25 Summer Hacks For Moms

We went swimming yesterday.

Which also doubles as bathing.

Because summer.

And we had popcorn, which obviously counts as dinner.

That made me think of all the great shortcuts summer allows.

summer hacks

And then I asked the brilliant moms in my Facebook community to share their summer hacks.

So, I give you awesome:

  1. Leftover birthday cake is breakfast.
  2. Toweling the floor after a bath equals mopping.
  3. Playing with your kids counts as a workout.
  4. Raisins double as vegetables.
  5. Waking up a little later every day, so instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’re eating just two larger meals each day. With snacks like yogurt, string cheese, trail mix etc, when needed.
  6. Make-Your-Own-Breakfast was such a hit, we added Make-Your-Own-Lunch.
  7. Getting to the library semi-regularly equals the homeschooling structure you were going to keep over the summer.
  8. Playing in the rain or with a hose counts as bath time. It also waters the yard.
  9. Let your boys wear just their underwear to bed. Less laundry!
  10. Or dress in shorts and t-shirt to bed. Already dressed in the morning.
  11. Sandals! No washing socks!
  12. More outside time means less messes created inside to pick up.
  13. Berry picking farms….kids stay busy, they leave full – on fruit, no less! and you have dessert for a few days with some ice cream or cobbler-making.
  14. Visit Costco or Whole Foods when they are passing out samples=free lunch!
  15. Watermelon for lunch.
  16. PJs -> swimsuits -> PJs. Repeat the next day.
  17. Ice cream sundaes once in a while for dinner=happy kids &  “Mom of the Year” award. Win-win for everyone!
  18. Having the older kids read to the youngest to “practice” their reading.
  19. Swim naked in the backyard. Less laundry.
  20. Put soap in the baby pool=bath
  21. Trade screen time for kids for house cleaning chores.
  22. Spirited running through sprinklers = Homeschool PE.
  23. Cereal: a meal or snack.
  24. Jammies all day .
  25. After swim lessons, walk through public shower, put on pj’s, fall asleep in car on way home! No bath, no fighting bed time, no “just one more story, pleeeeeeease!” Grand Slam!

What would you add?


*Photo by my friend Taylor Handfelt


  1. 2

    Anne D says

    A couple of years ago, we did ice cream for breakfast one morning when I burned our eggs. It was 7:30 and the morning, and we were already having one of THOSE days. I said, “What this day needs is some ice cream.” I dug it out of the freezer, with all the awesome toppings. It turned our bad start to the day on its head. The kids still talk about it. I think we need to do that again soon!

  2. 3

    Sarah says

    Rainy day – movie day = serenity for mom Starting to feel guilty though, it’s a summer of fog and rain.

  3. 4

    Sarah says

    Free for all dinner – everyone fends for themselves. The younger kids actually try to be responsible! I have chocolate chip cookies and Doritos.

  4. 6


    Lazy Days are a must in our home. No one does a thing all day long. This is announced by our children as; THE BEST DAY EVER! (every time ;P )
    -Our children love to sleep in our room, this is a great bargaining chip for chores (laundry is never ending…ever)
    -Our older children earn “trips to the Dollar Tree”, by helping with the younger ones!
    – Naked day, yep I said it, equals less laundry
    -Walking the dogs=PE
    -Day trips to the PL = one full day of education for our children. Hey, it’s the Library, every subject can and should be learned there!

  5. 7


    Mealtimes when I’m tired to cook: Fend for yourselves! I keep ramen noodles, soups, mac n cheese, and plenty of single-serve leftovers for the kids (but with eight kids, we don’t have leftovers very often).

    Free summer meal programs in our local areas feed my kids breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Less cooking for me and way more money saved. Although we don’t do this every day because it gets old.

    Laundry day doubles as library day. I found a laundromat here that has washers and dryers that wash/dry six loads of laundry at once. The owner is kind enough to switch my laundry out for me while I take my kids to the library for some computer time. An hour and a half a week, and my laundry for 10 people is done.

    Laundry made easy: I don’t hang or fold, either. We have a sock bucket for all the socks, and my kids find their own. It’s great fun to dive into a huge trash can full of socks (we have a LOT of socks) to find matches for them, like jumping into a pile of leaves. I have 50-gallon tubs for each kid. I sort them into their buckets and I’m done. They can hang up their own stuff if they want it hung. I take care of me and the hub’s laundry.

    Tuesday night skate nights. Everyone goes skating for $1. Stay up late, too, and they all get worn out.

    Thursday afternoon museum days. Just about every museum here has free afternoons and evenings on Thursdays. But I’m sure there will be stuff for free in your local area also.

    Big Legos make great castles (and I don’t step on them so much, either).

    Sheets, pillows, chairs, and a few heavy books still make great tents for indoor camping.

  6. 10

    Deborah Wilson says

    We often had only whatever bumper crop was available at the time: the BEST was corn on the cob with loads of butter for lunch or dinner.

  7. 11

    Michelle says

    I love this! My friends tease me for saying swimming=bath! We haven’t had hot fudge sundaes for dinner…yet!!

  8. 12


    Our local theater has summer movies for $.50 a person. We spend another $4 to get two drinks and a large popcorn for the five of us (using refill cups and a T-shirt). It’s enough food that nobody is hungry when the movie is over at 11:30 and I haven’t had to make lunch on any Thursday this summer!

  9. 13


    My girls used to bring shampoo & conditioner to the pool, so when they showered off there, they didn’t have to do it again at home. (Girls with long hair often NEED that after chlorine!) Now as for raisins being vegetables…I can’t get there!

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