It Matters. {Giveaway}

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Congrats to Amalia, Valorie M, Melody B, Jodi T, and Brandi

Every load of laundry.

Every spill wiped.

Every hug given.

Every phone call made.

Every note mailed.

Every meal cooked.

Every dollar given.

Every day lived.

Every time you say yes to someone other than yourself, you are changing another person’s world.


You have changed mine.

You have changed theirs.

Thank you for saying yes with me.

Your yes matters.


Thank you for buying my book, for reading the story, for saying yes to Mercy House.

Mostly, for saying yes to God.


We had a little YES party this past weekend. So many local friends have served faithfully, quietly for years. I got emotional seeing them all in one place.



photo copy



photo copy 2
These are the some of the volunteers behind Mercy House USA.

They are the package-stuffing,










I love you, friends, real-life and online, all the same, I love you deeply.

photo copy 2

And to those reading from California to North Carolina, from Canada to Mexico your yes is changing the world and today we celebrate that.

I’m giving away FIVE copies of Rhinestone Jesus with FIVE ‘Your Yes Matters” leather bracelets and FIVE “We change the world” prints.

Because your yes matters. 

Leave a comment to win.



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  1. 1

    Elizabeth says

    Kristen, I love that you have allowed us to partner with your family and say YES to God. My husband and I love knowing that each month we are helping to change lives- even if we are not there to see it in person. Thank you for partnering with us!

  2. 2

    Diana says

    Kristen your Yes matters and is multiplying itself! Thanks for inspiring so many and serving so humbly!

  3. 3

    Jill McNeil says

    Got your book this weekend and in the midst of a heartbreaking week I’m encouraged to say yes to Jesus even more!!

  4. 4


    I’d love to read your book; I’ve been following your blog from way back when, and have watched you on this amazing journey! thanks for saying yes!

  5. 5


    So proud to be a small part of your vision. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry!

  6. 8

    Victoria says

    I am new to your blog but am hearing wonderful things about it and your book and will definitely get my hands on it one way or another! Thank you for being obedient to God and rallying support for those who need it.

  7. 10

    Sheila Laurence says

    I said yes to something that made me uncomfortable today. I am trying to remember that to do something ok is still better than not doing anything.

  8. 11

    Amy Osborne says

    I read your book this weekend and felt inspired and convicted if things I have been feeling for awhile now. I thank you for writing it and sharing your story. I laughed and cried and was sad when it was over. I am also just a mom in the Houston area and know that I can make a impact for Jesus with my yes.

  9. 13


    Reading your book I want to yell out loud “I GET YOU! I GET IT!” and feel so grateful to realize there is somebody out there who gets me. Thanks for writing and for saying YES

  10. 14

    Candice says

    So very generous. My yes has been hesitant and full of fear lately. Thank you for sharing your story and this giveaway.

  11. 15

    Lisa says

    Oh you have no idea how I needed to hear “Your Yes Matters” tonight! Thanks for listening to the Lord and speaking how He leads you to.

  12. 16

    Heather says

    Thanks for sharing your story & encouraging us moms in the weeds of raising kids that we can make a difference…in our home & beyond!

  13. 18

    Wendi says

    So glad for everyone like you that says YES!!! Cannot wait to read your book, may it inspire more and more to say YES! Your YES is so big, cannot wait to witness God saying “thank you, Kristen, for saying ‘yes'” one day. Blessings.

  14. 19


    I want to see where God can use my yeses. I know it will be in ways I never could have imagined but praise that He had known all along.

  15. 22

    Carrie H says

    I would love this! I hope I win! I love reading about all the happenings with MercyHouse!

  16. 23

    Linsay says

    Loving the book but have a list of people waiting to borrow would love another copy to share the yes with!

  17. 24

    Kim says

    Thank YOU for saying YES! You are inspirational and such an encouragement to me and so many others.

  18. 26

    mj says

    I am so inspired by your story. Thanks to God for people like you who inspire the rest of us to do something no matter how small to help others.

  19. 27

    Jan says

    Thank you for allowing the Lord to lead/use you, but thank you too for telling your story! It is inspirational!

  20. 29

    Andrea says

    Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and honest in the telling of your story. It is encouraging to see how God has walked this “messy” life with you and used it for His glory!

  21. 30

    Angela says

    Love this! I bought the book on kindle, but would love a paper copy to loan out to friends!

  22. 33

    Julie says

    Thanks for your obedience and sharing your story. God works through your words to touch many.

  23. 35

    Candace says

    I am so excited to read your new book. I have been following you for years now and every time you say yes it truly inspires me to also say yes!

  24. 37


    Hi Kristen! Thank you for inspiring me and so many others. I’ve been wanting to “tell” you something for a while–ever since you started to talk about saying yes in our mess (and please forgive me for speaking as though we’re lifelong friends…you have a way of making people feel that way through your written word!) A while ago now as I was going through a particularly rough time and trying to discern God’s will for me in that situation, the answer I got from Him was that He loves me…no matter what…and even IN MY MESS. My story–the one I hesitate to tell–is messy…but it’s mine. My house, my life some days, my parenting, my marriage…it’s all a total mess usually. But man, that’s where He meets me. He loves it there! He comes in, walks around all the toys and junk, and sits right down on my couch with me. (And doesn’t even mind that my couch has that darn pee smell from too many “accidents” I just cannot get rid of!) Right here in my mess. I started a blog post about it, but never finished it…and then soon after, you started sharing your ‘yes’ message. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to finish it at that point. Everything I couldn’t form the words to say about it, you said beautifully. I guess I say all this to say, Thank you for this beautiful message. I will be reading your book, whether I win a copy or not, and I cannot wait! Your story (what I know of it) is a beautiful one! You’ve inspired so many with your yes. The world needs more of us willing to do so.

  25. 39

    Angie N says

    I would love to read your book! Thank you for saying “yes.” I enjoy your blog so much!

  26. 42

    melissa says

    Love the phrase you started with “Every time you say yes to someone other than yourself, you are changing another person’s world.” Very encouraging!

  27. 44

    Teresa says

    Thank you for being real and honest. I have gained so much from your blog! You make a difference in Indiana too. :-)

  28. 50

    Carley says

    Your book sounds awesome! I’m right in the thick of toddler/baby world, so remembering that my yes (even to them) matters is really helpful.

  29. 51

    Lisa Keeney says

    I LOVE your blog! I am so thankful that I stumbled upon it one day! Thank you for posting such rich content to help all of us mom’s who are trying to live for the Lord!

  30. 53

    Andrea Lisk says

    Thank you for saying yes to God. I pray that I will recognize and say yes to the opportunities that He places in front of me.

  31. 55

    Melissa Panzer says

    Thank you for your wonderful works! It is a pleasure reading your FB posts, they inspire me so much! Take care and thanks for the giveaway!

  32. 57


    What a blessing to have that time celebrating with friends! I know the book has already resonated with so many people (including me!) and is challenging us to take those steps forward…away from fear and into faith, leading to freedom, purpose, and meaning. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it! Thanks for being the “champion” for this in the midst of your self-described “ordinary”. :)

  33. 58

    Julie says

    I have been loving your book!! I want to get more to give to people:). This book has already challenged me and my kids are making note when they say “yes” to others (they are 5 and 3).

  34. 61


    Not sure why it took your blog to help me say YES to God. I can easily say yes to ice cream, going on a vacation, reading a good book, but….yes to God? Well, now, I’m ready to say YES God! Thanks!

  35. 64

    Erin says

    Thank you for sharing your story of living intentially. I love watching The Lord work through us when we obey and say yes!

  36. 65


    You are such an inspiration…so many are being blessed because of your YES. I’d love to win and be reminded that my yes matters, too!

  37. 67

    Sandra says

    Thank you for sharing your heart and story. Our family is saying YES!! Can’t wait to read your book. Our oldest is searching her heart on what God wants her to do. Thanks for the encouragement.

  38. 68


    Can’t wait to read your book. God’s mercies are new every day. Saying “yes” means joining Him daily for the wild adventure He has planned for us. Thank you for sharing your heart and your family’s commitment.

  39. 69

    Bethany says

    Kristen, you are so real and so inspirational, I love reading your blog posts! You inspire me to find ways to fit a yes into my everyday life! I’ve been dying to read your book, but havent yet found the money in our budget, so this would be a huge blessing!’s still going to be a while…boo! You are an amazing family, doing amazing things on a daily basis, and I can’t wait to see how you continue to inspire and encourage others!

  40. 72


    I have loved following your journey and love your party idea. I have added your book to my book wish list. Many blessing!

  41. 73

    Jenny Featherston says

    It is all about saying, “YES” to Jesus!! Can’t wait to read your book! Blessings!

  42. 76

    Dawna says

    I’m about 5 chapters in and it’s stirring me up. Our discussion in women’s life group this week was “What is one thing that grace is making you eager to say “Yes” to?” Coincidence? I think not. Thank you, Kristen, for telling your story and inspiring me to live mine out.

  43. 79

    Daphne Littlejohn says

    Love your blog…and your heart for Jesus, family, and the ends of the Earth! Would enjoy reading your book!

  44. 80

    Pam says

    I just recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. So glad you said yes to God and thanks for inspiring me and others to do so too. I would love to read your book.

  45. 83

    Emily says

    So glad you got to celebrate this weekend! Thanks for all you do!! (Can’t wait to read your book!)

  46. 84

    Amanda says

    What a beautiful way to say thanks. I have recently found your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. We are beginning our journey of homeschooling our children in preschool this year. It is always nice to read others stories. Thank you for saying Yes to God and being His hands and feet!

  47. 85

    Melisa says

    I’ve been challenged and encouraged by your story on so many levels as Jesus works in my life as well as my family’s. Look forward to reading this :)

  48. 87

    Jamie says

    I have three children ages 4, 2, and 10 months (2 girls and a boy), and my husband and I are constantly sending each other links to your posts. You put into words exactly what we think and feel about raising our children to have servant hearts. Thank you for helping us along this journey!

  49. 88

    Koren says

    I am so grateful for your yes! Because it is helping me to find mine!!! You are a blessing thank you!!!!

  50. 89

    Deanna says

    What a great idea! I love the bracelets and I would LOVE to win a copy of your book, I keep going to the blog and looking to order, but it is just not in the budget right now. :( thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  51. 95

    Kristen says

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication and the example you are setting for so many people!!

  52. 98


    I’d love to win! Your book lit a fire in my heart, and I’d love to share it with more friends! :) Praising God for your yes, and for the body of Christ that is coming together to change the world.

  53. 99

    Sonyia says

    Would live to win this! I’m halfway through your book and know if at least
    2 other people that I think should read it.

  54. 101

    Karen Moden says

    You are inspiring so many to do something that will make a difference in someone else’s life. Thank YOU for saying “Yes”!
    I would love to win this awesome giveaway package! :)

  55. 104


    I love your book…we said YES!! We have adopted two lovelies from Uganda, God gave us this call on our lives…most don’t understand it..but reading your book you get it…I hope more people listen and respond to their call, whatever that might be for them. It’s not always easy, but so worth it. God brings us through it all when we say yes!!!

  56. 105

    Sandy says

    I too have been very inspired by your blog and Mercy House! I would love to read your book! : ) May God continue to shine through you and your family!

  57. 106

    Rachel Williamson says

    I am reading the book now. I just love the phrase “saying yes in the mess”. Its a great mantra!

  58. 109

    Sandy says

    Thank you for all that you do! Your yes has made a difference in so many lives including mine. What you right always touches my heart. Love you!

  59. 112

    Erica says

    I loved being able to be a part of so many others involved in the “building” of Mercy House and am excited to read your book! Thank you for the opportunity!

  60. 113

    Angie says

    found your blog “by accident” Watched your video with my 8 yr. old daughter and it was amazing. Your story is powerful and encouraging!!!

  61. 116

    Sarah says

    Thank you for saying YES and encouraging us to do the same! Can’t wait to read your book!

  62. 117

    Ann says

    You’re so inspiring! You’re work is amazing and so is your attitude about it! God bless the work you’re doing. ❤️

  63. 118

    Katrina says

    A “yes” party is such a wonderful idea – love it!
    What a memorable way to thank those who have said yes and made a difference, and to encourage more of us to step up, step in, and be “yes” people.
    Continuing to pray for The Mercy House.

  64. 119

    Heather says

    I’ve purchased the devotional to do with my kids at the dinner table, and I’d love to read your book as well!

  65. 120

    Heather Galloway says

    I’m only a few chapters into the book but already, it’s encouraging to me step out of my routine and explore what my “yes” looks like. I have been telling so many people about the book and can’t wait to finish it and see how God will use my “yes” to change the world. I love the bracelets…they are beautiful!

  66. 121

    Tracy Carr says

    Thank you for your “yes”! You are so amazing and inspirational! Thank you for sharing how God is moving in you!

  67. 122

    Summer Allen says

    I’m hoping to be a yes and turn others into yes people! You are encouraging,inspiring, and real!!!! Thank you!!!!

  68. 123


    Thanks for teaching me to say yes! It’s been an amazing journey you are on and I’m praying for you and all those involved as you continue the journey. It truly is a blessing to see so many say “yes” to God!

  69. 124


    I’m looking forward to reading your book — so many wonderful books have come out this spring that I want to read and so little time :)

    Thank you for your honesty, letting us into your world, and living a YES that encourages so many (including me).

  70. 127

    Anne says

    I love reading your story and seeing how the Lord is doing great things through both your words and your actions. Thanks for being a living reminder of the power of yes!

  71. 130


    I have loved reading your journey, and your ministry. Thank you for sharing it with the world and of course saying yes! We traveled to India for the first time this past December, because we said yes:-) The bracelets are beautiful! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  72. 131


    Thank you for this constant reminder, each day when I am loving my kids I need to be reminded of this!
    Blessings to you!

  73. 133

    Allison says

    I am so thankful for your ministry! I have been blessed and challenged in so many ways through what God is doing. Thank you for saying yes and encouraging others to do the same!

  74. 143

    Melissa Mulvaney says

    In the current culture (rightfully so, I believe;) of saying ‘no’ to things that aren’t important, thank you for sharing your story of saying YES!!

  75. 145


    It’s a little breathtaking that it all starts with that simple and difficult word. I’m feeling challenged to say yes a bit more freely and thoughtfully. Thank you for sharing your yes with all of us.

  76. 146


    Saying yes alongside of you in serving Him! I look forward to getting your book, I know it will help me grow. Love you!

  77. 147

    brooke says

    What a fun time of celebration! and a joy to know that your YES led to our YES and perhaps that will lead to another YES from someone else… Thank you for not being satisfied with status quo and letting God use your life for His glory! LOVE the book and daily we pray for the girls and their babies to know the depth of His love for them. :) CONGRATS to you and may you and your family (as well as ours) continue to change the world one YES at a time!!

  78. 148

    Robin Troxell says

    thanks for the reminder that every yes matters – so easy to forget that in the day to day grind of littles, work, and marriage. love the blog.

  79. 149

    Sarah says

    I started sharing your posts this year as I look forward to getting my nightly email. More and more friends are sharing them. Often by non-Christians as well but the values shine through and so they see the value in what you are saying. Keep it up.

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