The Invitation to More

“There has got to be more.”

These are haunting words.

I have said them. I have lived the hollow emptiness that comes with filling my life with things that do not matter.

I have looked at the mess of my life and longed for more.

More meaning.

More purpose.

More satisfaction.

More of God.

That can only mean less of me.

really living requires a real yes

And I found more in an unlikely place. It was saying yes in the middle of my mess. I quenched my thirst for more with my small yes to God.

When we obey Him, we drink from living water, it satisfies the thirst in our soul.

There’s nothing like it —  to witness the raw beauty of a woman who really lives into the fullness of wild faith. There is no really living without really saying yes. Without really taking one step that is is actually a leap. 

There comes a moment in every woman’s life when something she was tightly holding on to —- just slips from her hands. Sometimes it’s a dream. Sometimes it’s a place…  a person ….  a purpose…. Sometimes it’s the life you always thought you’d be living.

And you find yourself standing in front of the mirror realizing that the faith you’ve been pulling on every day —- doesn’t seem to be enough?

What happens when you look yourself right in the eye and realize:

I’m not living like just Jesus is enough for me. 

What happens when you realize that, really?  You actually want a lot more than just Jesus.

That’s the moment when the rhinestone falls, clatters, across the floor.

That’s the moment you find yourself invited into endless diamond fields of real faith.

The actual kingdom of God.

This book in your hands is your invitation to The Real More. 

-an excerpt from the foreword of Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough by my amazing friend Ann Voskamp.


Coming May 1st.


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