Six in Internet Years Makes This Blog Older Than My Dog {Special Deal}

When I started this blog six years (!) ago, I was looking for community. I desperately wanted to discover that my everyday loud, crazy life was normal.

I wanted the comfort of knowing we weren’t the only accident-prone family who had a frequent shopper card at the ER.

I wanted to connect, to spill out my heart and most of all, I wanted to find you.

I didn’t know when I hit publish on that first post half a dozen years ago, that it would change my life. I didn’t know it would bring out the dormant writer in me and I would have never dreamed it would give me the opportunity to connect moms here with moms there.

I’m glad I didn’t know how beautiful or how scary life would be for this introverted momma.

And around this time of year, I like to pause and celebrate this space with you.

My little girl is six. She feels really big, but I’m old enough to see she’s still a baby. But my dog is also six and she’s starting to sleep a lot more and leak urine when she’s excited.  We all know six in dog years is really more like 42.

I’m *this close* to 42. Do you see where this is going?

Blog years are like dog years and so let’s just hope the rest of us don’t leak, okay?

So, dear ________ (insert your name here), thank you for reading. If you didn’t, this would be a diary and not a community.

To help us celebrate, Dayspring is offering this very special, very good deal on one of my very favorite pieces of art, Rejoice in Him – Sculpted Art Panel to my readers:


FOR ONLY $6 each. It’s enough to make you get excited (resisting the urge to make another urine comment):

I love this (heavy) carved, beautifully painted wooden piece of art! The Rejoice wooden panel regularly $48 and you can get them for nearly 87% off (affiliate link included). These would make a fantastic gift for teachers, friends and family this upcoming holiday season.


Plus, if you spend over $50 at Dayspring, you get FREE SHIPPING. If you purchased 8 of these, you could clear out your shopping list early! The coupon will be valid for two weeks- Monday, September 30-Monday, October 14 at midnight CST.  There is no limit on how many your readers can purchase. Here’s the coupon: WATFbirthday6

So,  happy 6 blog years to me and to you!

And thanks for being such a big part of my life.

When Mercy is Super Cute {Giveaway}

Updated with random Winners: Kristen (no blog, emailed), Krista, Jan (no blog, emailed), Lindsay and CourtneyH (emailed)! Congrats, friends.

When I was in Kenya in April, one of my main goals was to show the Mercy House skills teacher Debra a few new ideas for product.


When Debra finished the 8th grade, she didn’t have the opportunity to continue her education, so she got a job. She can make anything and has taught all of our girls how sew, bead, create jewelry and art. She is so talented that all I have to do is hand her a sample and she takes it apart and remakes it, teaching herself and then the girls.


While fabric options are limited, we scoured the city one rainy day to scout out cute material for new aprons and makeup brush bags. My photographer friend Suzanne (who can also sew) taught Debra a couple of new patterns and will you just look at this:


All the aprons (this is one of four designs we will sell over the next 9 months) and makeup brush bags, have a special tag:


This has been a beauty for ashes kind of year, so it’s our theme. Check out our popular new women’s fit t-shirt:


And if this Freeset bag doesn’t want to make you love mercy, nothing will! Purchasing this bag not only benefits Mercy House, it provides jobs for women set free from sex trafficking in India. It’s a win-win. Check it out here:


I was able to show Debra and the girls this lovely new 3-strand necklace design.


It’s our most elegant jewelry yet:


Stunning (comes in a variety of colors):

Mercy never looked so good.

Today only, you can get 15% off your total purchase with the code CUTEMERCY. Plus, the first FIFTY orders will get our original tote FREE (no longer available in our store) !!!


We are also giving away FIVE of our new shirts today! Leave a comment and tell me what you love at the Mercy Shop.


WFMW: Stock Up Sale {Dayspring}


I’ve written about my gift stash before. I keep a box of items to give for birthdays, teacher gifts, encouragement and appreciation goodies to others. It’s come in handy for years! I don’t have to run to the store when there’s an opportunity to lift someone up on their birthday or on a hard day.

I also keep an assortment of clearance gift bags, tissue paper and Dayspring cards. This month is the perfect opportunity to create your own gift center or stock up with these amazing deals. Plus, use the code SUMMER25, you can get an additional 25% off your entire order!

Stock Up Today at Dayspring:

Teacher Gifts & Back to School

Redeemed – Truly Loved – Coin Purse Reg. 9.99, now $3.99 w/coupon $3.01

Redeemed - Truly Loved - Coin PurseRedeemed – Truly Blessed – Insulated Lunch Bag Reg. $24.99 Now $9.99 w/coupon $7.52Redeemed - Truly Blessed - Insulated Lunch BagChristmas in July

Love Came Down Trio Tea Light Holders - Reg $19.99, Sale $9.99, w/coupon $7.52

Love Came Down - Star Tea Light Holder

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Love Came Down-Names of Jesus-Reversible Table Runner

Redeemed Christmas Wooden Blocks - Reg $29.99, Sale $14.99
Redeemed Christmas - Christmas Wooden Blocks, Set of 6
Birthday Cards 30% off!

Fun Gifts

Abide in Him – Metal Wall Decor
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Abide in Him - Metal Wall Decor

Memo pads, by 2 get 1 free. Reg. 9.99, $20 for three sets, w/coupon $15.00

Stock up and saving works for me!

Redeemed - Chosen - Tiered Memos

Don’t forget to add code: SUMMER25 at checkout (affiliate links are used in this post)

Happy Freedom


Watching my family fly above me.


Thank you to those who provide it.

Blessings Unlimited, by Dayspring is having a fantastic sale! Check it out.

We leave our Gratitude Journal, (now $6) on our kitchen table and add to our gratitude list after dinner a few times a week. It’s really amazing to look back and recount all the blessings in our life.

This fun set of Faith-Building Magnets, (now $6) makes a great gift for kids. My daughter gave a box to her little friend last week for her birthday.

We celebrate special days with this Happy Days Platter, (now $10). It’s really big and festive and perfect for birthdays and it makes a regular day special.

I love my If You Seek Him Weathervane, (now $25) I’ve had for years now. It adds a nice old world touch to our home.

I have a thing for maps and globes. I recently added this colorful Pathway Globe (now $15) to my “collection.”

Check out other sale items here. (If this link doesn’t work, click on my sidebar Blessings Unlimited link)

Happy 4th of July, friends!


Dayspring is offering their first of the year coupon on your entire purchase over Memorial Day weekend. Get 25% off your total order with code MEMORIAL25.

Some of my favorite items are already on sale, so you can grab them at a great price. We gave these at Teacher gifts last week:

I love this long, funky necklace and wear it all the time!

Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Framed Necklace

Reg $16.99 on clearance for $6.99, with 25% off, now $5.26

Redeemed - Framed Necklace

I’m giving my niece this to take to college in the fall. It opens to a really large bag, perfect for jewelry or cosmetics:

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Toiletries Bag

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Redeemed - Everything Beautiful - Roll-Up Toiletries Bag

Deer keep eating my flowers, so I just planted some in this cute Redeemed planter box to keep them safe.

Redeemed – The Goodness of the Lord – Wooden Planter

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Redeemed - The Goodness of the Lord - Wooden Planter

Shop ahead for next school year…

Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Insulated Lunch Bag

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The coupon is good on anything at Dayspring, including the Redeemed Clearance page.

Hope your weekend is great!


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