For When You Need a Sign {A Special Post}

{Updated with Winners} Congrats to random commenters: #56  Cheryl, #6 Hallie, #43 Beth Shepherd, #41 Rachel, #51 Miranda. Everyone else, buy the book! Proceeds go to Mercy House.
Sometimes I get an email that just stops me in my tracks.
I wanted to share one of them with you, but please understand that this isn’t boasting.
I know this isn’t about me. It’s about Him.

This email reminded me that there are moms out there-in the carline, at the grocery store, on your street-that need Him. And maybe they don’t know how to find Him and they are waiting on us to lead the way….
They are looking for a sign.

Dear Kristen, We do not know one another and have never met, but I just read your book and it was awesome! This is not something I would normally write…but I HAD too. I checked out your book from the local library and knew I had to buy it, even before I knew the proceeds go to Mercy House.

Reading this book was an experience for me. I wasn’t just being entertained. I was connecting with something and having an actual experience. It is difficult to describe. I needed these stories and I loved it!

I have been trying to know God better and I can feel he speaks to me, (not in a literal voice), but I am apparently not a good listener. He is telling me to come find Him, and bring my children. I am lost only because I am not following the signs.

I thought I had just stumbled upon your book but I know now I was led to it. The versus and the prayers really spoke to me and I was compelled to tell you, and genuinely thank you. So, thank you and your family for this wonderful gift you all helped to make and share!

If you know a mom who needs Him or needs a little encouragement, I’d like you to leave her first name in the comment section.

I’m going to randomly draw 5 names and giveaway FIVE copies of my book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There! for winners to pass along to a friend.

Maybe she’s just waiting on a sign.

And your the one that’s supposed to deliver it.

P.S. if you feel like you’re the mom in this email, please feel free to leave your own name!

How an Introvert Has a Book Signing

Q: What do you call a stack of books hot-off-the press, a cup of new rainbow Sharpees and a new author?

A: An introvert at her book signing.

[insert nausea here]

Until the cookies arrived and suddenly I felt better.

My sweet friend, neighbor and baker-extraordinaire Bridget, arrived with these:

Suddenly, I wanted to write seven more books.

It ended up being a really fun day shared with great friends!

My super supportive family was there to celebrate eat cookies.

I sold out of books and a bunch of t-shirts and jewelry to benefit the Mercy House!

Still don’t have a copy of my book? It’s being featured at the Bloom Book Club at (in)courage this week and THREE copies are being given away today! Or you can buy it here.


P.S. I hope you’ll join me on Monday at Grace Cafe (Blog Talk Radio) for a one hour radio interview.

P.S. S. Yes, I’m nervous. Like you had to ask.

P.S. S. Photos courtesy of my amazing neighbor who conveniently deleted all the photos of herself!

Don’t Make Me Come Up There {Contest}

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Grab a camera and give me your best “Don’t Make Me Come Up There” face or book cover reenactment! (you know the look that tells your kids YOU MEAN IT).

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