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I spent 10 minutes looking for my denim jacket the other day. I looked everywhere–in my closet, car, laundry room. I finally gave up, scratching my head in wonder.

It turned out my teen daughter looked quite stylish that day at school.

Can anyone else identify? I’m just glad we aren’t the same shoe size anymore.

A friend told me it was a high compliment–that my teenager thinks (some) of my wardrobe is cool enough to wear. I’m honored. Sort of (because I was also a bit cold without my jacket).

But I have to admit, my daughter knows the latest fashion trends way before I do and helps me look cute when I’m “looking my age.” When  The Golden Tote asked if they could send me a tote of clothes to try, we were excited. I say we because we both know it’s not just for me.


I’ve been a big fan of StitchFix, but I wanted to see how this was different. Because while I love the clothes they send me, it’s expensive. If it weren’t for referral credits, I wouldn’t shop there very often.  The Golden Tote asks a couple of questions and then let’s you choose an item (or two) based on the option you choose and they surprise you with the rest.

Here’s how The Golden Tote works:


My tote came in a few days and the best part? You don’t have to choose what to keep, you get to keep everything in your prepaid tote. And I loved my grab bag with a super cute dress that I’m going to call my Easter dress, three tops and a cami

Here are my favorites:


1. This little floral tank is so colorful. It looks great with my favorite cardigan that I already had.

2. I love the pink and green top/dress. It looks cute over jeans or tights or by itself.

3. My hubby is going to love this little slip dress. I’m saving it for our next date.

4. And my favorite is probably this soft white top. It’s simple, but classy. I love it.

and guess what else was in my Golden Tote?

A new denim jacket.


I think we love it.

The Golden Tote works for us! (Click on my affiliate link to check it out!)


  1. 5

    Kaleyos says

    This is the most disappointing “review” I have ever seen for a Golden Tote bag. Why didn’t you include pictures of any of the other items?

    The purpose of a review is to provide a complete and honest opinion of the service and items you received, most specifically because you got this tote for free. However, you don’t go into any detail beyond “I loved my grab bag with a super cute dress that I’m going to call my Easter dress, three tops and a cami…”

    Will not be subscribing to your blog :(

      • 5.1.1

        Kaleyos says

        Oooh, good retort.

        If a person is given a product (which include 6 different items) to review, which in total is worth well over $500 dollars, then that person needs to include the whole product, not just one item of that product.

        I certainly appreciate Kristen’s comment below stating that she didn’t include as much as she’d like due to a family emergency, and I will definitely read her follow up post.

  2. 6

    Bobbi says

    I don’t know how this can be called a review! There is one picture and no descriptions. You were GIVEN a tote to review and instead, the main focus is on your misplaced denim jacket NOT the clothing provided by GT. I love Golden Tote and I enjoy reading reviews each month on various sites but this one is hardly what I’m used to. You did a good job explaining how the service works and that’s certainly helpful for people new to Golden Tote. It would just be nice to see all of your items and have you provide an honest, complete review.

  3. 7


    I loved hearing about this company! And, also, thank you for hosting the link up today! I am new to the blogging world and appreciate the opportunity to learn and network!

      • 8.1.1


        I was able to access the pictures on my computer and add them to my post. Part of my agreement was to have the post up by last night, but I had to publish incomplete.

  4. 10

    Karen says

    Just a curiosity question… What happens if the items don’t fit or you don’t like them? I love the idea of Stitch fix, but could never quite get a good fit for a good price.

    • 10.1


      It’s an all or nothing kind of deal. You can return everything to keep everything. It’s a lot of items for the money so they suggest you share or regift whatever doesn’t work. If you have a teen daughter that seems like a good idea :)

      • 10.1.1

        sarah says

        Or you can come on over to the golden tote swap page on Facebook and swap with others looking just for your item, and you can pick up the ones you want.

  5. 11


    I love both of these websites, and hope to be able to try one of them out someday, but it’s sort of a bummer to me that they don’t carry any plus sizes or even XL for shirts, etc. I guess I’ll come back and look after I’ve (hopefully) lost some weight.

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