It Matters. {Giveaway}

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Every load of laundry.

Every spill wiped.

Every hug given.

Every phone call made.

Every note mailed.

Every meal cooked.

Every dollar given.

Every day lived.

Every time you say yes to someone other than yourself, you are changing another person’s world.


You have changed mine.

You have changed theirs.

Thank you for saying yes with me.

Your yes matters.


Thank you for buying my book, for reading the story, for saying yes to Mercy House.

Mostly, for saying yes to God.


We had a little YES party this past weekend. So many local friends have served faithfully, quietly for years. I got emotional seeing them all in one place.



photo copy



photo copy 2
These are the some of the volunteers behind Mercy House USA.

They are the package-stuffing,










I love you, friends, real-life and online, all the same, I love you deeply.

photo copy 2

And to those reading from California to North Carolina, from Canada to Mexico your yes is changing the world and today we celebrate that.

I’m giving away FIVE copies of Rhinestone Jesus with FIVE ‘Your Yes Matters” leather bracelets and FIVE “We change the world” prints.

Because your yes matters. 

Leave a comment to win.



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  1. 451

    Kristin says

    I am loving your book and would love to have some to share. I love seeing how “just a mom” can do so much for Christ! Keep it up. Thanks for the example you are being.

  2. 453

    Nicci Ahart says

    I love reading your blog! Inspires me to say yes in my mess and to strive toward Him daily.

  3. 458

    Jessica says

    Thank you for your inspiration! Makes saying YES much easier when we realize who it helps. Keep the good words coming!

  4. 459

    kate says

    a great reminder that my YES matters, now to just be still and present enough to hear the question. that’s where i falter and where i will continue to strive to be better, thank you for always sharing from your heart :)

  5. 460

    Melissa Thomas says

    I so love the sentiment at the top of this blog post. And love the work you are doing through Mercy House. God bless you & all your “yeses.”

  6. 461

    Melissa R says

    I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. I love how your message is that anybody can say yes to God and do great things for the Lord just by saying yes to Him and letting Him work through you! Thank you again and I can’t wait to start reading your book!

  7. 462

    Rhiannon says

    Your family is an inspiration to me. I am enjoying saying “yes” more to people and being a blessing to others. I would love to read your book. Blessings from Iceland.

  8. 464

    Tanya Napier says

    I struggle with Yes everyday! Thanks for the reminder that those little things are big things to someone else. And thanks for the chance :)

  9. 465

    Angel says

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I’m in a season of transition right now, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that it matters.

  10. 469

    Lori williams says

    This is beautiful, I don’t have a ” rhinestone Jesus” book, but I would love a copy and when I’m done reading it, I will definitely share. I love your blog, even though I’m young and not married it is an encouragement to me. THANK YOU!

  11. 470

    Anne-Claire Vos says

    I would love a copy of your book! my life is a mess but you have inspired me to say yes despite that!

  12. 474


    I was saying no- after burying two children, I was going to have a tubal ligation- but God said yes, and I became pregnant. Now we have the healthiest, smilingest baby I’ve ever seen. She’s a testimony to everyone who knows us of what God can do. I would love to read about your choice to say yes.

  13. 475

    Natalie says

    Thank you for saying yes! And especially thank you for encouraging others (me) to say yes!!

  14. 476

    Tracy says

    I love your perspective on life! Thanks for your wonderful blog! I am looking forward to reading your book! Thanks so much.

  15. 477

    Joyce says

    Thank you for your inspiration and for challenging me to say Yes to the Mess….bring it on!

  16. 478


    Thank you! I have been encourage and challenged by your blog and look forward to reading your book.
    Mom of five boys, 5-17 and one girl, 13.

  17. 480

    jo harris says

    I am currently reading your other book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There! I LOVE it!! I can’t put it down, which says a lot for me bc the only time i have to read is when i go to bed and i am exhausted by then. I have tried everything short of putting toothpicks to prop my eyes open in order to stay awake to keep reading your book….it just makes me warm and fuzzy (the book not the thought of toothpicks in my eyes). Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us!

  18. 481

    Teresa Kasten says

    Um, YES, please! I would love to read your book. If it’s as good as your blog, I know it will make me think about my yeses and nos to my family, friends, community. Peace.

  19. 482

    nicole ross says

    I can’t wait to read your book. Your blog continues to inspire me and how to look at the world Biblically.

  20. 483

    Amy says

    I would love your book as I’ve been wanting to read it! Also, I’m the librarian in our little country church up here in northern Canada and after I read it, I’d love to put it in our (tiny) church library for others in my church to read. Our yeses look a bit different, putting on a vbs for 30 farm kids to hear about Jesus, cooking at a bible camp for Native kids, or giving our money to the Lord’s work on the other side of the world, but God uses all our yeses! God Bless You!

  21. 484


    Any time I have hit a tough spot in life, I’ve turned my spirit around by saying “I thank Yous” to God. Remembering all that He has done for me and thanking Him for even the little things like a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in has made all of my problems seem less important. I love your attitude of gratitude. It is a great things to teach our children.

  22. 486

    Sara Westhead says

    It has been fantastic learning about you, your family, and this amazing ministry God has given you. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  23. 490

    Missy says

    Your blog has been so challenging to me. I can’t wait to get my book in! Thanks for your transparency. Would love the extra books and bracelets to share with friends.

  24. 492

    Ruth says

    Every spill wiped, every load of laundry….(and if I can add my own, every time you place the cushions on the couch, only to have the children throw them down again) IT MATTERS!!! It can be done as a sweet smelling sacrifice to God, if we do it cheerfully an patiently for him… Even in the small mundane things of being a homemaker… God sees them, even if no one else does, and keeps record of it, an blesses us for it!!! It’s amazing!!!<3

  25. 493

    Renae says

    I just discovered your blog through a friend and am so grateful. So many posts that touch my heart!

  26. 498

    Jennifer says

    I keep asking myself the question: but what is the question I’m supposed to answer “yes” to? Still praying about that! Thank you for putting the question about the question (and the answer) on my heart.

  27. 499


    I am really hoping to read your book with friends in a book club this summer! This is just the kick in the pants I need!

  28. 500

    Melissa says

    You are helping me to realize that every teeny tiny yes matters. I may not be a WORLD changer, but am changing those in my world! Thanks, Kristen!

  29. 501


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