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I’m happy to welcome this week’s guest post from Kristin for my new Wednesday series Yes, Works For Me! Please welcome her and be encouraged by her yes to God and continue to link up what works for you.

My only daughter is a bit of a hoarder.

She is three and fiercely independent, and apparently has a problem sharing her things. She will makes piles with all of her favorite toys in the middle of her room, add a bag of chips and her new beach towel and she is set and her room is off limits!

I will “encourage” her to go and clean her room. And since we are all friends here and I am sharing a bit of my reality…she doesn’t listen to a word that I say. She instead will “encourage” me to clean it for her. Ahem – it is a time of training for both of us.


She is holding tightly to those things that she thinks she can control, testing boundaries and seeking to find her place in our family.

And I realize that I am no different in my Father/Daughter relationship with God.

I did the whole “accepted Jesus in my heart” prayer when I was a pre-teen. I heard a woman’s story of redemption, and her call to pray a simple prayer. I said the prayer with expectation but didn’t feel a change.

I figured I must have done it wrong. So each time I had the opportunity to say that prayer, I did…I assumed that at some point it would “take.”

My teenage and early adult years weren’t easy – whose are really?! But I didn’t have a relationship with God because I didn’t feel worthy. My life was always such a mess.

God wants us right in the middle of our mess because it’s the perfect place for Him to shine through our imperfections.

I walked through life knowing I was a hypocrite.

So I worked really hard at trying to “get it together”. Instead of embracing the failures as opportunities for growth and thanking God for the grace He gives me, I tried to just be better, do better, act better…because maybe then I would earn the right to be one of His.

That merry-go-round is exhausting isn’t it?!

I had to come to a place of brokenness, where I knew that I wasn’t capable and I had a just the littlest bit of hope that maybe God was.

The most breathtaking moments often come when we discover we have nothing left, but everything we need. This deep brokenness feels like the end, but it’s actually a new beginning

Discovering a relationship with God has been life changing.

Saying Yes to Him even when I still make mistakes, even when life doesn’t look like I think it should, has given me such a deep understanding of grace.

I too am learning and growing and testing the boundaries of my faith. I have found that as I honestly seek God that He takes my broken, my mess, and He makes it beautiful. And that my friends, has been worth the journey!

Saying yes isn’t really about doing it all. It’s about saying yes right where you are.

picKristin Anne Smith is a wife and mother, but most importantly, a daughter of the King. Redeemed by His Grace and so very grateful for it. Through the past 16 years she has walked some hard roads. But despite her choices and at times lack of faith – God loved her anyways. Kristin blogs at The Riches of His Love  and is the Managing Editor / Contributing Writer at God-sized Dreams.


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    Hi Kristin! So happy to “see” you here! I can relate to this in so many ways — I also struggled with accepting God’s grace and constantly striving to be a “good girl”. In these years of mothering littles, I’m learning that He is enough when I am not. And just like I love my toddler even though he’s the messiest kid ever, God loves every bit of how He made me, in spite of my mess. :)

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    I love this Kristin! I used to joke that my Only Girlie never went through those famous Terrible Twos… it was the Troublesome Threes in our house! But in the end, three was maybe one of my most favorite ages! You’ll get through it! And saying Yes in your Mess will make it that much – easier? Hmm… maybe not ‘easier’ – but much much better, for sure!

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      Oh yes threes are TOUGH aren’t they?! :) And while most days I feel like I am only surviving…God shows me glimpses of grace throughout and I am so grateful!

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    Hey Kristin! It’s so good to see you over here!
    Our faith journey’s are very similar. I’m still learning to embrace the mess of me and let God do His thing. No more covering up and concealing. The world needs us to be real and authentic…that’s what I strive for nowadays.
    Love ya, girl!

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      Alecia – Oh how I wish we lived closer, I would so love to hang with you!! :) Yes striving to be real and authentic is hard (because some people judge) but it is necessary!! Love you too friend!! :)

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    Kristin! So happy to see you hear! Loved this post, it spoke so much to me…I’m still learning to accept God’s grace in my mess, and some days it’s such a challenge. I love how you said, “God wants us right in the middle of our mess because it’s the perfect place for Him to shine through our imperfections.” Love you girl! Thank you for your words today!

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