WFMW: Saying Yes to the Messiness of Motherhood


I’m happy to welcome my first guest post for my new Wednesday series Yes, Works For Me! Please welcome her and be encouraged by her yes to God and continue to link up what works for you.

It’s my surroundings that do it to me.

Every. Single. Time.

After a long day spent in the trenches, and a quick glance in any direction, it’s easy to understand how overwhelmed I feel. Whether it’s the laundry piles stacked high or the massive amounts of toys strewn across the floor of my home, the disorder that encircles me? It’s becoming too much. And it’s in these said moments I speak of where my spirit deflates, my whole mood darkens, and the last place I want to be is home. It’s in these instances where I’m so focused on the clutter before me, I can’t see past it. I can’t see anything except my mess.

So, I shut my eyes and tune it out. I attempt to disregard its presence. I close the doors within my home in order to block it from sight.

Because it’s easier to say “no” instead of “yes.”

It’s easier to grow discouraged by the clutter rather than embrace it–the hoards of crayons that were never put away, the dirty dishes that keep piling up, the beds that remain unkempt. It’s frustrating, friends. It’s completely overwhelming. It’s constant.

Just say Yes 2

It has this worn-out mama ready to run for the front door, and retreat to the hills. It finds me desiring to be anywhere else but here…anywhere else but stuck in my mess.

However, maybe it’s time to take a different approach–to take that ever-present and oh-so-consistent chaos and alter our way of thinking towards it. Maybe it’s time we start accepting it instead.

Yes, you heard me right.

If we just took a few deep breaths and prayed through the frustration–past the commotion…if we asked God to meet us right in the middle of all that confusion and chaos. That’s right–in the midst of the laundry, the dishes, and the half-eaten candy wrappers left on the floor. In the minivan that’s corroded with spilled sodas and Happy Meal toys—and in the yard where chewed-up pool toys and deflated balls reside, sprawled across the lawn. What if we invited God into each one of these instances—if we asked for His help in managing such trials?

As for those visions we have of running from the mayhem, what if they found us running to Him instead…for all of it? The good, the not-so-good, and even the downright messy?

What if the rolling of our eyes ceased, the furrowing of our brow halted, and the frown that seems like a permanent fixture upon our faces, slanted upward instead?

What if you and I figured out how to say “yes” to our mess?

With His help, I believe we can, sisters. I believe we can trade in the chaos for contentment, the problems for peace, and the discouragement for delight. I believe we can change our way of thinking by seeking the blessings to be found.

And I believe it’s time.

Remember, mamas:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

-Phillipians 4:6-7

Tell me about your mess. Tell me the hardest part in dealing with it? And then tell me the areas in your life where you can say “yes” more…

Author Bio: Jenny Lee Sulpizio is a wife and mother of three who enjoys writing about anything and everything under the sun, but especially loves to instruct, motivate, and guide other moms with practical advice and tips. Jenny is a contributing writer for The MOB Society, and The MOM Initiative, and is the author of the recently released guide for all mamas titled, “Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe: On a Mission to Save Sanity, One Mom at a Time.” To find out more about Jenny or to follow her blog, visit

Yes, works for me!


  1. 3

    Marissa says

    The mess sometimes feels like I am failing as a parent, I can’t even keep the house clean how can I raise my kids to be responsible adults. I don’t claim to know anything about being a good parent, I just try my hardest everyday. But I understand where you are coming from, don’t let the mess define you, don’t focus on the worldly things that distract you from being who God wants us to be.

  2. 4

    Jamie Stovall says

    With nine children and choosing to homeschool, the mess is constant and ever-present. I feel like I am always asking them to clean, we are always attempting some sort of cleaning, yet it never feels clean! When their little friends visit, I can almost guarantee one will make a comment about our mess (not realizing they love coming to our house because mess is “okay” here). You have no idea how much I needed to read this TODAY. Thank you for sharing.

    • 4.1


      Oh, Jamie–I so get you, girl. It’s hard not to let the mess affect us. I mean, the crumbs all over the floor is enough to drive me to the brink, you know? I’ve just got to ask Him for help though. It’s the only way I can get through it…


  3. 5

    Julie says

    My mess is my house. There’s clutter everywhere, stuff piled up, kitty tumble-weeds, the dust bunnies have names, my family room is one big catch-all of junk, and don’t even ask me about my garage.
    I have twin 8 month old boys, that are developing into being very needy. I want to get my house cleaned, I want to sort the mail, and sift through the junk but my weekends are spent trying to keep up with the needs of my sons. I can’t get anything done. I keep asking God for help in the form of an extra set of hands to help with my sons but no one has offered to help us yet, and I have not yet sprouted the extra set of arms. Now that spring is finally here I now have a yard to take care of. My husband helps with the boys but the housework and yardwork ends up being my burden. My husband helps with house/yardwork but I end up finishing it because he loses steam. Oh..and don’t ask me whats for dinner…I never know whats for dinner because I no longer enjoy cooking because I’m stuck doing it all.

    I need help, especially on the weekends.

    • 5.1

      rose says

      :( I know exactly how you feel. Hang in there, relief is coming. Maybe God is building you up for something huge and this is a test. At least that was me years ago, after many stressful years I am stronger and more patient than ever and its only because God was helping me get through it.
      The author is absolutely right sometimes we get caught up in the stressful moments and completely forget to go to our heavenly father for help.

  4. 6


    I needed this today. I have been feeling so defeated with trying to handle it all. Between working, being a wife, and being a mother to an infant who has GI issues I feel like I’m drowning sometimes. We have a very restricted diet which requires so much prep and our son has issues sleeping as well, which leave my husband and I so cranky. But this is my mess, and I need to say Yes to it and run to God more. I hear about stay at home mom’s complaining and I wish I could stay home. I know some of my mess would change, but it wouldn’t ultimately solve the situation. What I need is more of God’s strength and peace. This is what will help me to not snap at my husband for insignificant things and keep me from falling asleep at my desk when large projects need my attention. The Bible speaks so much of how we are to rely on God for our strength and I now fully understand this. I have been trying to hold onto the control for far too long.

  5. 7


    Kristen, this is the first time I’ve stopped by your blog, and I love it already. Mess? Yes, we have mess. My own piles litter our counters. Our boys’ books and magazines take up space on our fireplace. Undone tasks call to me most of my waking moments. And those are the physical messes. Our children are truly the joy of our lives, but as pre-teens, and being adopted, they are both working through some of the issues that come with those. Outbursts of uncontrolled anger, unfinished schoolwork, struggling to make sense of their lives spills over into mine. As their mom, I am so, SO thankful God gave them to me. Many days, I am at a loss in my own strength to know how to handle all the situations that come up in our day. So, I pray. Hard. Daily. for them. And I try to be there as they work through the muddle of emotions. I don’t know how I could do this without being able to lean hard on God.

  6. 9

    Kristina says

    Wow, thank you for being so honest. My mess is everywhere. I have a teen and 2 toddlers and a husband. The 5 of us share a small 3 bedroom home. I read this and thought you must be reading my mind because I feel and think the same way about my mess. I definitely need to stop and ask God to meet me in my moments of defeat and all others. I need to say yes God I live in this little house but please help me learn how to manage it Your way. Yes God I need you in everything.

  7. 10


    Thanks for hosting! I have shared coconut oatmeal cookies. This was the first cookie recipe I adapted once I was diagnosed with severe food allergies. What do you think?

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