The House That Mercy Built

This is the house that mercy built.




This is the window that sits in the frame of the new house that mercy built.


This is one of the babies who lives in the home who looks out the window of the house that mercy built.



This is a mom to one of the babies who’s life is being transformed at the house that mercy built.


This is a hutch that houses animals to feed the residents who live in the house that mercy built.


This is the hair and nail salon that donors built that teach the girls skills for future living in the house that mercy built.



This is the garden that grows the vegetables that feeds the girls and babies at the house that mercy built.


This is the playroom that entertains more than a dozen babies at the house that mercy built.


This is the couple that gives their lives away in the office at the house that mercy built.


This is one mom who is grateful for your yes at the house that mercy built.


These girls are the new addition to the family that God created . . .


Because your yes matters at the house that mercy built.


  1. 2


    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard work, faith…and obedience – YAY Kristen. Prayers for a safe trip and the hovering of God over every moment.

  2. 4

    Niki says

    SO POWERFUL! Praise God for so many beautiful ‘gifts’ from your one ‘yes’. Blessings to you all as you work and continue to grow Mercy House!

  3. 5


    Tears… Praising the Lord for his goodness!! What a gift it’s been to see Mercy House grow, and to be a tiny part of supporting it. Praying for you on your trip, Kristen.

  4. 12

    brooke says

    Praise God for His amazing, life changing, redeeming grace! Such a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. 18

    Niki Larson says

    Beautiful home, beautiful garden, and amazing gloriously beautiful people. Our God is an awesome God!!!! Thank you for being “That Family”!!

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