The T-Shirt to Prove It {Giveaway}

Updated with winners: Congrats to random commenters: #350 AIMEE, # 151 Naomi, #1 Kate, #83 Emily and #124 Deanna

We live in a size-obsessed culture that boasts just about everything bigger is better.

We can upsize our homes, plump up body parts, supersize our meals, and have it all.

But when we follow God, we serve an upside down Kingdom.

There are no small yeses.

There are no insignificant acts of love towards others.

As a matter of fact, when we combine our little yeses with our God who cannot be contained, miracles happen.

God doesn’t add a condition or size requirement.

He just asks for obedience, small or big.

It may seem unimportant, but you never know what God will do with it.


Your yes matters.

And now, you can wear the t-shirt to prove it.

Not only will you look amazing in this brand new flowing, gray jersey shirt, your purchase will make a big difference in the endeavor to rescue oppressed girls.

And there’s nothing small about that.


What are you saying yes to lately?

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE new Mercy House shirts I’m giving away today.


Will you be at The Declare Conference this weekend? I will be, along with brand new Mercy House shirts!


  1. 301

    Brittany says

    I am saying Yes to stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown with my family into the next chapter in our journey.

  2. 302


    Saying yes to my kids more often. I feel like I’m forever telling them no for no good reason! Hopefully they enjoy this new season of momma!!

  3. 303

    nicole stover says

    Saying yes to saying no more! I say yes too often to others and it takes away from my devotion time and time with family.

  4. 306


    I took a huge step of faith in March and although I was absolutely terrified, I opened an Etsy shop called My Yes and sell reclaimed wood signs with Scripture on them. I donate 50% (or more) of the sales to organizations that fight human trafficking and offer restoration and care to rescued victims. I chose the name My Yes after reading Lysa TerKeurst’s book, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. It took lots of prayer and trust to jump in but it has been an awesome ride so far and we have been so blessed to help raise funds and awareness for this cause.

  5. 308


    the first time I saw the word YES was in Lys Terkeurst book say yes to God. Wow. It has lead me to another path of my relationship with Christ. I can’t explain it in words really. but it has deepened and God has challenged me and so has satan…. These T shirts are awesome. It would be an opener for me to tell people about God if asked what the shirt meant….

  6. 310

    aima says

    i love what mercy house is doing- you guys have touched my heart and i pray that God’s hand will continue to be on your ministry with His precious children <3

  7. 313

    Amy says

    My husband and I just recently said yes to him quitting his job and resting with The Lord. Waiting for His will, His way, everyday.

  8. 315

    leslie says

    We are saying YES to reaching out to our community without waiting for someone else to organize it! JUST DO YES!

  9. 317

    Tara says

    Saying “yes” to God love as God loves!! The lost, the broken, the lonely, the hopeless, the weak and the weary! Yes, to His best!

  10. 320

    Judy says

    Over the past couple of years I have been learning to lay my fears aside and to trust God. I read “Rhinestone Jesus” this summer and this book was a giant step in the process in learning to say “YES” to God and following His Leading instead of living in the shadows. Don’t know what the future holds but I do know my life is safely placed in God’s Hands.

  11. 321

    Kimberly Thomas says

    I’m saying YES to the Holy Spirit. Those yes’s have meant those little “nudges” have become more frequent. YES to a medical mission in Haiti even though I’m terrified. YES to sharing those things about me I would rather keep hidden. YES to giving my children over to God and realizing that my ways are not His ways no matter how well intended. YES to what HE is asking of me. YES to getting out of His way!

  12. 322


    We are saying yes to finalizing our Ugandan adoption after 3 years of waiting, all while my husband’s job is up in the air and God is STILL providing the funds. HE is able!

  13. 326

    brooke says

    Yes to being content in this season of my life to wait on the Lord. Be patient for His perfect timing in all areas of my life.

  14. 328

    Wendi says

    We are saying yes to moving across the country to take care of my husbands family. His sister that has stage 4 breast cancer, his father that has parkinsons, his mother who has to walk with a can because of a hip birth defect and who has developed arthritis in her neck. This means selling our home here, leaving my family, leaving amazing friends and our church family, our homeschool groups. But it means doing what God has asked us to do. It means accepting a great job that my husband was offered that we see God’s hand prints all over. It means being able to live in an area that we are able to pay cash for our home there. Being good financial stewards. Another God opportunity. God is opening the doors wide open, all because we are saying yes to what He is asking us to do. Our yes matters!!!!

  15. 330

    Tamsin Yeaman says

    I think my saying yes to God looks like saying more yeses to what He wants and more no’s to what I want. Becoming less of me and more of Him. Dying to self in little ways everyday and submitting to His will for my life not my own xxx

  16. 331

    Juli Vrotney says

    Really like the shirts and the mission that your blog and family have. Saying Yes to living a life conformed to Jesus Christ. Yes to speaking the truth in love. Thank you for having the courage to share your life with others.. It encourages us greatly.

  17. 334

    Elizabeth says

    I am saying yes to getting up early no matter how sleep deprived so I can have quite time before any of six kiddos is up and loving it!!

  18. 336

    Briana says

    I’ve been saying yes to reducing stress in my life, so I can be a calmer mom, and more loving helpmate; and am able to hear God’s quiet calling instead of all the noise of the now, Now, NOW.

  19. 338

    Heather Galloway says

    I’ve been saying yes to submitting to God’s plans for my job, for my family and for my church ministry, no matter how messy my life is and how uncomfortable it feels. My life is in a giant transition right now and for someone like me, this is very uncomfortable, but I have more peace about this than I ever have before. Thank you for inspiring me to let go of my own expectations of what I think I can handle and letting God determine my steps and the plans he has for me and my family!

  20. 340

    marla says

    I have been trying to say yes much more to work for the kingdom, and No much more to self. Surely not an easy task.
    Finishing up a week of Vacation Bible School where our church decided to host VBS 2x a day. I am exhausted, but so overjoyed by the love and work I have seen. The investment of time for God is never a no.

    Love the shirt!!

  21. 343

    Andrea N says

    Just finished reading Rhinestone Jesus….its got me starting to dream again. Read it on vacation, came back to work and it was a hard first day back, but in those moments at work I realized what I do is my “YES” and I’m right where I need to be for now.

  22. 344

    jeanene says

    So very thankful for your ministry at Mercy House and this blog! Praying for you and your staff today especially.

  23. 348

    Holli says

    Our daughter bravely said YES to God when He said, “You will go to Haiti!” (on a mission trip with her church) To know this is purely God, you have to know that our beautiful daughter fears flying of any kind but mostly over water, has never left her husband overnight or her precious little boys for more than one night, and that is when they stay with their Nana and Papa. So proud of her and taking lessons from HER YES!!

  24. 349

    Ginger Young says

    I’m saying YES to starting a Christian PreK for our community! Scared. To. Death….But I fully believe”where God guides, He provides!”

  25. 350

    Krista T. says

    I said YES to a lower paying job in order to invest time serving my family and others. LOVE this tee!!

  26. 351

    Lizbeth says

    I’m saying YES to whatever God has planned for our family in the upcoming year – we are expecting big changes and I want to be open to whatever God asks of us!

  27. 352

    Gayly says

    I am working on saying YES more with my kids, I find myself often saying “no”… so having things that the answer is always “yes”too is making a difference!

  28. 353

    Stephanie says

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your heart with us. We served in Kenya for a few years, our daughters were born there, and we seek to faithfully obey each day, but its never easy. Right now our yes is suddenly uprooting our family to move for a new job.

  29. 355

    Jenny Lloyd says

    i am saying yes to my kids as much as i can instead of no, not right now, mommy’s busy. i have made the decision to say yes and fully enjoy them before they grow up and don’t need me as much, my laundry and housework can wait, my kids can’t

  30. 357


    I am saying yes to the “unknown”…learning to walk in faith and trust, even when I know the road will be painful. But trusting that God’s grace will be sufficient during the process

    • 358.1

      cathy poston says

      Amen raise them up to be a yes Lord child and when they are old they will not stray from it . they may think they can and may try doing things their way but they see they will have to say yes to Him and all because He won`t quit tugging at heart strings until He`s done tugging and has our full attention bless you for saying yes and raiseing them in the right way

  31. 359


    I’m saying yes to stepping out of my comfort zone and go on a missions trip. I’m also saying yes by saying no…quitting the things in my life that are good but not God’s best. :)

  32. 361

    chickie brewer says

    Saying Yes to stop worrying about the future.. and knowing that God is walking with me through all my trials and tribulations!

  33. 363

    Jennifer Ott says

    We are saying, “Yes!” to selling everything and moving to Zambia to start a medical clinic at an orphanage. While it sounds exciting, the drudgery of getting rid of all our possessions and raising support is not for the faint-of-heart…

  34. 364


    Your book came out during the time in my life where I didn’t know if I could say yes anymore.
    I had said yes but that yes turned into a shattered heart. But you challenged me to be brave and to keep saying yes. While it still isn’t always easy, I’m still saying yes. I’m not as afraid anymore and I know that God hears my quite whisper of a yes.

  35. 367

    Lisa says

    I am saying YES to facilitating a Financial Peace University course, and for a shy introvert, that’s a huge leap of faith.

  36. 369

    Gay Taunton says

    I’m saying YES to listening to God’s plan for our school year and greater health for our family.

  37. 372

    Tiffany I says

    Saying yes to God’s calling to be different and radical for Jesus Christ in so many ways (relationships, children, leading and serving others)

  38. 373

    Lesley says

    As the director of a local Pregnancy Resource Center, I truly see that people’s “yeses” matter! :)

  39. 374

    julieaia says

    What a beautiful message. Thank you so much. I’m making an effort every day to saying YES to all the little ways to bring joy and faith to the world.

    • 374.1

      cathy poston says

      Amen I am to thank you for the good news of others showing the faith and all and yes to the message that started this all. I say yes Lord Yes

    • 376.1

      cathy poston says

      praise God He`s allowing you to give life to another special little person to help grow in Him Yes that`s wonderful

  40. 378

    cathy poston says

    I love the t shirt and yes things can happen with God all things are possible if we believe . This week we had a revivole and some were saved some were touched and filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues and just over the past few weeks we had others come to know him and be filled there is a saying fewer is much with God in it and this is the case at our little church that is growing in numbers over the past month or so. God is so good and awesome all the time even through lives vallies , rivers, on the mountain top , climbing the moutains or where ever we happen to be in our lives so just stop and pray God will show the way to you and even if a door shuts Praise Him morning noon and night or any time because He will open the right door for us and then it`s our choice to go through it or not but if God opens the door I choose to go through it and know I`m never alone He`s always right there with me guiding me all the way. I praise God there are people like you out there to help those who need it . God Bless you and yours for it and those who are working with you.

    • 378.1

      cathy poston says

      I guess what I am saying yes to is God can do anything if we only believe. sorry forgot to put the what I was saying yes to but got caught up in many yes things also yes to a good yr for my family friends and grandkids in all we do and sisters and brothers in Christ in all they do this yr and always

  41. 380

    Marah Steele says

    I am saying yes to trusting God as our family steps out of our comfort zone into the unknown of a new job for my husband!

  42. 381

    Kari Anne says

    I am saying yes to dreaming big and to Holy Yoga instructor training! I just listened to the podcast interview of you for the Declare conference. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

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