Your Ticket to the Best Moms’ Night Out Ever {Giveaway}

Congrats, random commenters Robyn Dodson and Emily E! Check your email.

I met some of my favorite people at the movie theater after a long, hectic day.


I ordered a big bag of popcorn for dinner. On a school night.

We moms know how to party.

I settled in for a very needed Moms’ Night Out. 



And I laughed and laughed and then cried and then laughed some more.

My teen daughter asked what the movie was about after I got home and I said, “Well, it’s about a mom who blogs who really needs a night out. She is tired and her kids are crazy and the night gets a little wild….”

But before I could finish, my quick-witted teen said, “Wait.”

“That sounds just like you! Did she just write a book called Diamond God?”

It took me a minute.

Rhinestone Jesus. Get it?

This movie is the most relatable mom movie I’ve ever seen. It will make you feel normal. Understood. You will laugh.You might just cry. You will be reminded just how important your job is. You will love every minute of it.

You guys.

Give yourself a gift and go see Mom’s Night Out. I can’t wait to take my whole family back to this very positive, inspirational, God-centered fun movie!


Today, I’m giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets. Tell me how long it’s been since you’ve had a mom’s night out in the comments as your entry.

(I received free tickets for this event, but the glowing review is all mine)


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  1. 152

    Andrea Katolin says

    It’s been too long! I used to do it a lot but then we moved and I’m not “there” yet with my new friends here. This would give me a good excuse to invite them.

  2. 154

    Emily P. says

    If this doesn’t give it away, then I don’t know what would: when I saw this post, I thought, “WOW! A mom’s night out! I have never thought of that!” Then I realized, yes, actually, I have. I just haven’t done it in SO long (years), that it has become one of those things I never do. Ever. (This comes from the mom who also rarely even dates her husband because life and budget tends to come first.) Mom’s Night Out– that would be awesome fun, especially because we homeschool and I understand this mom character in the movie does as well. And you say we wiil laugh– after the year we have had, I am certain, I would cry the whole time…from the combination of “feeling” understood by the premise of this movie, but also because a mom’s night out might just make me that emotional :)

  3. 156

    Beth says

    I was fortunate enough to have one two weeks ago, but before that it was 3 years! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! I

  4. 157

    Leah says

    Last Mom’s night out?? I can’t even tell you the last time I went to the bathroom by myself!

  5. 159

    deborah says

    I can’t remember when my last “mom’s night out was”…. but my last movie in a theatre was Lord of the Rings!

  6. 160

    Renee says

    It’s been over a year since I had a mom’s night out! Luckily, it’s only been a month or so since my husband and I had a date night. Otherwise I’d be insane!!

  7. 162

    Tina Yaeger-Goins says

    Can’t remember. My hubby has been working out of town for the last three months. Night…out…needed!

  8. 164

    Tawnya says

    My oldest will be six this summer and I don’t think I have ever had a mom’s night out!! That is pretty bad!

  9. 165

    Joyce C. says

    Its been 4 weeks. So want to see this movie and my daughter does too since we saw the preview at the Secret Keepers Girl conference.

  10. 166

    Em says

    Can’t even remember the last time…years? I have been sharing this movie with my friends in hopes that we can get together for it! Looks like it would hit the spot!

  11. 167

    Emalee Zehnter says

    Honestly I don’t remember having a mom’s night out. Unless you count ladies church activities or that kind of thing. But I’m expecting my ninth so alone time essentially non-existent and time out with friends haven’t done since I was single I think.

  12. 170

    Jackie says

    Never! I have 11 children ages 21 to 3. Nights out for me are taking kids to lessons and such!!

  13. 173

    Laray says

    It has been way too long and it was actually a road trip a friend and I took to a funeral visitation! Does that even count?

  14. 177

    Heidi says

    It’s been years. The last one I remember was end of June/beginning of July 2012. I’d take one of my closest friends who just moved back to AZ (YAY!!!!!)

  15. 180

    Jessica says

    My son is almost 2 and a half and I have never had a mom’s night out to be with my friends. My mom did keep him a few months ago for a couple of hours so I could go to the grocery store and that almost felt like a vacation.

  16. 182

    Shawna Tunnell says

    A mom’s night out…hmmm…having a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old foster child, my husband and I can’t even seem to get out on a date, must less a mother’s night out! Would love to see the movie though :)

  17. 184

    lori says

    Ooh, it’s been a month or so. However, it feels A LOT longer! I have plans to see this with some girlfriends at some point and am even more excited now!

  18. 185

    Nicole Taylor says

    I don’t even remember the last moms night out! Much needed. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  19. 186

    Jennifer G says

    It’s been at least 3 years since I’ve had a Mom’s Night Out. Thank you so much for this giveaway! :)

  20. 187

    Jessica Yates says

    Can’t wait to see this movie! My girlfriends and I just had a mom’s night out about a 6 weeks ago. We meet for Indian food every few months for a much needed break. It saves me from the crazies! God has placed wonderful, loving, funny, spiritual women in my life non stop eversince I have had children…I am sure to bless my kids! Without my friends I would be one INSANE mama! Having friends to connect with has made me a better wife and mother. So thankful for all my girlies!

  21. 189

    Erin says

    I am actually in a group of ladies that get together once a month for a night out. It has really been such a blessing to me. I highly encourage everyone to try to get this started! And I’d LOVE to see “Mom’s Night Out.”

  22. 190

    Heather says

    Mom’s night out?? Oh my… When was the last one? Probably not since we moved from OK to TX, and it was a combined “going away/MNO” night. That was a year ago. I’m sorely in need. 😀

  23. 191

    Christie says

    Moms night out? Been a long time. Although I do sneak out alone after bedtime at least once a week and go frocery-ing or Target-ing. And then find myself narrating the whole time as if the toddler were in the cart instead of asleep at home under Daddy’s watch. And then I wonder if anyone heard me. And then take glances at the other shell shocked moms around me and realize they’re just as excited (yes, really excited!!) to be shopping for diapers or milk alone.

  24. 193


    What year did the first Captain America movie come out? 2011? That was the last one I can remember. That was by myself. With friends? Pre-children, so over 16 years.

  25. 196

    Stacy says

    I went to see this last night with a group of mom friends, but I had to take my kids, so I don’t think it counts!!

  26. 197

    lisa says

    Mom’s Night Out…hmmm…in 21 years of “Mommying” I can honestly only remember a couple of times!

  27. 198

    Karissa says

    I don’t remember the last time I had a girls night out! That could be partly due to the fact that I’m pregnant or maybe it really has been that long! Either way, I’m overdue!

  28. 199

    Mollie says

    Not since my daughter was was a 1. She is 5 now, and I’ve been a single mom most of her life. Would love to go see this with my friends, most of whom are married, with kids, and on completely different schedules than my daughter and me (weekday playdates don’t work when you have to work). Maybe this would be a good reason for them to come hang out with me and a way to laugh/connect together?

  29. 201

    Holly B. says

    Well let me see on my countdown app….83 days. I know that it has been at least that long because that is how many days since my husband deployed with the Army to Saudi Arabia . Before he left, we spent all the quality time we could together and our four kids, 15,13,11, and 7. We have only lived in this city (we both grew up in) for 6 months, but haven’t made too many new friends, however I do get to live next door to my favorite, and only sister!! If I win I will be taking her because I KNOW it has been much longer since her Girls Night Out!! She has 6 kids 18-10 yrs old, and her husband has almost 3 jobs! Thank you! I love your site and blog. I am always encouraged and challenged! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  30. 202

    Danielle F says

    I have never had a Mom’s night out. Wow…sitting here realizing my oldest is 5 & I’ve never had one. But… occasionally my hubby & I get to go out to dinner, so I guess it’s nt SO bad. Lol. A Mom’s night out would be great, tho. I also think this movie looks good. I love Patricia Heaton from ELR :)

  31. 203

    Monica Duenes says

    In my 24 years as a mommy, I have had 2 Mom’s Night Out. The last one was 3 years ago!! Overdue!!!! :)

  32. 206

    Alicia Clinton says

    Wow that was a long journey down memory lane… Does a movie once a year with my hubby count? Last time with gal pals was before I was a mom and my girl friends needed a moment. Boy is this needed!
    BTW, I’m SO grateful I stumbled upon this blog I’ve totally needed the laughs and reality checks!

  33. 209

    KR says

    A couple of months ago some girlfriends and I took a road trip to see a screening of Ragamuffin, the Rich Mullins movie, about 3 hours away. Before that though, I’ve got nothing! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  34. 210

    Jennifer says

    I don’t remember the last time I had a mom’s night out. Lunch with a friend, yes, but a whole evening of just girl time? Way too long!

  35. 211

    Michelle Wohlfert says

    My hubby is amazing and is super amazing about letting me get away when I’m overly frazzled, but girl’s night with a great movie…maybe never!

  36. 212

    Elizabeth Lacey says

    Aim the Mom of six. The last “Mom’s night out” I can remember was a homeschool meeting I went to when my oldest ( now 14) was in kindergarten!! It’s been awhile.

  37. 213

    Candace says

    It’s been a few months but I have a baby girl that had been having some seperation problems. She is much better now and I’m ready for mommy’s night out!

  38. 217

    Jenny S says

    I think the last moms’ night out I had was book club 4 months ago! Never done a movie night out with friends; that sounds lovely! Good to hear you liked this movie!

  39. 219

    Carrie Jo says

    I was hoping the movie was coming to our local theater so I could take my mum for Mother’s Day (plus she REALLY needs a mom’s night out!;) but unfortunately the closest theater that is showing it is over two hours away! :( Since becoming a mother myself (I have three 4 and under :) I so appreciate the little things that help give mommy a “nights out”… They definitely don’t happen often. :) My mom still has two kids at home (four grown and moved out) and has had one married daughter and three grand kids living with them this past year…. She probably hasn’t had a real moms night out in forever… So the tickets would definitely still go to her :)

  40. 221

    Lisa says

    A sweet friend took me out to dinner last month on a day that was very hard for me emotionally.

  41. 222

    Amy Cowan says

    I’ve been a mom for the last 8 years. Getting ready to have #4 in August. I’m not sure that I’ve ever technically had a “moms night out”. Needless to say, it would be much needed!

  42. 225

    vickie says

    between working nights in the er and babysitting the adorable twin grandbabies it has been MUCH too long!

  43. 226

    Sharon O. says

    I have been ill for the last year and bed-ridden for much of it. I haven’t had a night out during this year period. Now that I am beginning to feel a little better, it sounds like a welcomed idea.

  44. 227

    Erika says

    It’s been years since I’ve planned a mom’s night out. I won 8 tickets to see this movie and was so excited to spend an evening with some good friends and then…I got strep throat and couldn’t go!! They all had a wonderful time and now I can’t wait to go see it too.

  45. 228


    It’s been over a year a year and a half since I’ve had a mom’s night out. We moved here last year and haven’t had one since. I know some mom’s I’d love to snag one and go see this movie for free with one of them :)

  46. 229


    Not sure I’ve had a mom’s night out since Little Man was born. Never needed one… till now! At just short 3 years, that little boy wears me out.

  47. 230

    Lyndi Anderson says

    Mom’s night out? Not since we moved to a new town! I’d love to get together with a few friends! :)

  48. 231

    valerie says

    Truthfully? My kids are 13 and 11 and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a mom’s night out. Years. It would be awesome to be able to go see this with friends!

  49. 232

    Melissa F says

    I can’t honestly say when I have had a moms night out with girlfriends! Just yesterday I attended a women’s ministry training and we were discussing intentional friendships/relationships. Us young moms discussed how hard it is to fit in time for us. This would be a fantastic night out for us to plan for our intentional relationships!!!

  50. 234


    I can’t remember. I think Julie & Julia was the last movie I saw with mom’s. Have had some other get together’s, and hosted the IF gathering, but a movie night or similar with mom’s? A long time.

  51. 235

    Heather says

    A couple of months ago, a friend of mine and I went out for chips and salsa and spent a couple of hours just talking without husbands or kids. It was so much fun!

  52. 236

    Sara K. says

    Well, technically I got to go to dinner last Monday night to one of my favorite local restaurants sans child, BUT it was a work dinner. I enjoyed myself though :)

  53. 237

    Gretchen N. says

    I was supposed to have a mom’s night out this last Friday with my community group girls to see the movie “Mom’s Night Out”, but instead spent the night at home with a headache :( .

  54. 238

    Anna says

    2 years ago…I went to the movies after work with a co-worker…I was home by 7:30 so I could get my kiddos in bed.

  55. 239

    Ann says

    I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to a movie at the theater that wasn’t for my kids! Honestly.Cannot.Remember!! (4 kids 13 and under, need I say more?) I would love to go see this movie and if I had a couple of free tickets, that might be the only way I’d justify taking the time to go see it! :-)

  56. 240

    Robyn Dodson says

    The last movie I went to see was Heaven is for Real with my family, my husband, 14 yr. old son, 11 yr. old son, and 7 yr.s old daughter!!! It was so great!!!
    I would love to go see this movie with my sis-in law who has 3 girls age 6 and under!!!

  57. 245

    Samantha H says

    Hmmmm…..I can’t remember the last time I had a girls’ night out. :( Though I did play hooky all day recently to help with my MOPs children’s consignment sale. It was super fun, but not quite a night out.

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