:::You May Need This to Read My Book::: {Free Printable}

I put myself in time out the other day.

I needed it.

I was throwing a fit. I clenched my fists and even stomped my foot.

[Reason #207 I could never be on reality television. #208 We don’t watch television]

It sort of made me want to read my own book, locked in the bathroom. Ha!

I’m getting ready for a Blog Book Tour (with lots of book giveaways) since my book comes out in just two shorts weeks!

And I thought y’all might need a little notice for your families (and your bathroom doors):

Free Printable Door Hanger

Don’t forget the contest next Monday!

Link up your best “don’t make me come up there” picture and you could win:

Thanks, Daypsring.

P.S. What did you get for Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments….I got gift cards for sweet tea and a new book at Lifeway and a cozy pair of pajamas! The best part: hubby hid them in a geocache and I had to search for them!

Don’t Make Me Come Up There!

[Promo Video: Sneak Peek, special thanks to We are THAT family Facebook friends for submitting pictures!]

Don’t Make Me Come Up There! in bookstores three weeks from today!

Next week, I’ll share a glimpse inside the book with a special (free) gift for each of you.

And in two weeks, on February 21, I’ll be having a little contest:

Get your best “Don’t make me come up there!” picture of yourself ready! Link up a photo of your best Mom look- you know the one you give your kids or a reenactment of my book cover (like above) to help me celebrate the release of my first book!

And there’s a prize!

Pre-order the book today at a special price of only $7.56!


Coming March 2011

My book, a humorous and inspirational devotional for Moms, is on sale! (My proceeds from the book go to Mercy House).

It’s 20% of the cover price at my publisher, Cokesbury and if you apply this code : BR11 (expires Nov. 30), it’s an additional 25% off…which just makes it, $7.20, just plain cheap.

P.S. My 3 year old’s favorite thing to say right now? Yep, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!”

P.S.S. Yes, it’s lost its effectiveness when I say it.

*Update* Code is working now.

(You can also Pre-order your copy on sale today at Amazon for only $8.10!)