What I’ve Learned About Motherhood

  • Motherhood has taught me a lot about messes. I only thought toddlers eating spaghetti in a high chair and first graders painting a picture were messy–their art pallets are contained, controllable. Then I had a 12 and 14 year old and their room became their masterpieces.
  • Motherhood has taught me never to start a war over a mess. In the end, it all cleans up and the words and anger hashed over untidiness do more damage than dirty clothes on the floor and mud pies.


  • Motherhood has taught me to never give up. For years, I’ve carted my kids to lessons and practices, tutoring and rehearsals. I’ve taught them to try and try again and when they don’t know what else to do, I’ve taught them never to give up. It’s a universal lesson of motherhood and I’ve witnessed it this week with young mothers in Kenya–no matter how hard the going gets, there’s always reason to keep trying.




  • Motherhood has taught me to listen to my own words.
  • Motherhood has taught me to appreciate humor. I only thought my kids were funny when they were little. They have always had a knack for sharing every family secret to every stranger they met. And now they are quick-witted and sarcastic. And I find it brilliant.



  • Motherhood has taught me to laugh at myself.

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  • Motherhood has taught me to believe in something I cannot always see. I direct my children down a narrow path. I cannot always see the curves and turns ahead and I don’t know what obstacles will be in our path. But we aim our lives and travel together. I believe in the best in them–even when I don’t see it.


  • Motherhood has taught me the best will come when I least expect it. For me, it was a couple of Wednesday nights ago. It had been a very hard day, with unexpected news that had me needing more of Jesus. And when we made ourselves go to church, I looked down the aisle and saw each of my children, eyes closed, hands raised, singing to God. We took Communion together, and I understood the holiness of motherhood
  • Motherhood has taught me about hope. I have met mothers all over the world –some with nothing, not even clean water or enough food for their families for the day–and I see the same thing in all of them: Hope.


  • Motherhood has taught me a lot about me. I’ve learned how to forgive and be forgiven. I’ve learned when to offer grace and when to receive it.
  • Most of all, I’ve learned that love  matters most.


 What is motherhood teaching you?


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    oh! love this post! motherhood is teaching me every day to trust and that the best way to teach my children to trust in Jesus is to let them see when I struggle and rely on Jesus myself. I am also learning every day that children must always come first. When I don’t make their needs a priority thnigs always go wrong!

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    I agree with all you said! Especially the point that says “the best will come when I least expect it.” This is so true…it always seems to happen that way, doesn’t it? When I stop looking for it and just enjoy each moment the good stuff just happens…unplanned. Thanks for this post!

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    So far, motherhood, or at least the pseudo a motherhood of helping my mom to raise my 17 years younger sister, has taught me a lot about myself that I didn’t want to know. But wrapped in that seemingly unwelcome package of revelation has come the gift of increased humility and dependence on Christ to become better for her sake.

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    Kim N says

    Motherhood has taught me about unconditional love! Most likely our children’s choices will not always make us happy, be the choices we would make for them or be the choices we thought we taught them to make. I smile as I type this thinking; “I’m sure God is saying the same thing about me”. Unconditional love it’s what it’s all about!

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    Dana C. says

    I love this! Motherhood is still teaching me so many things. As I transition from the tween to the teen years, I know more lessons are to come but as long as I keep Christ and Love at the front of the line, we’ll enjoy the hurdles along the way.

    God Bless You. Keep up the great works. Hoping to meet you and perhaps even join you one day on an adventure.

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    Motherhood can be messy, unexpected, joyful, sad and amazing! I can’t think of anything else that comes close to being a mom. Like you, I thought my kids were hilarious when they were little but now that they are older, they are even more hilarious and the best part is that they get me too. They laugh at my jokes no matter how silly they can be. I’ve discovered that the line between mom and friend blends and I’m so thankful that it does! Being a mom means tears at times, worn out knees from praying, strong arms for holding and wisdom to know when it’s time to just be still. Your Mercy House pictures scream, “Joy!!”

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