To the Children of Texas

We’ve had two weather days in our part of Texas this winter.

School was canceled. Roads were sanded. Bread aisles were emptied.

And before you northerners mock us too badly, it’s been the coldest winter for us in 40 years.

Plus, there was real live ice.

On one of these days, I watched my Texas kiddos scrape bits of dirty ice from the mailbox and cram it into a ball and call it a snow since they had never seen real snow before.

Poor Texas children. It was pathetic.

And then it was nearly 80 the next day.

We are on our way home from Spring Break in New Mexico, where my hubby and I lived after we got married. On Sunday, we got to share about Mercy House with the church we youth pastored nearly a dozen years ago.


We also found real snow in the Santa Fe mountains.

This happened immediately:

photo copy 3

Here are 10 things we learned about snow:

1. It’s all fun and snowballs until your hands get too cold. And then it’s a literal meltdown.

2. Snow reflects the sun and causes really bad sunburns.

3. Moms have guilt when their children have blisters on their noses.

4. We were able to make every Frozen song applicable. Over and over. “Do you want to build a snowman?”

5. Plastic storage lids are perfect sleds. #rednecks

6. Kids aren’t sore after learning to ski.

7. Parents can hardly walk.

photo copy 2

8. Light skiing burns 2400 calories.

9. Related: Everything tastes delicious after skiing.

10. Snowball fights cause real life fights. #siblings

So, dear children of Texas, now you know what a real snow day is.


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  2. 2

    Jennifer says

    Haha great post! Isn’t it funny how kids go crazy over snow? I live in Northern MN, about an hour from Canada. We’ve had our worst winter ever too, but for us it doesn’t really matter if it’s -20 or -50 we are ready for it. I felt really bad for those in the south who got freezing weather and didn’t have the set ups to deal with it, especially that storm in Georgia. Crazy!
    We’ve gotten down to the -50 wind chills many times this year. We are ready for summer, however hopefully not as hot as it was last summer. We got up to about 100 a few times last year and we were not prepared for that kind of heat. Going to use the tax return to get central air put in this year :)

  3. 3

    Joanne Peterson says

    Fun post. Live in Wisconsin and never got snow burns :). Cardboard boxes work for sledding too in a pinch! We get both the windchills, hot weather, and we live with a river in our backyard and get the flooding.

  4. 5


    I know you probably have had plenty of these, but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. And about the snow……ugh….you can have ours! DC has been buried this winter.

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