How to Create a Lemonade Stand

{Step One}
Make a fetching sign (promising to give half the money to a needy organization):
{Step Two}
Make lemonade. Add extra sugar because your sweet:
{Step Three}
Enlist the help of others:
{Step Four}
Sit back with a glass of lemonade and let your kids do all the work:

Our kids raised over $20, half of which will pay the shipping on a box of clothes we’re sending to Pass It On Baby! (The other half went into the pockets of some happy kids.)
Go ahead and try it! Have you ever had a lemonade stand???
P.S. The lemonade recipe:
Buy a can of Country Time Lemonade and add a little more then it says. Throw in some lemons.
That is all.

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 47

Photos of the Week:

The Week in Review: My big kids are always asking to use their  “pocket knives.” (They were unapproved gifts, but thankfully they are extremely dull). I gave them each a bar of soap and let them carve away! They had a blast and even my toddler whittled with a plastic Ikea knife. It made for a great Daycation activity! Oh, that, and ice cream!

1) Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):  

My blog is called It’s a Vivas Thing! For years my family has just, well, been one of THOSE families…it happens when you have five children. Many friends have started saying they *had a Vivas Day* or *It was a Vivas Thing*. Several of them started telling me I need to write these things down or no one would believe them. This year, I decided to start a blog….and hence, “It’s a Vivas Thing* was born! My very first blog I was trying to decide what to write when my teenage daughter started screaming in the bathroom because a spider had decided to join her! I love writing and am having a ball with the blogging. 

2) How long have you been blogging?

I started my blog in January 2009. 

3) How would you define THAT family?  

We’re the ones that other’s talk about and shake their heads at and secretly would love to be part of THAT family, but are afraid of what it would entail! ha ha! THAT family is full of craziness, laughter, adventure, love and spirit. 

4) When did you discover you were part of THAT family? 

I’ve been thinking it for a while, but it was pretty much confirmed for me this morning when chaos erupted as we tried to get kids to school, hubby to work, and catch a wild bird that the dog had brought in…and let loose in our house! As kids were running and screaming and hubby was rushing back into the house to find out what the commotion was about, all I could do was laugh and think, “We are part of THAT family!” 

5) Where can we find your blog

Summer Daycation: Balloon Yo-Yo’s

Water Balloon Yo-Yo’s
Supplies needed:
small balloon
rubber band
Fill the balloon with about 3/4 cup of water. You want it to be the size of a baseball so you might need to add a little air. Tie it and then tie off the rubber band on the knot. 
Bounce away!
My kids loved playing with these. It occupied them for an hour! Once the rubber bands broke, they wrapped up their balloons in a blanket and played baby. 
And then they smashed the balloons on the ground (but only after they were thru playing house with them!)

I’ve heard that these can be dangerous with the rubber bands popping kids or being tied around things. Please make sure you supervise your kids and then dispose of these homemade toys when they are done.

Scrap Wood + Imagination = Sandbox

While my hubby worked on my patio table makeover, my kids begged for the scrap wood.  They borrowed a hammer and he let the older two have a few nails, since he was right there with them.
I laughed when they told me they were building their little sister a sandbox.
But they worked diligently and together for several hours to create something useful! I drug the bag of leftover sand from the garage and a few toys from our beach bag:

And their little sister loved it!

She even let them play in it, too.
Supplies needed:
Scrap wood and a few nails
An imagination!

The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had

We declared a day this week BUBBLEMANIA.
I found a recipe for homemade bubbles and cut the centers out of fly swatters, collected our hula hoops from the garage and pulled out the plastic pool.
The bubbles were so good, we didn’t even need a wand!

Giant Bubble Recipe:
A bottle of Joy (or whatever dish soap you have)
Corn Syrup
I make bubbles like I cook, so for those who need precise measurements, I don’t have them.
I filled up the plastic swimming pool about a 1/3 of the way full and emptied these bottles (If in doubt, start with less water) I just kept adding and trying the bubbles out:

After a couple of hours, my big kids turned wrinkly and wanted to take showers.
My 2 year old was just getting started:
Did you really think she’d keep her swimsuit on?