to make her feel loved & to remind us all of the sacrifices being made at Mercy House. Awesome! Hope the lucky winner realizes how blessed she is!!

  22. 109


    Wow, they’re just stunning! And what wonderful cause you’re supporting. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and raising awareness, friend. -Rebecca

  23. 115

    April says

    Motherhood……6 years later, with a little boy after a little girl. So hard, so different. Remembering I am loved by those around me is a on going task.

  24. 116

    Kelly Floden says

    These are beautiful ! Thank you for posting this, so I was able to see some beauty in my life today!

  25. 117

    Alyssa B says

    These are beautiful. I don’t think it’s my mom’s style, but I sure would love the green one! I love the card too.

  26. 118

    Lori Magee says

    I would love one to give to my mother this year for Mother’s Day.
    She always helps me find clarity in the chaos.
    She. Is. Loved.

  27. 126

    Sarah says

    These are beautiful! Love this idea for a gift as it is something unique, beautiful, and helps others in return

  28. 129

    Jada says

    Love! Would truly enjoy wearing these beautiful necklaces and as a gift. Perfect Mothers Day gifts.

  29. 134

    Joelyn says

    My mom would love both the look of this necklace and that it benefits Mercy House. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  30. 137

    Kristy Lynn says

    The necklaces are beautiful and so is the work you are doing through Mercy House!! I love reading your blog and hearing how God is restoring lives of all those beautiful young women! Blessings to you :)

  31. 144

    Lindsay Woodward says

    I love these necklaces and the ministry they help! My mom would adore this, and I would love to bless her with one!

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