In Honor of The Real Labor Day

A couple of years on Labor Day, I shared the hardest labor I’ve ever done: Becoming a mom!

I thought I’d share my facts again and you can do the same in the comments.

We will give each other a virtual, sweaty high-five!

How long were your labors?

Kid #1, 12 hours

Kid #2, 10 hours

Kid #3, 8 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Kid #1, 2 weeks late, induced due to begging.

Kid #2, 1 week early, induced due to threatening

Kid #3, 7 weeks early, emergency c-section, because I like to mix it up a little.

Where did you deliver?

In the safety and security of the hospital, where most patients with OCD deliver.


Yes, many and all kinds.


On my last one, after 7-8 hours of laboring without dilation, I was rushed down the hall because the baby and I weren’t doing well. I’ve never been more afraid of a nurse with a razor!

Who delivered?

Kid #1- A nice midwife who sat on the end of my bed to ‘take a looksey’ broke the end of my bed–completely off—she went on to do a great job!

Kid #2- We moved when I was 8.5 months pregnant and a very reluctant doctor I only met once, delivered my son.  When she told me I was too far along to accept as a new patient, I burst into tears and said my hubby would have to do it.  She quickly changed her policy.

Kid #3- The best OB in Texas!  I love this woman.  I’m pretty sure she saved my daughter’s life!

How about you? What are your numbers?

Did you adopt? (how long did you wait? Those hours should win you a trophy!)


originally posted, Sept. 1, 2008


  1. 1


    Love this! OK, here are my Labor Day numbers:
    How long were your labors?
    – Kid #1: six hours
    – Kid #2: eighteen hours. Oof.

    How did you know you were in labor?
    – Kid #1: my water broke while watching TV!
    – Kid #2: went to the hospital for what felt like a side stitch. Turns out it was labor.

    Where did you deliver?
    – Hospital, both times. Same floor =)

    – No drugs either time.

    – No.

    Who delivered?
    – Both kids: a very nice doctor whom I’d never met. =) My doc came a few hours later.

    Looking forward to reading more comments – I love labor and birth stories! =)

  2. 2


    I’ve always thought I should write my 8 birth stories before they all scramble together or I forget the details. I love this post. With my first birth there was about 22 hours of confusion because I wasn’t sure whether or not I was actually in labor. A nurse at the hospital told me over the phone that it sounded like false labor; my son was born 3 hours later.

    I’ll condense my births: 3 inductions, no C-sections, 1 epidural, 2 states, 4 hospitals.

  3. 3

    Amy says

    Love this! OK, here are my Labor Day numbers:
    How long were your labors?
    – 30 hours!!

    How did you know you were in labor?
    – I was induced when I was 11 days overdue. By the time he was born it was 12 days.

    Where did you deliver?
    – birthing center at our local hospital

    – No drugs!

    – No.

    Who delivered?
    – My midwife who I believe deserves a golden throne. She was amazing!

    I love labor and birth stories! =)

  4. 5

    Jenn says

    Kid #1 was born 12 weeks early after 10 weeks of trying to keep her in! I was in labor with her for 2 hours, which ended in an emergency c-section……we went from the room to her being born in 12 (I kid you not) minutes!!!

    Kid #2 was born right on time on Mother’s Day (!!!) of that year. I was in labor with him for 2 hours also. He was also a c-section because our hospital recommended waiting 12 months before getting pregnant to even consider a VBAC……..he was BORN 11 months after Kid#1 was born!

    So, there you have it. 2 kids, 2 c-sections, 4 hours of labor.

  5. 6

    Amy says

    Kid. #1 9 hrs, my water broke an hour before contractions began and she was born in the hospital

    Kid #2 2.5 hrs I had to wait for my husband to get home for us to get to the hospital and ended up delivering on the highway, 5 minutes from the hospital

    Kid #3 I’m still waiting. We will induce this week if she’s not born sooner. I’d love your prayers for labor to start soon! I’m getting no rest from false labor and chasing two little ones.

  6. 7

    Penny says

    #1 -9 1/2 hours, 2 weeks late, went into labor on Valentine’s Day, epidural, hospital
    #2 -9 hours, 1 week early, went into labor at dr. appointment, epidural, hospital
    #3 -5 hours, induced, epidural, hospital
    No c-sections!

  7. 8

    Jennifer says

    #1: 36 hours of contractions at home, water broke and we finally got to go to the hospital. Born 10 hours later with help from a little vacuum. 4 days late.

    #2: 10 hours of weird contractions at home, close enough to go to the hospital, triage wanted to send me home because nothing was happening (they said it wasn’t really labor) but decide to keep me because I had a fever, was dehydrated and baby’s heart rate was doing weird things. In the middle of the night I decided they were not going to send me home (you know when you know) Water broke the next morning and they let me stay 😉

    Oh and I had epidurals for both. Doctors were part of the medical group that I was a part of so I had met them.

    This is such a fun idea for Labor Day!

  8. 9

    Heather says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 13 hours
    Kid #2, 2 hours
    Kid #3, 4 hours
    Kid #4 3 hours
    Kid #5 2 hours
    Kid #6 2 hours

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, 1 week overdue and started having contractions.
    Kid #2, 1 week overdue, induced
    Kid #3, 37 weeks on the nose. Had some strong contractions
    Kid #4 38 weeks on the nose. Had contractions started walking and then had a baby!
    Kid #5 induced with herbs because it was new years eve, she was overdue, and our insurance was changing and the new insurance would not have covered our midwife. Had to get her out!
    Kid #6 induced after 5 weeks of contractions every 3 min with nothing happening! Once I lost my mind we just went to the hospital to induce.

    Where did you deliver?

    #1,2,6 were all in the hospital
    #3,4,5 were at home in the tub


    #1, 2, 6 all had epidurals
    #2,6 were pitocin
    #3,4,5 were all natural


    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- Some midwife who came into the room at the last min.
    Kid #2- Some Dr. after I convinced the nurse to check me that something didn’t feel right. Yha that was the head crowning! Dr. ran into the room after the nurse freaked out and said “It is ok I am here now you can push.” I never pushed. The sheer anger for the Dr. got that baby out.
    Kid #3-5 A great pair of midwives.
    Kid #6 Some Dr. at the hospital. He was very nice and had small hands. LOL Didn’t even feel him breaking my water.

  9. 10

    Amy N says

    #1 induced a week early, don’t remember how long labor lasted, ended by being rushed for an emergency c-section
    #2 2 weeks early, 1 week before scheduled c-section, woke up with cramps, called my doc, she remembered we lived about an hour from hospital and said come now. Checked in at the hospital, no one checked to make sure I was in labor but went straight to prepping for a c-section. Doc was firmly against VBAC.

  10. 11

    Melanie says

    Here are my Labor Day numbers:
    How long were your labors?
    – Kid #1: 11 hours (I think – not completely for sure when it started)
    – Kid #2: coming soon!

    How did you know you were in labor?
    – Kid #1: I didn’t really. I’d had a few false alarms and my doc had told me to come in that morning just to check. They admitted me at 5cm dilated.
    – Kid #2: TBD (hopefully I’ll know better this time)

    Where did you deliver?
    – Kid #1: Hospital. I was raised by a nurse. My mind can’t wrap around the thought of not being there.
    – Kid #2: Planning on same place! I love love love our hospital!

    – Um, yes.

    – No.

    Who delivered?
    – Kid #1: My awesome OB, but he just barely made it. My nurse had to tell me to stop pushing (yeah, right!).
    – Kid #2: Hopefully the same doc!

    Happy LABOR Day, mamas!

  11. 12

    Birdie Cutair says

    I was born on Labor Day! Don’t know how long my mom was in labor, but I know I was born early and was my mom’s 3rd child. And, she had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital after having me!

  12. 13

    Kim says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 0 hours

    Kid #2, 0 hours

    Kid #3, 5 1/2 months (yes, months. Read on.)

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, My water broke.

    Kid #2, Scheduled c-section

    Kid #3, Word came that our paperwork had arrived in China

    Where did you deliver?

    Kid #1 & #2: Hospital

    Kid #3: In a meeting room in a hotel in Guiyang, China


    Yes, with kids #1 & 2. No with kid #3, although my nerves could have used a little something.


    For kids #1 and 2. The first one because she was breech and the second one was scheduled due to my medical issues.

    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- Dr. Copas

    Kid #2- Dr. Peeler

    Kid #3- The orphanage director and head nanny

  13. 14

    Allison says

    Baby #1: 26 hours of labor in a hospital, plus 3 1/2 hours of pushing! Epidural. Great nurses helped me survive.

    Baby #2: We will find out. She is due September 19!

  14. 15


    So, first of, shout out to MY mom who after a 31 hour labor delivered ME by c-section on Labor Day 1985 which was September 2 that year, so yes, tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Fun fun.

    As for myself,

    How long?
    Little 1: 10 ish hours
    Little 2: 6 hours
    Little 3: 7 hours
    Little 4: 9 hours
    Little 5: 7 hours

    Method of Delivery:
    1- 5 days late, normal delivery, no drugs
    2- 38 weeks 5 days, normal delivery, no drugs, 2 week NICU stay because of a bacterial blood infection
    3- 38 weeks 3 days, normal delivery, used IV drugs to “dull” the pain (what a joke), we went home two days later! SCORE no NICU!
    4- 38 weeks on the dot, normal delivery, followed by a NICU stay for a bowel obstruction
    5- 39 weeks, begged my doctor to DO SOMETHING. She said no way, checked me, saw I was five centimeters with no contractions and set up an induction for two days later. That was at 10 am. Baby was born around 9:30.

    Hospital deliveries for all. I really like to scare my doctors and hemorrhage afterwards so it’s really my only option.

    Who delivered?
    1- fabulous doctor
    2- same fabulous doctor straight from a softball game
    3- on-call doc I had never met before (it was July 4th :-) talk about fireworks)
    4- crunchy midwife
    5- not-so-crunchy midwife

  15. 16


    Labors: #1 – 36 hours (aggravated b/c of dehydration), #2 – 7 1/2 hours, #3 – about 9 hours.

    Method: #1 – Went into labor on my own the night before my due date, and after a veryyyyy long 36 hours had her with an epidural at 40 weeks, 1 day, with vacuum and every other intervention possible. #2 – Induced by breaking my water because my blood pressure was high. Nonmedicated birth. #3 – After two weeks of contractions and wanting to die, finally had consistent contractions in the middle of the night, had epidural and pitocin. BEST BIRTH EVER.

    #1 – OB, #2&3 – wonderful midwife (all at hospitals)

    No c-sections. #2 was my unmedicated birth, I had nothing but fluids. You notice I didn’t do that again with #3. Ahem. I don’t have a very high pain tolerance and #2’s head ripped me apart, which was extremely unpleasant to say the least.

  16. 17

    Jacquie says

    This is so fun!!

    Kid #1 (2 weeks early) – 1.5hrs start to finish. Water broke, I dialted fully in 1hr & pushed for 30mins. he came out, skinny BALD & beautiful!, No time for anything other than the laughing gas & our awesome nurse did all the work & the doctor walked in to catch him as he flew out!!

    Kiddo #2 (3 weeks early) – 6hrs. Doctor insisted on inducing, giving me an epidural & controlling the delivery because I had high blood pressure. It was a very stressful 6hrs on the verge of a C-section the whole time but I had an awesome nurse & team of doctors who helped me get it done naturally. Son #2 was equally as skinny, bald & beautiful!

  17. 18

    Jana says

    How long were you in labor?
    #1 – 8 hours
    #2 – 0 hours
    #3 – probably 13 hours….see below

    How did you know you were in labor?
    #1 – induced due to high blood pressure. C-section because baby was stuck.
    #2 – scheduled c-section
    #3 – didn’t know I was in labor until I saw my stomach contracting, then felt pain about 2 hours later. On call doc said I wasn’t in labor….raced to the hospital with pains 2 minutes apart. Doc had to deliver VBAC because my water broke and I was at a 9 30 min after getting to hospital!!!

    #1 and 2 – heck YES!
    #3 – NO, no time to administer. (Even though I’ve done it, I still don’t believe in drug free childbirth. LOL!)

    #1 and 2 – yes
    #3 – no….it was scheduled. But baby came a week early and too fast….VBAC after 2 c-sections.

    Where did you deliver?

    Hospital for all 3. (30 minutes longer and #3 would have been born in the car!)

    Who delivered?

    Doctors for all 3

    Would I go for #4??? Yep, in a heartbeat!!

  18. 19

    Phyllis says

    Labor – none

    Method #1 scheduled c-section with twins;#2 scheduled c-section

    Who delivered? #1 a wonderful military ob; #2 a great ob I had met once before thanks to a military move 6 weeks before delivery and finding a new practice.

    So blessed to have three healthy kids!

  19. 20

    Kim says

    Kid #1
    13 hours, induction 8lbs 15oz yowzers with epidural

    Kid #2
    12hrs, epidural thanks to a never ending 30min long contraction where I thought the world was ending!

    Kid #3
    2years of waiting on a sweet lil boy to adopt. Got our call on a wed to come monday and get our son. Held him that fri for the first time. Beautiful story but praying his birth mom wants to share her side one day and open up to seeing him

    Kid #4 due thanksgiving….praying for a drug free delivery.

  20. 21

    Melissa D says

    I love this – not only because I can share some of my stories without feeling like I am boring people, but also because some of you have similar (or crazier!) stories than mine.

    So here goes:
    #1 – About 55 hours of labor, nearly all of it in my back. Went to my scheduled dr’s appointment after already being in labor for about 48 hours. Showed up severely dehydrated AND FULLY DILATED. Lord knows for how long. Water hadn’t broken. They gave my husband a stack of paper sheets for the 1 block drive to the hospital (just in case), had nurses with a wheelchair waiting at the door, rushed me upstairs. Then pushed for 3 hours, tried using suction, ended up with a c-section after she wouldn’t come out and her heart rate and my blood pressure started playing numbers games.

    #2 – About 15 hours. Had false starts to my labor for 8 days, where I would have strong, regular contractions, about 10 minutes apart for an hour or two and then they would stop – including New Year’s Eve 1999 (remember Y2K?). Woke up to a contraction the day she ended up being born and knew somehow that this was different and likely the real thing. Wonderful midwife told me when I got to the hospital that she had been reading my chart (from child #1), and she wanted me to promise that I would only push for an hour at the most and if the baby wasn’t out then I would let them do a c-section. And that is exactly what happened.

    #3 and #4 – Each born about 10 days early by scheduled c-section, as our local doctors no longer do vbac. No crazy stories about looooong labors or trying to hide the fact that I was in labor while dropping oldest child off at preschool or anything like that for these two, though there are some fun stories about things that happened right before or after their births. For instance, with my youngest I lost my voice after the surgery. Could only speak in a whisper for about a week.

  21. 22

    Tara says

    11 hours of contractions before phone the midwife . Total labour 18 hours, only 9.5 hours of active labour though (contractions strong and only a few minutes apart) Gave birth at home, no drugs!!!
    Who delivered? My wonderful midwives who gave me the best support ever!
    Awesome experience to birth at home drug free, but oh. my. gosh! WORST PAIN EVER!!!
    Totally worth it to hold my awesome son in my arms now though!

  22. 23


    First kid: was I really in labor? Wasn’t sure….check the What To Expect When You’re Expecting book. Um, maybe. Call doctor. He says, “yes, go to hospital.” By the time I got the I thought I was going to give birth in the hospital parking lot! Got to room, got epidural, laid down and pushed the baby out. Total of 4.5 hours of labor/ delivery. Doctor wasn’t even there yet when I started pushing!

    Second kid: one false labor trip to hospital and 14 hours labor and delivery.

    Payback for having such an easy first labor…

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  23. 24

    Mandie says

    I was induced Friday afternoon & my daughter was born Monday evening. No drugs until they finally broke my water Monday morning, & then I begged for an epidural out of exhaustion. I still hadn’t dilated past a 2.5 after all that, & she was doing well, so they eventually did a csection. A doctor from my doctor’s practice delivered. I didn’t see my doctor until after my daughter was born!

  24. 25


    #1 14 hours. Induced 5 days early due to lack of amniotic fluid. Epidural, dry birth and lots of stitches later I gave birth to a 7lb 13oz baby boy!

    #2 7 hours. 10 days early no epidural and very few stitches later I gave birth to another baby boy weighing in at 8lbs 11oz!

    #3 C-section 5 days late because she wouldn’t turn her little tale around (breech). I held my beautiful 8lb 3oz baby girl!

    #4C-section 1 day late because she refused to drop and I had already had one c-section. I held my 8lb baby girl!

    I had the same amazing OB/GYN with all of my babies. I never pushed for longer than ten minutes and I recovered beautifully from my c-sections. I am thankful for a wonderful God who took great care of me and who is caring for the two babies I mis-carried. I may have labored to give birth to four children but I honestly believe that the labor of a broken heart that has to go on with life after losing a child is harder than giving birth.

  25. 26

    Nicole says

    I have one son, and my labor with him lasted 36 hours…no exaggeration. I labored through all 3 shifts of doctors an nurses – my sweet nurses that I started out with went home forte night and came back in the morning and exclaimed “you’re still here!?” I of course ended up getting an epidural about half way through. It ended with me pushing for 3.5 hours to no avail which led to a C-section. Thank God for hospitals and modern medicine because I don’t think I would have made it in the good ol days. My son was completely healthy and now that he is 5 I am just getting up the nerve to try for another 😉

  26. 27

    Julie says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 2 years

    Kid #2, 6 months

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, China adoption web site said referrals were imminent!

    Kid #2, Surprise call from adoption agency

    Where did you deliver?

    Kid #1, Nanning, Guangxi China
    Kid #2, Zhenzhou, Henan China


    I wish!.


    China-section? Yes

    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- Orphanage director

    Kid #2- Teacher from orphanage

    So very worth it, both times!

  27. 28

    Amy C says

    Baby #1 born at hospital at 40 weeks, by a dr I didn’t know, after an epidural and about 12 hours of labor. 7 lbs 14 oz.

    Baby #2 water broke at 37 weeks. Went to hospital and they started pitocin and epidural. Had several other medications given to me because of blood pressure dropping. Delivered by a dr I didn’t know 8.5 hours after water breaking (thanks to pitocin). 7 lbs 10 oz.

    Baby #3 was a planned home birth in a birthing tub. Delivered by a midwife 52 hours after my water broke at 38.5 weeks. Only 8 hours of contractions though. 8 lbs 5 oz. No drugs.

    Baby #4 was born at my midwife’s house at 39 weeks. Was born after a few days of mild labor. 10 lbs 5 oz and shoulder dystocia. No drugs.

  28. 29

    Jennifer says

    #1 Induced 3 days early (it was Aug in TX and couldn’t have him on my MIL bday)
    6hrs contractions were so hard and fast Drs actually thought something was wrong with position. 9lb3oz baby boy. No drugs in hospital grade 3 out of 4 tear. Old Dr. asked me where I was hiding him. He thought he was about 7lbs.

    #2 Labor pains woke me up about 6 waited about 2 hrs before we went to hospital . I walked in …dialated 6cm. Everyone was rushing around. I almost delivered by myself in the room. Dr just barely made it. 5 hrs total 10lb 3oz. No drugs born on 2/29. Had his 15 min of fame on the news for being biggest baby on leap day! Everything is bigger in TX right?

    #3&4. All I heard was you will be months early with twins. I was 8 days away from my due date. They induced me. I was pretty much forced to have an epidural. My daughter had been breech 3 days before. And just incase anything went wrong and need a c-section. I was laughing during labor! I almost gave birth in the room. They just wanted me to get started pushing. Nurse said 3 pushes. Son almost came out on 2! Son was 7lb4oz. Daughter was 6lb 13oz ,7 min later! Had them in FL.

  29. 30

    Shawna says

    Child # 1- 8 hours

    Child #2- 6 1/2 months

    1) induced a week early due to blood pressure- had epidural, pushed the last 2 hours, then dr used forceps to get him out because his head was hung- poor thing- his head was a little scraped up for a few days. 8 lbs 10 ozs

    2) delivered to us un Lanzhou, China by nanny from swi – no drugs even though we might have needed them! She cried and cried for several hours! She was 10 months old and just perfect!

  30. 31

    Debbie says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 18 hours of back labor

    Kid #2, on and off for 9 weeks,

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, extreme back pains

    Kid #2, 3 weeks early (we were happy it was only 3 weeks)

    Where did you deliver?

    In the hospital


    Yes, many and all kinds.


    Kid #1 was an emergency c-section due to failure to progress.

    Kid #2 was a scheduled c-section due to issues.

    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- A wonderful Ob who probably thought I was nuts when I asked if she was sure I had given birth to a daughter (she was and still is the only girl on both sides of the family in her generation)

    Kid #2- A new Ob (we moved) who handled all of my challenges with a degree of calm that kept me sane.

  31. 32


    What a collection! I may have the oldest stats here, we’ll see!

    Baby #1: just under six hours of labor and 19 days overdue; we were in Choma, Zambia at the time and had to drive an hour on a corrugated dirt road to the mission hospital in the bush where she was born after six hours of labor, at 12:12 p.m., from first twinge in our home at 6:30 that morning. I had to ask my pregnant-with-her-fourth-cross-the-street-neighbor is she thought this was really labor as the contractions rippled under my dress. Only Trilene gas with each contraction, once I was safely in the delivery room. 8#8oz.

    Baby #2: 6.5 hours of labor, one day after due date; in a hospital with no meds; contractions woke me at 2:30 in the morning, she was born just before 9. 8#1.5oz.

    Baby #3: water broke one week past due date, no contractions until 2 doses of pitocin, one hour of hard labor, no meds and our only son arrived safely. 9#12oz

  32. 33

    Sue says

    My labors were 34 and 30 years ago. I chose to use education, relaxation and breathing for my pain relief. My first labor was about 10 hours, with only about 1/2 hour of discomfort with pushing. My second birth was about 3 hours after my water broke. This convinced me that I should move from pediatric nursing to obstetric. I was a labor/delivery/postpartum nurse for 30 years, also teaching childbirth education for 35 years. Six years ago, I began teaching Hypnobabies. This is a program that teaches self hypnosis to mothers and their partners for more comfortable births. Since that time, my daughter has delivered 2 beautiful grandsons to us using the Hynobabies method for her births. The second one, she labored almost the entire time in a pool of water very comfortablly

  33. 34

    Tina says

    This is fun.

    Child #1 – 23 and 3/4 hours ultimately resulting in c-section for failure to progress. She was 1 week late and I’d been induced.

    Child #2 – 22 hours resulting in emergency c-section. He was 1 week early.

    No drugs either time.

    Same Dr and same hospital.

  34. 35

    Kim B. in Az says

    #1. 2 days- yes 2 days. The contractions never got closer than 10 minutes apart. Never. I amost delivered him in the elevator at home. No one at the hospital believed me when I said I was ready to deliver. Until they checked me, then they begged and demanded I not push until the doc got there. He got there just in time. Then when my son was half way out we had to wait another yes 10 minutes for another contraction. Not much pain.

    #2. A little over 2 days. Very painful for about 6 hours.

    #3. Emergency C section. Woke up to water braking and intense pain. Among some other things. She very soon after getting to the hospital. Both she and I were in serious danger. She is perfectly healthy.

    #4. No labor C- section. Water broke she was born 24 hours before a sceduled C-section cause she was facing the wrong way.

    First 3 were late from 3 days to 2 weeks.

    I delivered all in a hospital.


    Only with the last 3. Never had to be induced.


    Yes as I said above. With my 3rd child my placenta pulled a way prematurely. Both of us were in major danger. They saved her life and mine. She was born with in 5 minutes of making the decision to due a C- Sect. My fourth was breech and my water broke. No contractions, praise God for that. I was able to be awake for the last one.

    Who delivered?

    #1 the emergency room doc. He was to close to being born to wait for my regular ob. He showed up in the middle of the delivery.

    #2 and 3. My regular ob

    #4 had to change Ob’s cause mine had retired.

    They were all great. I am glad I was in a city and not a remote part of the country or another country because me and my middle child probably would not have lived. Much gratitude to God for his goodness.

  35. 36


    Kid #1: On my due date, 36 hours of labor, walking didn’t slow contractions, drugs, didn’t want them but body needed them to relax and do it’s job. Hospital doc turned out to be my favorite ever.

    Kid #2: 2 1/2 weeks early! Water broke in bed, midwife “induced” by drinking castor oil, actual labor about 3 hours. No drugs. Birthing center (hands down best experience).

    Kid #3 and 4: 3 weeks early, water broke in bed, 1 1/2 hours total labor, almost didn’t make it to the hospital, no drugs for the birth but pitocin afterwards that made me clot then hemmorhage half my blood. Hate that doctor.

  36. 37

    Jill says

    Only one baby :). Delivered 6 weeks early. Labor was 28 hours, with 2.5 hours of pushing. I had an epidural, & she was delivered by my doctor. We spent 10 days in the hospital, but now she is a perfect 8 year old! :)

  37. 38

    Rachel says

    #1: 2 weeks late, but I was dilating the whole two weeks. Castor oil induction. 8 hours at home with a midwife. 10# 10oz
    #2: on the due date. Didn’t have access to prenatal care until the eighth month. Delivered naturally in the hospital. 4 hours. 9# 5oz
    #3. 1.5 weeks early. At home, almost without the midwife. 2 hours. 9# 3oz

  38. 39

    H Turner says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 10 hours
    Kid#2, 12 hours

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, 2 days before due date, induced due to Dr. vacation and my lack of knowledge

    Kid #2, 2 days before due date, woke up at 3:30 am with contractions

    Where did you deliver?

    Both in the hospital, didn’t go until with #2 until in labor for 7 hours- was 7 cm when I got to triage


    Epidural with first
    All natural, drug free VBAC with second!


    With first after 2 hours of pushing

    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- my OB who was a great but just too pushy, and c-section ready

    Kid #2- The best Midwife in TN and her equally amazing student who supported me 100% in my natural VBAC!

  39. 41

    Lisa B says

    How long were labors?
    #1 Not sure. My water broke at 10:30 p.m. and she was born at 12:30 a.m. That 2 hours included driving to the hospital, waiting for a wheelchair (because you can’t walk into labor and delivery), and then the actual birth. Never felt labor pains until they made me get in the bed! She was over two weeks late.
    #2 8 hours. He was 3 weeks early!

    How did you know you were in labor?
    #1 Water broke.
    #2 Water broke

    Where did you deliver?
    Both- hospital

    #1 No – not enough time.
    #2 Definitely!


    Who delivered?
    Two different doctors.

    My second had trouble breathing when he was born and had to go straight to intensive care. They called in a neo-natal specialist from another hospital for him. I know it’s not the worst thing a mother can go through but it sure was hard not being able to hold my baby. Worst yet was not being able to take him home with me!

  40. 42


    I don’t usually get to share this info (no one usually cares) so here goes.

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 20 + hours

    Kid #2, not much at all

    How did you know you were in labor? water broke around midnight. Dr. said to get to the hospital

    Kid #1, 2 weeks late, induced due to doctor’s strong suggestion

    Kid #2, right on time

    Where did you deliver? same hospital both times, except different floors due to hospital renovations


    Yes, many and all kinds.


    first was emergency, second was scheduled because of trauma of the first delivery in which we almost both didn’t make it due to me losing my breath and him having cord around neck so that he wouldn’t come. Emergency C-section saved us both I’m sure :)

    Who delivered?

    Kid #1- Dr.
    Kid #2- Dr.

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    Love this! Here are mine:

    Kid 1: 17 days late, finally induced. 10 hours from start of pit. drip to her birth. Epidural at 7 cm. In a small hospital with a 60ish-year old male doctor who I loved.
    Kid 2: 4 days early, all on her own. 1 hr. 40 min from when I knew I was in labor until her birth. No time for drugs. In a hospital in Istanbul with a mid-30’s female doctor who I loved.
    Kid 3: 12 days late, also induced. 14 hours from start of pit. drip to her birth, but I had a super small drip overnight to avoid the “wham, bam, thank-you ma’am” of the first kid. Epidural at 6 cm. In a big hospital in Birmingham, AL, with a female doctor who I didn’t love, but was ok for only having met her once before my 37-week appointment.

    All my birth experiences were so different but I’m glad for them!

  43. 46

    Carol D says

    Kid #1 – 36+ hrs, 3 weeks early, no drugs, born face-up, delivered by my Dr.
    Kid #2 – 4 hrs, 23 days late, no drugs, delivered by the least-liked Dr. E.V.E.R.
    Kid #3 – 8 hrs, 9 days late, no drugs, delivered by my Dr.
    Kid #4 – 7 hrs, 14 days late, forced out via induction, no drugs other than the pitocin, born face-up, delivered by my husband and the nurse – my Dr. didn’t make it in time.
    All four were born in the same hospital that I was born in, however, none of them were delivered in the same place – the hospital kept remodeling!
    I knew I was in labor with the first 3 because of the contractions. My water never broke on it’s own – it was always done in the hospital.

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