The T-Shirt to Prove It {Giveaway}

Updated with winners: Congrats to random commenters: #350 AIMEE, # 151 Naomi, #1 Kate, #83 Emily and #124 Deanna

We live in a size-obsessed culture that boasts just about everything bigger is better.

We can upsize our homes, plump up body parts, supersize our meals, and have it all.

But when we follow God, we serve an upside down Kingdom.

There are no small yeses.

There are no insignificant acts of love towards others.

As a matter of fact, when we combine our little yeses with our God who cannot be contained, miracles happen.

God doesn’t add a condition or size requirement.

He just asks for obedience, small or big.

It may seem unimportant, but you never know what God will do with it.


Your yes matters.

And now, you can wear the t-shirt to prove it.

Not only will you look amazing in this brand new flowing, gray jersey shirt, your purchase will make a big difference in the endeavor to rescue oppressed girls.

And there’s nothing small about that.


What are you saying yes to lately?

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE new Mercy House shirts I’m giving away today.


Will you be at The Declare Conference this weekend? I will be, along with brand new Mercy House shirts!


  1. 151

    Naomi says

    I love love Mercy House!! My live mercy shirt is one of my favorites, and I just love this new one! I love knowing my yes matters! I’m saying yes to getting out of my comfort zone and serving others.

  2. 155

    Kimberly says

    My “yes” is to be docile and attentive to the Lord’s will in my life and to abandon the focus on self, comfort, success, and control. I have to work on my “yes” every minute of everyday :) Thank you for the opportunity to win this shirt…very nice.

  3. 157

    Heather Whitley says

    I love watching this ministry grow and thrive- and knowing it began with a “yes.” Looking for opportunities to say, “Yes” where I am… And would love to sport this shirt in the meantime! :)

  4. 158

    Kara says

    I’m really being challenged by your book Rhinestone Jesus. Trying to sort out what to say yes to with God’s guiding. Great shirt!

  5. 160

    Mary Catherine says

    You rock! Thank you for being an inspiration….you are so real. Thank you for sharing Gods love. YES!

  6. 162

    Hannah says

    I’m saying YES to letting go and listening to God’s instructions. It’s been a rough year and I’m really discovering that He knows what’s best for my life, regardless of how much I want to control it.

  7. 165

    Rachel says

    Yes to leading an American Heritage Girls troop. We are recently chartered through our church and the tasks ahead are many and sometimes feel overwhelming. I am worried about how many others I can get to say YES with me. I need a lot of leaders for the girls and very few people are volunteering.

  8. 166

    Sara B. says

    Love the shirt! I am saying yes to teaching at a small Christian school. So excited to get to share Jesus with my students, not all come from Christian families.

  9. 167

    Susan says

    My son started back to school today, 7th grade. I woke up this morning and decided that I was going to relinquish myself from nagging about homework this school year. He is growing up and it is his responsibility to make sure it gets done. I told myself aloud, “Yes, I am turning it over to GOD!” My yes is moving us both in the right direction!

  10. 169

    Meagen Hood says

    I am saying “yes” more and more each day to giving it to God. I suffer from anxiety and it cause a great deal of trouble. I’ve been focusing on trusting God and knowing he can help me handle anything thrown my way. Yes, he can!

  11. 170

    Maggie S says

    I said yes to homeschooling our 2 oldest children this year. With a very active 2 year old and a baby coming this winter… I was terrified of saying yes. But once I said it, that quiet peace settled my heart–finally :) Then yesterday, a family who we don’t know said yes to God. And offered to send one of our children to attend the school they have been attending for the past 5 years.

  12. 172

    Nicole says

    I’m saying “yes” to my kids more often. “No” is so overused, and as long as it doesn’t hurt them, I feel like saying “yes” to being silly, playing more games, and being less serious is a blessing in our lives. :)

  13. 176

    Leah Koch says

    I am trying to say yes more to my son. Well, maybe not always yes but definitely less no and in a softer, less angry voice. With two little boys and a husband that is gone more than he’s home I feel like a single parent a lot and every so often it all get to me. I know I need to calm down and enjoy these little moments cause the boys won’t be small for long.

  14. 177

    Ruina says

    I’m saying YES to improving my marriage relationship! (We have two young ones and my husband and I haven’t taken time for us in over two years!)

  15. 178

    Bree Mooney says

    I love that when I wear my Mercy House shirts I get asked about them and get to share with people about the awesome ministry that is taking place. My “yes” is living out Proverbs 14:1 in my own home and family. My prayer is that God would help me to “build my house,” like the wise woman, and not tear it down with my own hands.

  16. 179

    Melanie Davis says

    Love this shirt! I’m doing my best to say yes more to my children! :) I love reading about Mercy House!

  17. 180

    Kristi says

    Adore this shirt! Saying YES to my new Mary & Martha business as my journey in faith and seeking a deeper relationship with The Lord has been such a blessing to me and my family!

  18. 183

    Racheal says

    I just said yes to a “new” ministry at our church over this past summer. It has stretched me and gotten me out of my comfort zone. It is amazing how saying yes to God opens the door for something that is so much more that you could imagine.

  19. 186


    I have just starting following your post and smile/laugh/tear up with every one I read. I am encouraged with each post and appreciate that there is another mom out there like my friends and myself. Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all.

  20. 187

    Libby says

    Love this. What a great reminder. And a great way to get a conversation started when someone asks what it means. :)

  21. 188

    Denise says

    Showing my children that something as simple as giving up a meal out and purchasing food for a local organization that helps families of inmates, sweeping the floor without being told, carrying bags of groceries for someone who can’t. Whatever it is that the Lord whispers to you…saying “yes” no matter how small the endeavor matters. Obedience to the little yeses leads to more!

  22. 192

    Susan Nutter says

    This has been the summer of our lives turning upside down. A diagnosis for my son, well, for our family. Re-affirming….always from a place of YES. Yes….there are blessings, even in the midst of the most unlikely situations. I love the bright yellow on the tee.

  23. 193


    Ooooh I love it! I am saying yes to two huge daily things… getting back to regularly working out, and setting (more) time aside each day to sit with Him with no agenda! I’m in a season of rest and I am super excited to see what my next Yes will be!

  24. 198

    Kim Reynolds says

    Love this shirt. Love the color. Love the message. My “yes” matters, small or big, it matters.

  25. 199

    Candy McChain says

    My husband and I have said “Yes” to being foster parents. We are fostering a 7 year old girl and her 4 year old brother right now.

  26. 202

    Beth says

    Rhinestone Jesus has changed my heart and now I pray every morning that my eyes would be open to see the opportunities God gives me to say “yes”! Would love to wear this t-shirt while saying “yes” to Him!

  27. 204


    Love Mercy House. Love the voice you’re giving them. Even if I don’t win the tee, I’ll still be praying for them. Thanks for all you do to bring justice & mercy to this beautiful cause.

  28. 209

    Katie Biebighsuser says

    I’m saying ‘yes’ to diligently striving to be a good example to my girls of focusing on health and the condition of my heart through God’s eyes rather than being body obsessed!

  29. 216


    I stumbled across this blog by accident one day and am thrilled that I did. Or maybe wit wasn’t an accident! This blog is so uplifting and inspiring. What a wonderful shirt and phrase to praise Him. :) kandy

  30. 219

    Jill says

    I am saying yes to supporting Mercy House even though my finances show I shouldn’t. I’m trusting God to provide, & asking Him to show me where I should & shouldn’t spend my money, which is really all His, not mine :). I’m also saying yes to less worrying about my house being perfect, and spending more time playing with my children instead.

  31. 223

    Monique says

    I read your blog every day. Trying to say yes to God *honestly* but it’s hard!!! I want to be an influence for Him to those around me!

  32. 224

    Julie says

    I’m saying yes to stepping out of my comfort zone and getting uncomfortable in spreading God’s love!

  33. 225

    Amy says

    I am saying “yes” to the next generation at church. I am saying “yes” to making a difference here and now so that these kids will know and love Jesus and then they can be the “yes” that HE can use!!! Thanks for saying “yes” to blogging (I DID read your book!)… you have touched my life and the lives of so many others!

  34. 236

    Brooksie says

    Kristen, your YES has been an important story in my life. Thank you for your YES and your kind giveaway!

  35. 237

    Shawna says

    My husband and I have recently said “yes” to becoming foster parents. We are currently fostering a two year old little boy. ☺

  36. 238

    Leslie York says

    As a full-time working mom of two soccer playing middle-schoolers, it’s hard for me to look outside of myself and my family. Your words are inspiring and encouraging and your new shirt reminds us all that our yeses do matter. Often I have to see it to believe it…this shirt does that for me. Beautiful! Keep up the great work for God’s Kingdom!

  37. 240

    Kim says

    Love this shirt and message! I’m saying yes to being available to my family as God directs – His way, not my way.

  38. 242

    Leigh says

    I am finally saying YES, to giving up drinking and dealing with addiction. Praise God for helping me get to this point!

  39. 245

    Shelley Jenkins says

    Thank you for you servants heart, and truthfulness. You are a blessing to so many. Thank you! Yes, thank you!

  40. 246


    Love this shirt! I am saying “yes” to cutting back on technology. I spend so much of my day attached to a laptop or mobile device and need to detach and reconnect to more important things.

  41. 248

    Deven says

    We are volunteering with Family Promise this year. They are the only homeless shelter in our area that serves the whole family & works to keep them together.

  42. 249

    Sue Mitchell says

    We are saying YES to adopting 2 more children! We have 7 children currently, 2 of which are adopted. We are now pursuing 2 more from Haiti.

  43. 252

    Tina says

    LOVE the shirt! Love all the things I’ve received from Mercy House. I’ve said YES in some new ways just in the short time after reading your book and have others reading it too! Thanks for inspiring me to a deeper faith. A deeper trust. It’s not easy but it’s so worth the YES! There are no small parts in Gods kingdom. Keep living for Him…it has touched many lives, including mine!

  44. 253

    Jessica mox says

    I need one for four grand girls, their two moms and me… is a shirt to remind us what we want and need to do……say yes!

  45. 255

    Heather Stevenson says

    My ‘yes’, as of late, is to surrender daily to Him and to His plan that He lovingly measures to me. Not one little thing comes my way, EVER, that He didn’t check out first. He created me, He knows me, He’s molding me.

  46. 258

    Melissa Benham says

    I would absolutely love to win! I went to buy one for myself, but it didn’t ship to Canada. I was so sad. :( Please pick me!

  47. 262

    Pam F says

    I said “yes” to founding a Christian school! If I can say “yes,” anybody can! Love the t-shirt! :))

  48. 264

    Melissa W says

    I love to see how God is moving at Mercy House! I feel like I am in the middle of things right now, like He is working on me and getting me ready to say YES to a new adventure. Love the shirt and would wear it proudly!

  49. 269

    Ambe Kemp says

    I love my Your Yes Matters bracelet! And Mercy House is incredible! I’m saying yes to serving God in all capacities that He sees fit for me & and my family. Even if that means going against the grain.

  50. 274

    Lissa says

    Here is what I am saying yes to:
    – slowing down
    – spending better time with my kids
    – praying
    – reading
    – knitting
    – saying no (to things that take me away from the above)
    – what the good Lord asked of me

  51. 276


    My copy of Rhinestone Jesus just arrived this week and I am having to pace myself so it sinks in, though I want to ravenously devour it. Love Mercy House!

  52. 277

    Anne says

    I just finished Rhinestone Jesus and was blown away! Now I am looking for ways to say “yes” in my everyday life. And I love the T-shirt design!

  53. 278

    Holli T says

    I am saying YES to listening to God speak grace into my life and realizing his character so much more clearly than ever before! This shirt is awesome and my fave color too : )

  54. 279

    Lauran Bunting says

    Love this shirt! It’s amazing how God blesses us for our willingness to say “YES” to Him!!

  55. 280


    I am saying yes to serving on a committee to organize women’s events at my church, designed to help women become all that God wants them to be. Thanks for the chance to win such a great shirt!

  56. 281

    paula h says

    i’m saying yes to creating better boundaries so that i can be a better servant to christ and a better me. these shirts are awesome!!

  57. 284

    Christina Burrell says

    I am saying Yes to start a bible study for mamas who have lost babies and I am so scared!

  58. 285

    Terrie C. says

    Cute shirt and I would love to wear it. I am saying “yes” to where God is leading me, even though there are those who are not comfortable with me doing so. It’s out of my comfort zone and it is definitely God led.

  59. 287


    We’re saying yes right now to hosting an exchange student from Japan. It’s caused us to slow down the busy pace of our lives and concentrate on someone else’s needs, which has been so refreshing! Love the new shirt:)

  60. 288

    Brittany says

    Super cute shirt! I have started saying yes to more quiet time in my Bible and in prayer. It is precious time!

  61. 289

    Kristin Stone says

    I’m a stay-at-home mom with a two year old and one on the way (three more months). At this stage, my yes feels really monotonous and mundane sometimes. Always working on gratitude and keeping a good perspective. I love to hear about what Mercy House is doing. Thanks for the encouraging posts!

  62. 292

    Stacy says

    I love that this shirt reminds ME that my Yes matters and might also encourage others or spark a conversation. I especially love that the sale of this shirt will support MH!

  63. 298

    Ellen says

    I just referred to your blog over coffee time at my in-laws’ house this afternoon. We have to wait for the “yes” from God. He is the one who determines which of the paths we are seeking includes a “yes” or a “no”. It is not up to us. When we say “yes” to His “yes”, it will all work out the best for our family. We are eager to grow in His love, glorifying Him as we seek the next direction for our lives. Thank you for your posts!

  64. 299

    Amy says

    Thanks for being real and sharing your heart and being a huge encouragement to me and my family.

    Yes! It does matter!!!!

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