My Walls Talk

My husband pulled the old windows out of a condemned building 10 years ago. Our life was crumbling, our glass house fragile, a lot like the dilapidated building. He brought them home and I cleaned them off and they’ve been on our walls since, serving as a reminder of our brokenness and more importantly, of how God put us back together.

Maps made their way into our lives, as we traveled to places here and there. They serve as the perspective we so desperately need in our safe little world, so we don’t forget all we’ve seen and how the rest of the world lives.

The colorful fun bunting is a simple reminder to have fun, be happy and not take life too seriously.

The large funky letters cover most of my living room wall. They are a proclamation of our emancipation. They are a freedom cry.



Definition of REDEEMED

1a: to buy back : repurchase
b: to get or win back
2: to free from what distresses or harms: as

a: to free from captivity by payment of ransom

b: to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental

c: to release from blame or debt : clear

d : to free from the consequences of sin

The word embraces and encapsulates the very essence of who I am because of Who He Is.
I work from home, live and spend 90% of my time here. I want it to reflect the deep transformation that has occurred in my heart and my family.
What does your home say?

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Redeemed – Inspirational Wooden Letters – Set of 8


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Mini Home Office Makeover

A couple of years ago, we turned our rarely used formal dining room into a home office. It’s where I write and do Mercy House. Lo, that office has seen a lot of sweet tea.

Originally, I chose the red and black colors based on the old dining room. I basically coordinated everything with the wall color and existing curtains. It’s been great, but I’ve been wanting to lighten the whole darkish room up for awhile.

With a bit of tax return, the room was repainted and a few changes were made. I love the warm, relaxing feel. This is probably one of the most used rooms in our house. My kids do a lot of homework at the desk and it’s a popular reading spot.



What I changed:

  • Wall color-I love the relaxing two tone shades of beige and tan.
  • Window treatments-did you know Lowe’s carries extra long drapes?
  • Rug-I switched the rugs from my family room and office
  • Chair slipcover from Ikea
  • Desk skirt and chair covers are a pair of window panels from Walmart (attached to desk with velcro, chair with staple gun)
  • I added touches of my Dayspring Ever Grateful dishes from the cupboards to the white china
  • Replaced cardboard storage boxes (that were falling apart) with a Set of 6 Foldable Fabric Baskets, Beige
    (and wicker baskets from around the house)
  • Moved the  kid’s old “bookshelf” (old shoe drying rack) from another part of the house, so my kids can read in my chair.
  • I’ll tell you all about the Abide art above my comfy chair tomorrow!

Bed Head

I’ve got beds on the brain.
And unfortunately, it has nothing to do with me getting into one.
(Although I do have an excuse with a killer sinus infection.) Okay, I did type this from bed, so there’s that.
Anyway, here’s the 411. I’ve always wanted to say that:
My toddler is 29 months old. She is fully potty trained (even at night!) and busy. 
And she is still in her crib.
She’s climbed out twice, but I put the fear of God into her, plus she thinks alligators will eat her toes if she does it again.
Her room is the largest room upstairs because it’s a remodeled game room.  We don’t have a guest room and I want to replace the crib with a full size bed. 
Follow me, this is where it gets confusing.
My oldest child has been begging for the larger room with a big bed her entire life (dramatic emphasis, all hers). I promised when her baby sister moved to a big girl bed, I’d switch the rooms.
So, basically, the two year old gets the yellow and pink room with the white twin bed and the 9 year old gets the old toddler nursery.
Got it?
More info: Bedroom furniture is expensive, but I’ve been piecing together some marvelous pieces (we’re going black shabby chic) and my garage is my current workspace.
I’ve just got this piece to paint black, the bed:
The dilemma: I’m unmotivated to finish said bed because I don’t know when to make the switch to a big bed and a new room. And I don’t know how to do it without disturbing my toddler’s sleeping/potty-trained cycle. 
What do y’all think?
I’m afraid.
P.S. I’m linking this to The Inspired Room’s Procrastination Party because I need accountability.
And painters and movers. 
I finished the bed! And I’ve spent the last two days moving furniture around.
But I love the results!
Remember the before (my garage sale find):

And the after:
And tonight, my two year old will be sleeping in her big girl bed (in her sister’s old room).
I’d appreciate you sending happy {sleepy} thoughts her way!
P.S. I’ll be sharing more details of this room makeover in the next couple of weeks in my DIYP series!

Spring in My Step

I decorated for Spring yesterday.
It’s pushing it even here in Texas (considering we had a brisk 39 degree morning-it was 60 by lunchtime), but I needed a pastel friend or two.
My bulbs decided to make a surprise appearance this year. I didn’t expect them to bloom again. I also didn’t expect those tiny weeds to be so obvious in the picture:

My handsome bunny topiary:

And my afternoon jelly bean snack:

I decided to put these small wreaths on my chandelier (I bought them last year after Easter for 90% off!)

My kids take this sign literally every time they enter the house:

My pretend carrot garden makes me happy! So does the hidden nest:
My Mom painted these wooden eggs when I was a child. I think this makes a fun display:
And this bunny? He just makes me hungry:

Welcome to Spring!
Join The Inspired Room on Monday for more Spring Decor!

The Couch Isn’t the Only Thing Floating

We’ve lived in our little corner of Suburbia for 5 years. 

During that time, we have renovated most of our house. We’ve replaced the flooring, painted every room, reconfigured the floor plan and survived a kitchen makeover.
And we are still married and not completely broke. 
But I’ve never moved my couch.  It’s been against the one solid wall in our living room since we moved in. 
The other day on Twitter, I read The Nester’s tweet that she rearranged her furniture and moved her couch. I responded with couch-moving envy.
I’m pretty sure she nearly fell out of her nest when she learned that I hadn’t moved my sofa in 5 years! (And I won’t go into detail about the items found under the couch. Let’s just put it this way: I should be ashamed and pictures will not follow).
So, with her encouragement and while my kids dug a hole to China in the backyard, I did it. 
I moved my sofa to the center of the room (termed: floating), facing 
the fireplace:
I grouped the chairs together and put the lamp table between them, next to the fireplace:

I used our table with toy bins as a sofa-table and put it behind the couch. 
I love the way this little corner feels now:
Here’s a view from the second-story landing:
How about you? Are you a mad-furniture-mover? Or are you boring like me?
We do most of our living in our family room (former formal living room):

Don’t ask me how long that couch has been on the wall….
Hope you enjoyed my little living room tour! Check out Kelly’s Korner for more.

My Frugal & Festive Holiday Tips

December is my month.

I was born the week before Christmas. I got married two days before the day I was born. I had my first baby eight days after the end of Christmas month. And my third baby was born one day before the day I was married and three days before the day I was born.
Got all that?
It’s a busy month for THAT family. And my hubby? He doesn’t have a chance. He starts fretting about gifts in the summer. But he always comes thru (i.e. kitty door).
When I think of Christmas I think of Jesus. There’s that, of course.
I also think of presents. The giving and the getting. Call me carnal.
But in these economic times, I want to be as frugal as possible. Join me every Tuesday in the month of December for my ideas on creating handmade gifts for friends and family.

Here are my tips for a frugal, but festive holiday:
  • Start as early as possible. I don’t think you can prepare too far in advance. My favorite time to Christmas shop is after Christmas. Yes, you read that right! I set aside a little money and shop the deeply discounted Christmas decor after the holidays. It’s such a thrill to find things 75-90% off and to rediscover your deals 12 months later! Christmas toys are also generally marked down to at least half off after the holidays and I shop for upcoming birthdays for the New Year. I just rediscovered these adorable nutcracker stocking holders that I got for $1.49!

  • Shop smart: Target reduces their holiday decor 50% the day after a major holiday. 5-7 days later, the remaining merchandise is reduced to 75% off. Around January 2nd or 3rd, all leftover Christmas items are marked down to 90% off! I call the store and ask. {Please note: if you live in my area, I have been known to get aggressive with a shopping cart}.
  • Shop used: Garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to find Christmas decor. Since decor is only used once a year, you can find some great treasures! (I started a nesting Santa collection from thrift and garage sales!)
  • Go artificial! I love for my home to smell good during the holidays. But since the kitchen isn’t my forte and since we use an artificial tree, I depend heavily on yummy smelling candles to do the job. Yankee candle is my favorite, but they are costly. TJMax, Marshalls and Ross stores, carry the Yankee brand at just a fraction of the price. And if you don’t have one of those stores, here’s a recipe for some pretty amazing stuff I like to simmer on my back burner.
  • Shop for the unexpected on the clearance aisles. Most stores have them and I keep a cabinet in my house full of discounted items for birthday parties, stocking stuffers, and treats. It’s so great to pull out a small gift when something comes up unexpected or my month is longer than my money.
  • Shop nature: We live in a wooded area with tall pine trees. Our family loves to collect pine cones, red berries and even branches. I display them in vases, on the mantel and throughout the house. Here are some fun pine cone projects.
  • Be creative! Make gifts for family and friends (check back on Tuesdays in December for easy, frugal projects!) But here’ s one, if you just can’t wait: Love to cook? Create your own recipe book. Love photo gifts? Here are some great ideas!
  • Shop your house for decor. Use candlesticks and plates as a cake platter to display a special ornament. Re-purpose glass vases to hold pine cones. Fill a glass bowl full of shiny ornament balls.
  • Write down a gift budget. I do this every year, usually in the fall. I write down everything I’ve already bought (like toys from the clearance aisle or books I bought in July) and I set a budget per person. We also do a certain number of gifts for our kids and since they are still pretty young, I try to make that number even. Here’s a printable holiday budget form.
  • Get it together! Partner with family members for BIG gifts or draw names for extended family members. Buy a family gift: one gift for the whole family: membership to the zoo, family movie pack, skating night for four.
  • Think about it: Suggest having your extended family gatherings after Christmas (the week between Christmas and New Year’s) and benefit from the last minute shoppin
  • Practical stocking stuffers can still be fun-character socks and underwear, fun toothbrushes, hair clips/bows, Chapstick, be creative and fill it with things they will actually use after Christmas morning!
  • Go sentimental...I love giving sentimental, heart-felt gifts like a Blurb book to grandparents, a family tree with collected photos or silhouettes of your children. I think handmade gifts are appreciated and you can save so much money!
  • Don’t go overboard or into debt on any of it! Kids usually end up with too many toys and we have to un-decorate whatever we put up. Keep it simple. Use what you have. And remember, the best message we can teach our kids is that it’s really about Jesus and others.

Grab my cute button and I’ll see you back every Tuesday in December!

It’s Hard Work Being Me

Today, I thought I’d be productive.

But this is why I don’t touch up my scuffed, smudged, lived-in walls very often.
I know my living room paint has the word sand in it.
I found these four cans in my garage:

*sandy tan
Which is exactly why, I’d like to bury my head in the sand.