Your Ticket to the Best Moms’ Night Out Ever {Giveaway}

Congrats, random commenters Robyn Dodson and Emily E! Check your email.

I met some of my favorite people at the movie theater after a long, hectic day.


I ordered a big bag of popcorn for dinner. On a school night.

We moms know how to party.

I settled in for a very needed Moms’ Night Out. 



And I laughed and laughed and then cried and then laughed some more.

My teen daughter asked what the movie was about after I got home and I said, “Well, it’s about a mom who blogs who really needs a night out. She is tired and her kids are crazy and the night gets a little wild….”

But before I could finish, my quick-witted teen said, “Wait.”

“That sounds just like you! Did she just write a book called Diamond God?”

It took me a minute.

Rhinestone Jesus. Get it?

This movie is the most relatable mom movie I’ve ever seen. It will make you feel normal. Understood. You will laugh.You might just cry. You will be reminded just how important your job is. You will love every minute of it.

You guys.

Give yourself a gift and go see Mom’s Night Out. I can’t wait to take my whole family back to this very positive, inspirational, God-centered fun movie!


Today, I’m giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets. Tell me how long it’s been since you’ve had a mom’s night out in the comments as your entry.

(I received free tickets for this event, but the glowing review is all mine)


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  1. 2


    At least 2 1/2 months! Desperately need a GNO. I usually make it a point to have one every month (for everyone’s sanity and safety) but things have been cray cray!

  2. 4

    Sue says

    I have NEVER had a Mom’s Night Out! I wanted to go see that movie last night, but finances prevented it. Would love a “free” Mom’s Night Out and would LOVE to see the movie.

  3. 5

    Sheila says

    I don’t guess I have ever gone on a girl’s night out. It isn’t that I don’t do fun things, just not that.

  4. 12

    Erin says

    With two little boys under the age of 3, I haven’t had a Mom’s Night Out in about… three years! :)

  5. 13

    Kay says

    Hmmmmm…..I honestly don’t know! But looking forward to seeing that movie! directed by a homeschooler I think I heard!!!

  6. 14


    The last mom’s night out was in March when I went with two friends to a play. This week I invited my sister to see this movie with me as a late birthday outing for her. We are planning to go in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait!

  7. 15


    Hmm… I haven’t had a mom’s night out since I became a mom, a year ago! (and, actually, my husband and I have only pulled off a few dates since then – much less girl time for me!)

  8. 19

    MichelleH says

    The movie looks funny. It’s good to see a review from a mom. My last MNO was a few months ago and it’s time for another.

  9. 22

    Heather Bellman says

    It’s been about six months since my last Girl’s Night Out. Thanks for recommending this movie; I will definitely try to catch it before it leaves the theaters!

  10. 24

    Jill says

    Um. Seriously can’t remember my last GNO… :/ Would love to take a Girlfriend out to this movie tho! We both could use it!

  11. 26


    I have an empty nest now but I well remember how important those nights out were. SO good to hear about this movie… I can’t wait to see it!! Thank you!

  12. 28

    Heather S. says

    I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband who knows how important it is for this home educating momma to get time out with her friends. It’s actually been several months since I’ve been able to have a true “mom’s night out” – but every summer my girlfriends and I load up my minivan and go away for a 3-4 day weekend! That is a Mom’s Getaway and we love it!

  13. 31


    Thankfully, I am grateful that these happen on a somewhat frequent (1x a month basis). The last one was Thursday night! I had a night at Starbucks with a friend and we talked about seeing this movie. I suspect we will and if I win the tickets, then she is getting #2 :)

  14. 33

    Beth Weaver says

    I can’t remember the last time I went out with another Mom friend without kids… I can think of a few who deserve this treat as much if not more than I do. Would love to be able to take another Mommy friend out!

  15. 34


    I actually had one last week–we hoped to see this movie but failed to realize it wasn’t out yet! So instead of cancelling our GNO, we wandered the lanes of Target in peace (That is pretty much the best vacation ever, right?!) As a mom of 3 boys 4 & under and another little guy joining our family this fall, a mom’s night out is essential!

  16. 35

    Danielle I says

    I believe the last time I had a mom’s night out was actually tonight, but would love to go with some of my mommy friends to see this movie!! Thank you for the reviews! I’ve been wondering how it was!

  17. 36

    Christine Yazzie says

    Mom’s night out … never had one. Sometimes when the family goes out in different directions and I stay home, I have a “mom night in” ! But I do cherish those times when I’ve been able to connect with my women friends–even if it’s been for a 15 minute chat.

  18. 37

    Carrie says

    It’s been months since I have been able to have a Moms night out. I recently had surgery and am now feeling better and NEED some adult time with my friends. What better way to have it then seeing a movie with the morals and principles I believe in.

  19. 39

    Jennifer D. says

    My friends came and kidnapped me for my birthday, but that has been awhile. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  20. 40

    Julie T. says

    It has been a good long while – say more than a year – since I’ve had a mom’s night out. We’re trying to get a group of ladies from my church together to go see it, but finding a time where most of us can come is nearly impossible!

  21. 41

    Susan says

    Too long!! I love my kids and husband dearly, but sometimes I need to just get out and away from all that calls for my attention. My husband has been out of work and just started a new job, so going out has not been in the budget. Between homeschooling, taking care of our house and small farm, plus church work, this Mom just needs a night to hang with friends. Our Co-Op Moms are planning an outing to this movie, as well as our Women’s group at church. I would love to win tickets and bless a friend from one of these groups.

  22. 42

    Kimberlie says

    I don’t remember the last moms night out. Maybe three years. I work full time and don’t get out with other moms much.

  23. 44

    Meagan says

    Years. 4, maybe?? I’ve been solo parenting my 5 kids for the last few weeks while mu hubby works out of state and a moms night out sounds like heaven!

  24. 45


    Three Christmases ago, I went out with some friends to a 24 hr Wal-Mart to finish up Christmas preperations. Then we hit a Denny’s for some burnt coffee. hehe.

  25. 46

    Cari says

    What I can say is that I don’t have a mom’s night out in sight as my husband had recently decided he would prefer to be single, and even as I hope in God for restoration, I’m also now living a new reality.

  26. 47

    Taffy Bow says

    Oh my gosh!! it has been so long I cant remember the last time I had a moms night out…. maybe 6 months or more. I really need one.

  27. 48

    Donna S. says

    My son is 13 years old so it has been well over 13 years! I could use a Moms night out along with my best friend who has 3 boys of her own (3, 5 and 11) and I know it has been over 11 years since she’s had a Moms night out cause her husband has a job that keeps him away for weeks at a time. She is an amazing Mom! Thank you!!!

  28. 49

    Cara says

    A couple of friends took me to breakfast with our kids in March. That is the closest I have come for a while :-) I do hang out with my best friend a couple of evenings a month at her house while her husband is traveling – military and commercial pilot. Would love to take her to see this movie!!!

  29. 51

    Carolyn S says

    Um……so long ago I cant remember…I sure could use one…Want to see this movie so bad!

  30. 52

    Jodi says

    I really can’t remember! I was just telling a friend that I would love to go see this movie!!!

  31. 53

    Elizabeth Swan says

    I am not a mom myself, but my mother deserves a Mom’s Night Out! She wakes up early to get to work as a physical therapist and arrives back home late at night. My mom rarely gets a day off and works overtime more than she should. She puts everyone before herself and works so hard. Every since my dad lost his job, my mother is the one who has to work almost 365 days a year. It’s been quite a while since she’s got to do something fun for herself. My mom is so important to me and I know we would have a great time seeing this movie as a GNO. :)

  32. 54


    Just last night! I guess I am in the minority, but I know I need my girl time, and my husband is a great dad! So it has never been an issue. BUT I would LOVE these tickets to take him and my tween girls that really want to see it this movie.

  33. 56


    How fun for you! Sounds like such a great movie. Like many of the moms in these comments, I also can’t remember the last time I had a night out … :-/ Thanks for this giveaway!!

  34. 57

    Rachel says

    I cannot remember my last Mom’s night out!!! It always seems like something else is more important. :)

  35. 61

    Brandy Miller says

    I am in SERIOUS NEED OF A NIGHT OUT!!! I am a stay at home Mom of 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 13-1 yrs of age. They all have been home sick for the last 2 weeks and I am ready to just curl up in a ball and rock myself ,like if I stay still they will not see me! LOL I also own my cleaning business called Busy B Cleaning. I would love to go and see this movie! I was supposed to have a Girls Night In here at my house today with my GF’s but I had to cancel due to kiddos being sick and on the up swing from illness! I seriously need this night out! Thank you for your time !

  36. 62

    Rebecca C says

    Like the rest of everyone who as entered, it had been forever since having any time to myself out. It is a good thing I am a “home body”. I enjoy the time I do get after the kids are in bed and I haven’t already fallen a sleep from a full day. The ironic thing is that if I did win I probably wouldn’t be able to get out to see the movie. I just had to chime in. I could give the tickets to a friend though.

  37. 63

    krystal says

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a mom’s night out, in 16 years of being a mama. Even on our anniversary we usually have a houseful of kids. We had planned on seeing this movie and of course our son and his girlfriend wanted to go with us (but I don’t mind, one day soon he will be busy with his own life) but we couldn’t afford to go so I would love to have tickets. Thanks so much!!

  38. 64

    Molly says

    It has been over 4 months since I’ve had a girl’s night out! I would love to see this movie!

  39. 65

    Britney Maples says

    I’ve never had one!! I’ve had an occasional
    date night with the hubby but never a mom’s night out!

  40. 66


    Hi!!!! The last time I had a night out …… Can’t remember between my husband and I we have 9 kids and we had a daughter together in the last three years it’s been all about the kids and with them living under our roof it’s been crazy. Well the oldest three are in the military. To be honest we don’t have the funds to go out or for me to go have a moms or girls night out. I love all our kids but please I need a night out. I forgot what it means to do that.l

  41. 67

    Leslie M says

    Well…honestly just the other night because 2 friends and I MADE it happen! But I’d love to see this movie because before then….no clue!

  42. 69

    Jill says

    wow…looks wonderful. Haven’t has a girl’s night out in well over a yr. Met my second hubby and blended families and moved where I am almost a yr. ago. Just making some good friends now with some moms at school and church. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to put this one on the must see list.

  43. 70

    Jill says

    It’s been so long I can’t even remember when I’ve seen a movie in a theater with my friends. I would love to win these tickets!

  44. 71

    cheryl says

    Since grocery shopping probably doesn’t count, I’d say 6 months since I went to visit my parents

  45. 73


    I haven’t had a mom’s night out in…I don’t even know how long. It’s been at least 2 years but I think it might have been 3.

  46. 74

    Robyn B says

    Night out? I can not remember the last time, years? We adopted 4 kids 8 yrs ago then had a baby 3 yrs ago. Any time away from my kiddos is rare. I do hope to see this movie before it gets to DVD but that is ultimately what will end up happening I’m sure! Lol!

  47. 75

    Lori Nicholas says

    Let’s see, I am pregnant with my 4th child and the last time I remember having a Mom’s night was when my 2nd was a couple of months old. So that had to have been around July 2010. Yep, i would say it is about time…

  48. 79

    RejoicedOver says

    I really can’t remember. I know I haven’t since our youngest two were born three years ago…but I can’t remember if I got to after our third was born four years ago. So, I guess I would say…between two and four years ago ? :) I have really wanted to see this movie since I heard about it — the trailers are hilarious! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  49. 81

    Angie Davis says

    Can’t remember the last time. Could use a good visit with my girls right now. I’d love to see this movie!

  50. 87

    Zekara says

    I have not had a Mom’s night out. I have a 4 year old, 1 year old and a Newborn. A break would be nice and I really want to see this movie! I am thankful for the blessing of my children
    Happy Mother’s day to all Mom’s.

  51. 89

    Shannon Smith says

    Let’s just say it’s been too long. This mom of 3 has recently made a new friend, mom of 4, who needs and deserves a Mom’s Night Out. I would love to surprise her with movie tickets.

  52. 90

    Wendy pace says

    Mom’s night just aren’t usually on the cards. We foster parent and our home is very busy. Would so love to win tickets! Need them!

  53. 94

    Wendi says

    Is it so bad that I can’t remember??? Or does the walk I took last night, because I was so frustrated after a long week and day and needed to cool down before my head exploded and I exploded at someone, count? THat would be sad if it did. ;/

  54. 96

    Allena says

    It’s literally been years! My husband and I hardly ever get to go on a date. Love my babies, but this mama could use a night out!

  55. 100


    Wow, I’d say it’s probably been at least 5 years since I’ve had a girls night out and I would LOVE one! Saw the previews for this movie a while back and it looks great; just what a mommy needs!

  56. 101


    I’m not sure I remember ever having a mom’s night out…like me and another mom. I’ve been out with some girls for breakfast…and I’ve been on a ladies retreat for church this past year. But it’d be really nice to go see a movie (I never do that!) and this one sounds hilariously refreshing!

  57. 102

    brooke says

    Went to a girlfriends house over the holidays for a Girl Night In… otherwise, it’s coming up on a year :(

  58. 104

    Heather Siani says

    It’s been about a year…and that night I could only go for an hour since I had to get home for bedtime. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  59. 106

    Heather E. says

    I think it’s been about 6 months since we’ve tried to have a fun or enjoyable date night together but it’s probably been a year since we’ve been successful at loving one another well. This movie is something I really want to see with my hubby. Thanks for the give away.

  60. 107

    Bethany says

    A moms night out would mean I would need to get some mommy friends right? Ugh…my oldest is almost 5, and aside from our every 6 months-ish date night with my hubby…I have never had a moms night out. This would be a blessing!

  61. 108

    Stephanie Kirk says

    It’s been quite awhile. Between a hubby who’s in the Marine Corps and is gone a lot, homeschooling my kiddos while running a small business, AND just becoming a BeachBody coach, I definitely need a Mom’s Night Out! lol

  62. 111

    Carma says

    A few of us got together at a friend’s house for the evening a couple months back. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  63. 113

    Jessica says

    It’s been to long!! It would be wonderful to win this and have a mommy’s night out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. 114

    Lyra Schroeder says

    Last week was our Ladies Missionary Fellowship dinner—but I did bring my daughter!

  65. 115

    Breanne Samples says

    I honestly can not remember when the last Mom’s Night Out I have had. About 2 months ago I met a friend at Target and sat in the cafe for a couple hours and chatted it was in the afternoon, does that count as a MNO?

  66. 118

    Kelli says

    I get nights out pretty regularly. I just wanted to say that our church did a giant mom’s night out. Last night, 35 women meet at one house for snacks and then hit the theater. Such a great idea and so fun.

  67. 119


    It’s been awhile, at least over a year, maybe longer. To be honest I was invited out to see the movie with some friends the other night but I couldn’t justify the money or the evening away from the kids. It sounds like ammovie really worth seeing.

  68. 120

    Kristin George says

    I can’t even remember the last time I had a night out with other Moms! Would love to see this movie!

  69. 122

    Noel Q says

    Last June when i celebrated the last day of school. Looking forward to this school year ending in a week!

  70. 123

    andrea says

    Well I have 5 kids with one on the way…oldest is 7….so id say its been 7 long years without a moms night out!! I need this!

  71. 124

    Rachel says

    I’ve been a single mom for almost 11 years. When I’m not working all of my spare time and money is devoted to my 4 kiddos. I would love the opportunity for a girls night out with my friend who is in a similar situation!

  72. 126

    Mandy S says

    I think it has been months because I’m pretty sure the last time my girlfriend and I were out it was for some Christmas shopping. I think it’s about time! :-)

  73. 127

    April says

    My friends recently took two of us out for lunch because we had April birthdays! It was a great way to turn 30…and a much needed break because it had been months since we had gone out together without kids :-) however, it’s probably been a few years since I’ve been to a movie theater and would LOVE to win these tickets!! Thanks :)

  74. 128

    Cara says

    I got together last week with some other mom’s and did some freezer cooking! Does that count?! :)

  75. 129

    Lacey H. says

    It has been a few weeks since I have been out but I would love to win so I take another one of my girlfriends who has been having a rough time lately and never gets to go anywhere!!!

  76. 131

    Natalie says

    I was fortunate enough to get out a few nights ago, what a great giveaway thanks for the chance

  77. 133

    Ashleigh says

    It has been forever- hubs and I moved to new town 2 1/2 yrs ago to pastor new church and don’t think there has just been a GNO since I moved!

  78. 134

    Jeanette says

    It’s been about 2 years since I had a mom’s night out. (Long enough to not remember exactly anyway, ha ha). We went out for fondue and it soooooo nice to have an adult conversation with other sleep-deprived moms. Would love to do that again!!!

  79. 135

    Suzanne C says

    Thankfully only about 2 weeks ago! A dear friend was moving away so us moms all went to dinner and a movie together. So fun!

  80. 136


    We have been Foster Parents for the past 4 years (and have adopted three of our kiddos). The State does not allow you to just leave your kiddos with a babysitter unless the sitter is approved by the state. Long story short it has been 4 long years and no moms night out (let alone only a handful of date nights with the hubby). I wouldn’t change a thing but it does get to you after a while. We are taking a break from Fostering at the moment, we all need time to regroup… Which means I could have a mommy night!!! I would solo love to have a good laugh….

  81. 137

    Marlene says

    Can not remember the last time I had a MNO! Can not remember the last time I ate a meal without a child in my lap.

  82. 139

    Rhonda Shumate says

    Mom’s night out….hmmmm…..still waiting to have one! I suppose Christmas shopping with my Mom last year one night would come the closest to being a Mom’s night out for me.

  83. 140

    Narah says

    It has actually only been a few weeks since my friend and I went out. But the price of a movie ticket is what has me entering my comment here!

  84. 143

    alyssa p says

    I haven’t had a night off since we brought our 11 year-old son home in February. He is totally worth it though! This movie sounds right up my alley!

  85. 146

    Jessie Stefanescu says

    Ok so my friends and I went to see this movie on Friday but one of my friends had a medical emergency and two of us plus the one who was having the emergency had to leave 20 minutes into the movie to call ambulance. Thankfully, my friend is ok but I’d love to go and to take her back to see it the whole way through!

  86. 147

    Shelly Smith says

    Last time I enjoyed a “Moms Night Out” was sometime around Christmas (I only remember that because we saw the pretty Christmas decorations downtown on that night!)

  87. 148

    Kirsten Harrison says

    My last moms’ night out was last July with my college girlfriends when we turned 40!! Since we moved to Alabama 4 years ago I have acquaintances, but really haven’t made friends to hang out with. I think it’s time!

  88. 149


    It’s been a while! I had the opportunity to go on a girls’ weekend with some very dear friends last October – four days in Tennessee with the girls, and that was the time my husband called to say the school called, our younger son was sick, and the cat got shut in the pantry all day and, well, yeah, mess. LOL I was thankful for the time away, though, because it seldom happens. We get date nights on the rare occasions when family comes to visit, and I can’t use time we spend together for just a night with the girls. I’d love to see Moms’ Night Out!

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