A Back to School Prayer For My Children

Dear God,

School starts today. Thank you, thank you (sincere holy whisper). We both know that momma’s bag ‘o summer tricks is plum empty and hiding in the bathroom while my children argue upstairs is not going to work much longer.

School still life with copyspace on chalkboard

We’ve got brand new school supplies tucked neatly into clean backpacks. The kids each have squeaky new tennis shoes and their first day of school clothes picked out, except for my son who doesn’t care, but you know that already. Thank you for providing every bit of it.

We’ve spent the last couple of days getting ready. And ready or not, it’s time.

There are some jitters, wondering about getting the locker open on the first try, making new friends and who to sit by at lunch. And that’s just me. I know my kids are nervous too. You know I got a little emotional this week as I stepped into their world, walking the halls they will everyday. I have some worries, a few fears because I don’t like the cultural “norms” in our world – many aren’t normal at all in our family.  I am proud of the Godly choices my kids have made but with every new school year, they take a step further away from me and that’s hard for every momma.


But you urge us not to worry.  So, instead I’m praying this over them today:

I pray you will be near them when I can’t be.

I pray if they don’t feel your presence, they will seek you and discover you’re right there with them.

I pray you will surround them with peace and comfort in every new situation.

I pray when they are pressured, you will help them stand.

I pray they find one good friend, a brother or sister in Christ because it’s hard to stand alone.

I pray that 6 AM won’t come as early this year.

I pray when they fail, they will forgive themselves and try again.

I pray you will give the school nurse an extra supply of patience and bandaids for my second grader.

I pray my kids will befriend those that are new, lonely or both.

I pray they will not sit next the child who has to throw up in the class trashcan.

I pray they will be a blessing to their teacher and not a curse.

I pray you will bless them with Godly teachers as you have in the past.

I pray they will have fun. But not too much, if you know what I mean.

I pray they will let their light shine, quietly or loudly, but in their own way.

I pray homework will be light and not become Home. Work.

I pray that you will help me to trust their choices, let them go even when it’s hard, and pull them close when they need me to the most.

I pray above all, God, that you would use their challenges, disappointments and victories to draw them closer to you this school year.

Thank you for every gift.



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  1. 1

    Victoria says

    Thank you! The Lord lead me here…needing some prayer for my dear Kindergartener who has cried the past two days. He is normally very social, but I think worry and fear have the best of him. Praying God’s comfort!

  2. 2


    I just want to tell you how much I love your blog post. All of them. You touch me and I feel like when I read this… you somehow Know ME….I know Heavenly Father brought me to you…and I am blessed each time I read. THANK YOU…for being a Christ like example in my life. A mother who is honest about motherhood and isn’t afraid to share it. Recently my husband and I have struggled with the decision to have another child, it will make 3. My youngest entered kindergarten this year and I am unsure about the start over, or to just enjoy my 2 girls. Every time I pray about it, I feel in my heart I am supposed to, but then my mind takes over. Today I had a very emotional kindergartener and I had to leave her crying and sad at school, I walked away broken and decided that I couldn’t possibly have another. I mean why…!? I should just be there for the 2 we already have…so I prayed, and I asked HF to just take it away, that I couldn’t and I just want him to help me feel better about it. My main reason is they are just to far apart in ages… Then I log on to fb and see your post….realizing it was a sign…yours are about what mine would be with another…I know this is a long comment. But I just wanted to say THANK YOU… for being you. Your post do help and make a difference.


  3. 3


    This made me both laugh and cry…….I SO feel all of it! It’s really hard to let go but let go we must. My very independent 8th grader tells me that! She can’t wait to start back to school in a couple of weeks. I’ll be praying for her and for her teachers as well!

  4. 4


    As a school teacher myself – I loved this post. I’m a teacher at a Public School and say a prayer for my own kids and my students every day.

    Pray for your teachers because a lot of students come from troubled homes, and needless to say, that makes learning for them more difficult.

    Support your teacher – they have a hard time striving to teach so many kids at different learning levels and with different home lives. This is a challenge, to say the least.

    Support school fund raisers – because we need the support for supplies. Trust me on this one.

    Attend parent / teacher meetings – nothing is more frustrating than trying to help a student out and the parent doesn’t even bother to show up. It’s a tag team effort, people. Teachers are not Super-Man.

    Great Read.

  5. 5


    Amen, Amen, Amen! Just prayed this whole thing out loud for my 2 girls – both in middle school this year. Thank you for always knowing just what to say, I enjoy your posts more than you will ever know. =)

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