Saying #Yes In My Mess

I’m a mom.

I have a lot of messes.

Currently: there is a science fair project involving 1000 paper clips most of which are scattered under my dining room table and an entire package of broken Girl Scout cookies on my kitchen floor. (One of these is more fun to pick up, by the way).

But there’s always been an internal mess too… struggling with who I am, what I’m supposed to do, wondering if I’m a good enough wife and mom…

After years of wondering if I was enough, I decided to say yes in my mess.

You just never know where your yes might lead.


In 2010 when I introduced my family to the young African girl who I’d met on a Compassion Blogger Trip in Kenya a couple of months earlier, I didn’t know what God was going to do.

My life was a mess.


And I’m not just talking about under the beds.

I was a home decor hoarder, I was ruled by mom guilt, my marriage was on the mend and I’d stopped dreaming.

I didn’t know God was going to take the broken pieces of my life– the inadequate and fearful me- my big mess- and ask me to say yes in it.

But He did.



He didn’t wait for me to have it all together, to clean up my act, to finally arrive before He asked.

He looked at my wreck and asked me to obey anyway.

This is my story.


And you know what’s crazy? More than two dozen rescued moms and miracle babies later — my life is still a mess.

My kids still misbehave, I still lose my cool. My husband and I still argue over stupid things, I still eat all the Easter candy I “put away for the kids” and there is still junk under my bed.

photo copy

I still get it wrong. I still have to apologize and ask forgiveness.

I am still messy me.

But I still keep saying yes.


Because it not only unleashes other people to join me, but I’ve never felt more alive than when I say yes. We were made for more than just existing in our mess and complaining about it.

You have a purpose. You are destined for more.

You can say yes in your mess, too. Because life is messy. It’s imperfect and if we wait until we have the perfect family (picture) we will wait forever.


If we wait until we have it all together to say yes to God, we won’t say it.

What is He asking you today? Call that friend, send that email. Visit that neighbor. Start something. Say something. Step out. Take a risk.

Saying yes is the hard part. He does the rest.

Join me in saying yes in your mess today.


To download the free, full size printable to add a “yes to your mess” click here. Add (hashtag) #yesinmymess and/or #rhinestonejesus and join the YES MOVEMENT on Instagram.



  1. 1


    I know I need to say yes, but why is it so hard? Why do we doubt ourselves? Why do we doubt Him? Thanks for this encouragement. It’s easy to get lost in our own messy days to the point that we fail to look beyond the mundane. I need to remember to say YES more!

  2. 3


    Great reminder! I need to accept the fact that I will never be caught up and perfect. I need to obey and move on the opportunities God reveals now, not when I think I’ll be better suited for the task. Obeying when I can’t do it in my own strength brings glory to God and helps me to be humble.

  3. 5


    Yes times a million! My “mess” has always been there, and I usually embrace it, but when I feel like I don’t have control (duh…because He does!) I tend to feel more of a doubter. Just when I thought God was using us in great potential in a broken city, He mixes it up. My husband, with God’s help, got accepted into a major scholarship program through the Air Force and we pack up our family, after only spending less than 2 years in Pensacola, and move to DC first then to Israel!!! Wow, guess God has a bigger plan for us. Your blog spoke more to me today, than ever. Thank you!

  4. 6


    Kristen, what do you do when you desperately WANT to say “yes” but the opportunities just aren’t there?!? I have agonized over this. I see all these things talking about how God can use anyone with a willing heart. Anyone willing to go and do, and He will use them. I can’t help but think I must need to get fixed first. Of course that’s discouraging because, like you, I don’t really think that’s ever going to happen…lol. But it’s a question that haunts me in those secret moments–why is it that even God has no use for me? It’s a very discouraging thought and one that I don’t quite know how to resolve.

    • 6.1

      Lisa says

      Kristen, what a beautiful heart you have…God sees you, loves you, & is going to reveal Himself to you. I, too, am “up on a shelf” right now & belief is hard. But we know that He is doing something “in us” while preparing to do something “through us”. Waiting is harder than doing, I think. When He shows us “that thing”, we must decide now that we will gladly serve Him & run in obedience to that which He has called us to… Ready, Set, GO!! You are precious in His sight!

  5. 7


    I didn’t realize I had quit dreaming until you said it yourself. I’m in that place where I gave up a dream for what God had in store instead and I’m still struggling through it. I miss dreaming… But I love this. I love that God doesn’t wait for us to clean up, but He uses the mess, too.

  6. 8

    Sally Calentine says

    How do you take that all important first step and say yes? Is there a special scripture that you refer to when you so want to say yes but no keeps coming out. I don’t want to be a no person I want with all my heart to say yes.

  7. 9


    This was GREAT. Sometimes I forget that I’m not the only one sitting in a great big ol’ mess. I’ve got a baby with a head cold, a toddler with an attitude, and 2 energetic school boys. It’s tempting to shut everybody out since I have enough to deal with, but I haven’t shut the world out yet. It’s a great reminder that everyone has some kind of mess! Love it.

  8. 10


    Thank you for this. Exactly what I needed. I’m saying yes with you! Yes, to God, yes, to coming alive, yes to all the more he has for me in the midst of my mess!

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